none excused

Because no one is excused from the fight to save this earth/ protect the very last of life and miracles that are dying from human decisions.  The question is:  WHAT can make a difference, when evidence, truth, knowledge, understanding, reality, consequences, law, democracy, children dead, or even the planet itself on fire “just like the sun” makes no difference to you.  As is the constant of human existence, apart from a very few:  “you just want what you want, and don’t tell you nothing that you don’t want, and give you “the money” to get whatever you want, and do it RIGHT NOW; cause you don’t want to wait”.

        Answer the question:  what can make a difference to people like that? So we search through death; because everyone must face it, and you all know its true. But alas, if there was anything in life you won’t face/ it is certainly proven true, “run away and hide” is your only answer to death. So the planet dies/ nature is mutilated/ the children are assassinated along with every other life/ and we all burn to death when “sun fire is ignited”.  And there is literally nothing I can do about it.  Continue anyway, because a billion to one;  is better than no possibility at all! Alas, if you only had ears/eyes/ or a tongue to communicate with;   if only the cult of university knows, didn’t own you completely.


        Even so, enough complaining;  so what is next?

        Passion is a curious thing, in many ways:  it seeks the value of a heart expressed through soul; wherever there is love.  Passion can also cause hate to expand into violence, and remove all consideration for life on earth. So there is passion at work in our time:  mine is for love and life. The majority is for the expansion of hate, because you can’t have everything you want. And the rest run away from reality to hide within themselves; and consider sex or numbers “the best they can be”. Regardless of the damage being done.

        The question:  how do we remove the passion of hate/ and identify within you a passion for love through the miracles of life? The initial problem is:  to be passionate, is to accept the ownership of this decision and prove it is so “by putting your name on it”.  So you own your hate (destruction or fear)/ running away or hiding is refusing to accept this decision within your heart (no courage)/ and owning the decision of your own love, expands the values of life, to all living things (I share, I care). X

        We begin with the cult. As with all cults, leadership does not care whether you love, hate, or can’t find the courage to open your own door. It doesn’t matter, because to participate in a cult:  that means you have surrendered your own decisions, to let the leadership decide.  Its called “follower” or believer. The purpose being an excuse to proclaim:  “this decision is NOT my fault”/ I just did what I was told.  Unfortunately for you, that is absolutely irrelevant to the reality of your own participation in all the cult and its leadership are doing or have done.  YOU made the commitment to accept their decision over your life/ and THAT is your decision regarding everything that happens do to the cult.  So its hiding through illusion or delusion or fantasy assumptions and stories.  And you don’t care, because you made the decision NOT to question anything the cult does or says:  because that would mean, they will throw you out/ to make decisions on your own.  Alas, can’t have that; it would mean you are responsible for your own life.


        The critical question for the vast majority of people is then:  WHY, is the desire to remove all responsibility, and let life be whatever “the group” desires,  take over?  Religion of course “lives or dies” here! Since it is more simple to consider/ but essentially the same:  we look to it for an answer.

        This begins with:  I MADE A MISTAKE/ or, I was targeted by those who are predators to me/ or, I cannot have what I want, therefore I must find a way, to accept that;  by replacing it with something better in the future, even if that future is “after death”.

        Making a mistake with body or life or something else:  DOES require that you admit you were wrong/ repent then, and change. Change means:  no more of this, and the vast majority of people “want what they want/ so they refuse to change accordingly”.  NOW however, being trapped by what you don’t want/ and refusing to change to avoid that reality:  means, I need to protect myself, from responsibility for my own actions.  Herein lives the group, religion arises/ IF WE ALL DO IT, then human judgment says, we cannot all be wrong. So I have no responsibility to stop.  Problem solved, “I am innocent”/ the leaders are guilty, they said they knew.  Not true, but who cares; right?

        When people are bullied, or maligned for tragic or unfortunate circumstances, or whatever it is:  they want an army to protect them. Therefore they search. Religion is often an answer/ violence arises too:  along with a wide range of behaviors that are all intended to remove the threat in one form or another. The university arises here, by separating society into a wide assortment of categories, levels, hidden places, “let the government pay”, and the intrusion of words to demand “in this spiders web of lies/ by the use of endless words, graft, and corruption” we will control the others.  Just worship us! That of course has proven true, as the universities with their endless words/extreme counterfeiting (hidden inflation is counterfeiting)/ constant theft/ destructive lies/ media propaganda/ and armies of the dead (life has no meaning);  they have declared war on democracy, all the rest.

        The difference between religion as is the constant of human existence for thousands of years. And university religion as is the constant for this generation. Is the fact that religion accepts the realities of life by pretending they can or will get whatever they want in the future beyond death. The university religion discards that entirely and demands:  by stripping the future of all its value, WE the current generation SHALL TAKE whatever we want right now.  To hell, and be damned:  to the future/ let the children die.  As is proven by the current truth.  Even those who do not agree, surrender to the reality:  THIS ARMY of the dead/ is destroying everything, and we cannot stop them. To stand up and be counted means:  they will attack, with all the lies, and all the words, and all the disrespect and destruction they can find. Like all armies do:  “either for us/ or an enemy to us”.

        These three things are the basic premise for what occurs in human society today. But they do not exclude your own human decision to participate in that want/ or protect life on earth.


        So life or death for this planet will be determined in the next less than two years (by biblical prophecy)/ by realities clearly defined in evidence:  upon whether you take responsibility for your own decisions.  Even though we all know/ we all will make mistakes.  That is not the question:  the question is change, and will you accept the necessity to make a change in yourself, so that what is important called truth/ can in fact rule this earth. To return the future too, & for every child than can find a way. For everything on earth.

        The universities are NOT the foundation problem of this generation/ they are merely the latest war lords, attacking life. Every generation has one or more;  so says history with few exceptions. Today, the primary weapon is words;  but like every weapon:  the message used is FEAR US!  Offering weapons of mass destruction as their evidence to prove “don’t attack us”.

        Functionally that means:  the future is directly tied to the removal of weapons of mass destruction/ so that at least the worst of what the universities can do is minimized.  That of course is done with world law, and the enforcement of that law by, we the people all nations:  upon the leaders of every nation.  It is done, by removing the excuse of armies:  “you can’t get the leaders/ behind all these soldiers”.  The law does not look at armies/ but directly at leaders, the individuals who direct the destruction.

        Fundamentally the return of life to this planet, if world law (NOBODY gets to endanger life for us all). By rebuilding a future for every child and every life:  is held to the realities of what nature needs for us to do.  Is demanded by:  RESPECT LIFE, and let no one gamble with our planet or its nature ever again. OR, we will kill you outright, WITH NO excuses granted.  “just don’t do it”.

        Given those facts. Demanding “the billion words of university” be excluded from life and court:  so as not to confuse reality. Accepting limited capitalism to control all individual wealth BY VOTE. Remembering, like it or not:  this planet can only support “just so many people” which you have already exceeded.  And that means:  NO MORE excessive attempts to remain in time, is allowed for anyone.  Life requires death/ when nature is demanding it, “you are going”.

        That brings us to jobs and money;  everyone has a right to a job with fair pay. No one has a right to welfare. Unfortunately for you, that will mean you cannot hide in your work; and the result is you must cultivate friendship, or you will hate or hide. When everyone has rights/ and counterfeiting is not allowed:  the vast majority of people will in fact “attain the same level of pay for work done”. Men don’t like that, nor do women:  because nobody gets to be the winner/ and nobody gets to be the loser.  Which means there are no games to interfere with reality.  Reality is:  “no delusions/ no illusions/ no images/ no escape into fantasy/ no decisions without the responsibilities that they demand”.  Or more simply:  yes you do have to learn instead of want/ yes you do have to change instead of avoiding what reality demands.  Yes the essence of society can in fact “make most things better” for an individual by the choices it can make:  to establish your own freedoms, within the limits that are fair to all the rest.

        These are functional definitions, which you must understand to proceed beyond “we want what we want”.

And yes:  these last thirty years of my life, have been spent in the expansion of understanding/ to deliberately explain and demand:  NOBODY HAS AN EXCUSE.  Regardless of the evidence, and whether you accept it or not:  the foundation of truth presented to you IS INTENDED to remove your excuses. Every single one:  because you do understand/ and you had every opportunity to fight for this world. You HAD sufficient information, to investigate reality itself, and choose for life and planet.  So make your decision, because I leave you no place to hide. STAND UP (put your name on it, I am here), AND BE COUNTED:  ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!

  YOUR WORLD IS DYING, make a better choice!

        And that does mean:  “what you want is absolutely IRRELEVANT”/ truth must decide.