oxygen first aid

The reality of oxygen usage, for medical emergencies is very simple:   if you cannot breathe/ then you can die, lose bodily functions, go brain dead; or other extremely destructive realities that make the choice very simple indeed.  GIVE ME THE OXYGEN, so I can recover without loss, if possible.  That is functionally important throughout a wide variety of ills;  such as asthma/ inhalation of mold spores/ severe trauma which needs the body to isolate itself in other areas, than the lungs.  IF using the hose which goes under the nose/ it is absolutely important that you recognize this does NOT work, unless the nose is in fact open and able to conduct the oxygen into the body. Oxygen rises, rather than falls:  the consequence is, it will not enter the mouth of someone who needs it/ if the nose fails. Put the hose or other device inside the mouth itself.

       In the reality of a heart attack:  the pain will generally differentiate itself from “I can’t breathe”/ which means:  no  air in, allows no air out, or no talking and extreme conservation of movement. A heart attack will usually have movement and noise associated with it, particularly in the first phases.

      A drowning victim, whether by inappropriate inhalation of a drink or whatever.  Or from being submerged in water: they cannot get air in/ until they get the liquid out. it is my opinion”; that this is done only by two different methods. Either physical compression of the stomach, which pushes the last of the air out (can be trouble or help)/ but it will take the liquid out if the lungs are cooperating. Don’t push so hard the stomach contents go up the throat/ DON’T push in, if the stomach is not going back out (test first). Ask the victim to respond “yes or no” to that help.  . Do not proceed unless they say yes. REMEMBER the whole purpose is to BREATHE IN. Remember most will recover on their own, given a chance. Otherwise, place the victim on their side, so as to clear one lung at a time, using gravity. Then the other. Oxygen available is necessary, at any time not specifically trying to physically clear the lungs. Bending over closes the stomach to greater movements/ so laying down is advisable

A choking victim “it is my opinion”; who can still breathe well enough, is not in immediate trouble; and should be left alone to remedy the situation with their own body/ UNTIL in trouble. If they can still breathe but are uncomfortable, such as with a potato chip lodged;  drink slowly to dissolve, loosen, or lubricate. Do not turn upside down, because what is causing difficulty can turn, and make a problem into a crisis. This is separate from the Heimlich maneuver/ which is an immediate need if the victim cannot breathe.

       An electrocution victim needs you to check for a heartbeat/ if they are pumping, oxygen is enough. If they are not, compression on the chest is required.

       A stroke victim is not getting enough oxygen to the brain; oxygen will help. A note of caution is:  that when pooping on the toilet/ DON’T sit down and immediately start pushing that out. You have more blood in your brain from walking than from sitting (you can cause yourself an aneurism: blood vessel “ballooning”). Wait thirty seconds for the blood to settle back into your body, and the body to regulate that blood flow differently to your brain, because you are sitting.  

       Faced with badly bleeding:  TRY to stop the blood loss. If no help is possible, TRY to fix the blood vessel if you must. Otherwise pressure enough to close or slow the blood flow/ but NOT enough to tourniquet; as that shuts off the blood supply to the entire limb below the line. Never good, unless it is absolutely necessary.  Applying pressure to a blood vessel means:  you need something preferably hard, such as a small clean rock rock (a watch with a little balled up cloth on top will work)/ that will then allow you to tie it down on top of the vessel with limited force (a type of trussing). Piece of clothes, belt, whatever you have to tie with. Even if it leaks a little, that would generally be better than tying off the entire limb; or wherever it is that blood is leaking.  If you tie cloth over a serious blood loss, it will only collect the blood; and fail to stop the leak. Whatever you use it must be impermeable to blood, or it won’t last long. Oxygen will help, because it lets the lungs, therefore the heart work less hard. Cold makes a difference, but it contains a whole host of other problems to go with it; true emergency only.

       If a bone is crushed, it will splinter or survive (heal on its own)/ splintered, DON’T try to reset it, as that will only create trouble: unless it will be weeks before someone professional can look at it. Splinters can cut, pierce, break, and damage. IF YOU MUST, find a way to keep all weight and motion from it, for at least three weeks/ and then no weight, for another three months if possible. Too soon, and you get permanent results. A crushed joint means:  pick a place such as a permanent stiff leg for example;  for the bone to mend if possible; only surgery can help otherwise.

       In all cases of first aid: NEVER play doctor, unless you absolutely have too.

       The primary use for oxygen first aid is very simple:  it extends the time, WHEN NECESSARY;  for getting more professional help. 


       We then consider the truth, that with a little advance planning the opportunity for pure enough oxygen to be available, at minimal cost:  IS AN EXCELLENT first aid addition. Which does not allow for the tragic consequences of a defibulator/ if diagnosed wrong. Giving someone oxygen, at its worst, will only cause them to be motionless until the body equilibrium is reset. The patient also has the opportunity to remove it, when no longer needed.


       The medical industry IS ENORMOUSLY SELFISH AND GREEDY;  which causes trouble throughout all of society. That fact is noted on the available off the shelf oxygen canister shown in the video. That bottle reads “gas in cylinder not approved for medical use”. It also reads “this container and by-products of the combustion of its contents contain chemicals known by the state of California to cause “harm”.  A reality NOT going to occur, unless you add fuel and ignite it on fire/ with oxygen as the accelerant.  In other words, trying to scare. 

The constant of every society that loses its freedom, IS A RULER, that says “only I do the thinking around here”/ and anyone who gets out of line, will be punished. Are you free?


       So let’s examine the gas

Cryogenic air separation units (ASU) is an old process used to produce high purity oxygen or nitrogen at high volumes. The process was first developed by Carl Von Linde in 1895 and it remains pretty much the same today. Cryogenics is also the chief method by which liquid oxygen can be produced.

Industrial Oxygen: Its Use and Generation – aceee



Industrial and Medical Gas Specifications (U.S.)


Purity   99.5%

Inerts    Less than 0.5%

Dew Point   Liquid Oxygen: -80ºF or lower

Medical Oxygen – meets Oxygen USP

Oxygen 99.0%

Odor     None


       industrial oxygen is more pure, than medical.

       Alternately industrial oxygen is not contained by stainless steel normally, which means very tiny bits of rust or other components in the container or valveing could enter the line. A small filter would remove them completely.


       So the question is:  DO YOU WANT oxygen to be readily available for emergency use, as a common first aid element of choice/ particularly for first responders.  Or do you want to continue worshiping the university cancer that is a diploma governing everything we can say, you can thing, or society can do?  It’s a question, that can mean live or die.  Because “I can’t breathe” has a limited time frame for recovery.  Severe trauma or a heart attack, WILL gain significant value;  if the lungs need not work so hard.  Simple as that. 

The reality of contained oxygen is:  its more pure than the air you breathe/ how is that not plain?

Unrelated to oxygen usage, is the reality of drug addiction. The primary cause is simply:  “I want more, not less”.  The secondary cause is:  “I am superior/ I can’t be the same”.  Whenever something shakes the expectation of someone who expects, that they have their future completely in hand/ I KNOW, how to get what I want.  Into the assumption:  everything I depended upon is gone, “even if its not”.  They escape/ the easiest way is drugs, until the drugs take over their lives;  “usually in about 3 months”.

       To get them back, you must convince them “we all make mistakes”/ so as to create an opportunity to return “as equals”. You must provide the work in whatever form is realistically accepted; so that a path forward is clear. You must present the possibilities of acceptance for what they have accomplished/ and at the same time accept NO DELUSIONS, regarding any turn around you see (NOT hate/ simple truth). Nobody saves another, not going to happen.  The correct path is:  I will help you regain your life, without judgment;  so long as that is what you choose, and substantially prove is true.  Simply be real, be honest “with all including yourself”/ be fair, because that heals a life; from other things as well. 

       If they will not come back to reality:  then you must let them go, until the day comes when life is more important than pride. While it may seem incomprehensible, that pride is involved in a life out of control/ clearly in trouble. It is not, because the loss of pride is what brings the 90% to drugs/ and they take drugs, to get that pride (I can do, what you cannot) back. To let go of that pride means: they failed themselves/ so they continue to hide in lies. The ten percent are people so distraught, they simply have nowhere else to turn except for suicide; and they are trying hard, to avoid that. Loneliness and extreme poverty, are like living with an enemy;  all the time. So be kind, to everyone who needs a friend; be honest with yourself:  “save a life, simply by spending a little time IN PUBLIC, open, crowded  places”; BUT don’t be stupid. Be real: yes I can do this/ NO I won’t do that. And NO, that will solve nothing long term, which is necessary.  To be invested in the cure, “life is worth living sane”. The addict must agree:  happiness will be found, at least a little. They fail, when that turns into a tear.

       The cure for loneliness, although imperfect, is simply “cleaning up your life on the inside”. Which means no more want/ no more pride/ no more power/ no more excuses: basically “no, more I (as in everything is about me)”.  )”.  Remove personal want; when you do, then you have removed the tears from your heart.  Make the decision for all life matters; respect yourself, and accept the price required.

       The cure for poverty is, do the best you can with what you have/ and never look to what you cannot have; because you cannot have that.  One such lesson is:  DON’T look at pretty little girls and think sex/ YOU CAN’T have that.  OR, the decision in your heart is CRIMINAL, FELONY, CATASTROPHE for you; and others. Poverty comes in more than one flavor.  . Poverty is:  measuring someone else as less:  so you can then vent out your anger, violence, or abuse on someone else. By calling them the trash.  RESPECT ALL LIFE, or be consumed by your own measurements, and fail all life.

       There is a lesson in livestock:  cattle giving birth can many times have trouble/ the calf gets stuck.  However if you just roll the cow (several things happen) over on her other side/ the calf will nearly always get itself unstuck and come out. “this has other applications”.

       If burned ALWAYS put the burned area under a cold water faucet if available.  Something slightly cool, will take away the pain in a short time; saving what can be saved. Don’t wrap it up, unless the material is “clearly &  honestly, clean”.

       If you know a wound/ cut in the skin has been subjected to a “UNCLEAN” area:  then treat it immediately if you can, with peroxide or anti-bacterial/ to give yourself a bet ter chance of healing properly. If you know you will be working in that kind of area: be prepared. In the case of a wound that just won’t heal, keeping an anti-bacterial on the wound under a bandaid will generally help.

       I experienced a “black dot” in the vision of one eye for years (a predecessor to macular degeneration)/ when I noticed it start to get a little bigger. Forcing higher blood pressure into the eyes, through “bench press type exercises”  for a few minutes; caused the dot to suddenly become bigger and explode. Releasing a variety of black debris into the eye which clearly out quickly. The problem went away immediately after that, and never returned. It may work for you/ but you do have to time your work to its movement. I was prepared. It may also be some type of needle surgery to destroy the black dot, particularly with suction; may have value.

       Bowed legs come primarily from a cold bed in whatever form. Straight legs are colder longer, so the temptation as a youth is to make them closer to each other. The result is bowed legs, because they were cold. The reality is:  if the bones are soft enough to bend one direction/ THEN they are soft enough to bend back the other direction:  soon.  Nonetheless it may be advantageous for an old person with bowed legs;  to have their legs  straightened just below the knee joint. For a new area, in the ball and socket knee contact points. Might work the other way too. Just slice into the bone halfway, and push it together to heal.

       People avoid mental problems by becoming proud (nothing can get me, because I am this))/ they then expect and find “enemies” so the mind does not wander freely. This provides control!. People have mental problems by becoming unbalanced inside (reality does not accept my truth); as in I must be something else;  that I am, or intend to be. People get over mental problems by accepting:  life is something so far beyond simply me, that I must look beyond myself. People identify themselves as love or hate/ one or the other, because nothing personal is more true than this. Every decision you make other than survival, is based in either love exhibited as respect with the existence of all life/ or hate, as in “I want you dead, or trembling with fear of me”. To whatever degree love has given you value/ or hate has invaded you.

       Depression is:  “I DIDN’T get what I wanted”/ and that makes me sad. The answer is:  go beyond yourself/ the world is bigger than you.

       You cannot keep a man or woman with lies or sex or a lack of respect/ not even if you are beautiful. Because life is more than a body. We must walk the same path, share a similar desire; or we will divide our lives into different directions. It is that simple.

       Those who fear death, find themselves facing mental degradation: some end with Parkinson’s (I can keep death away, just by taking medicines)/ or Alzheimer’s  ( I can keep death away, just by retreating into the past; and becoming “young again”. Which does require you to forget everything about being “old”.) 

Those who do suffer from these things, have mental pathways that close down. Given that fact, the question is:  CAN the brain do, whatever it is asked to do/ as in shut off every recognizable  pathway back to either death or old age? I suggest to you, that it can; if fear is strong enough.

`       A quick lesson:  when I was young, I went swimming with someone far better at it than me. To compensate for that, I tried to swim faster by inhaling more oxygen than needed.  After twenty feet or so, my body froze up, and basically could not move/ so I sank, and was rescued. The cause being too much oxygen for my body to handle. When swimming you cannot breathe in/ unless you breathe out; in other words you must risk “loss of air”; to swim. In contrast too much air will make you drown as well: stay balanced.

IF YOU are in a boat with someone drowning in front of you:  the best way you can help is to throw a small anchor or prepare some weighted rope line directly across the victim. The anchor will take the rope “ten feet” beyond the victim, and place the rope line in his or her hand:  so you can then haul them into the boat. “a branch a stick and oar/ etc; anything they can reach. . IF IT IS POSSIBLE, you can tow them with the rope, by using the boat: climbing over the back end of the boat is usually best.  BALANCE the boat. If you are prepared, when swimming close to shore; an available rope line with a three or four pound bag of sand (won’t knock them out) on the end of it/ gives you that same chance; without risking yourself.

       Nearly electrocuted once:  someone put a wire under an edge, which then rubbed through the insulation. Lesson:  if you only touch a electrified surface/ it will shock you but then release. IF on the other hand, you grasp an electrified surface/ YOU CANNOT release your grasp:  which means the electricity must be turned off, one way or the other. A “football tackle” probably won’t work for a grasp, still: just be sure your aren’t “grabbed on”; short the wire if you can or turn it off.

        If you or someone else is trapped in a car, “on fire for instance”;  a “heavy” belt buckle can break the glass (swing it, with your belt)/ a rock, whatever you have. If you’re desperate, the center pin on the belt buckle of any “size” will break the glass:  put it between your fingers to control the point/ and hit the glass with your fist. Beware, “not kind to the fist”. A woman’s high heel, should be able to break it as well/ or a man’s steel toed shoe. Inside the car, your best bet is the safety belt:  the free clasp can be swung, OR grasped into the fist, to strike the glass. Most turn signal handles can be unscrewed, which then gives you a steel rod, the point of which can break glass. An unopened can of pop will break the window, coffee cup, etc. Keys, held correctly in your hand can break the window/ heel of your shoe can be a hammer if you have something to hit.  The key to rescue is not panicking, more than necessary.

       These are just some suggestions, to consider.  As in the old should provide some insight for the young. The greatest lesson is:  BE KIND TO YOUR BODY, if you don’t die/ YOU NEED IT, tomorrow. The second lesson is:  build your body when you are young/ so you CAN use it for the rest of your life.


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