Let us review, the elements of sadness/ depression/ loneliness/ and suicide.


       Discipline states:  each of these share a relationship with want/ because what you want, controls and identifies your life. Until the day you remove that want, to accept truth will decide for your life instead.

       To assemble the order of these things, it is then first necessary to critically conceive of want, and understand why it is important to the vast majority of humanity; even though it hurts them in the end.

       Want is the essence of a herd:  as in we all want the same thing/ we all do this in the same way/ we all have the same fears, share the same predators/ and face the ending called death, every single one. Therefore we have a right, to believe whatever we want as a herd:  because this is the life we share.

       In humanity, want is increased by the assertion:  IF I LIE, or fail to identify a necessary truth/ then I can attain what I would otherwise not be able to have or hide!

       These are the basic fundamentals; and they do not displace themselves/ until you make a deliberate decision not to allow want to control your own life anymore. The predator integrates hate as well, and thereby allows violence to prove “I am not, one of you”.


       The question is not why, if you assert all humanity is an animal: animals do what animals do/ preprogrammed, which means no choice. Yet they are not all the same; a reality beyond the comprehension of a university mind.

       The question is individuality, and its relationship to the identities of life. Individuality means:  I have become, “the decision maker” for my experience and expressions of life.  Identity means:  I have chosen the direction of my heart/ or failed its existence with hate. As is consistent with “the circle of life”/ there are many versions within every direction you may choose.

       We ask of a decision that influences time:  WHY? Reality will prove that every decision is based either in love/ hate/ or survival.  Everything else has no real purpose other than simply “living with time”.  Therefore the critical decision of every life is going to be:  either for love/ or for hate;  because survival is not optional, to exist in time. Like eating, you either do it/ or you die.  So the circle of life is divided down the middle: and  no one gets to remain on that line.

       Circle of life means:  “like a radius point, from which a line extends out, to create the circumference of circle”. Your life extends out from its beginning, to describe the ark of influence you will have on your time.  We all have the same beginning. We do not make the same decisions or choose the same directions.  The question is why? The answer is:  our relationship with life itself, is determined by our own commitment to love or hate. What we endure through time is determined by, the disciplines we use to attain order within our lives, and conceive of balance therefrom.

       Without discipline:  the attainment of a clear purpose “as is love or hate by its own truth”. There is a lack of substance to your lives, that makes a critical desire unattainable. Desire is the order we assemble, in our search for life/ or its opposite venue, which is hate. There is no balance between these:  everything is either for love or hate. What consists as the human element;  which tries to attain and use both for, “what I want”. Fails and that makes the human fail as well. Failure means to be pushed: in one direction or the other (to love or hate)/ so that you do make up your mind. Those who do not choose:  experience and express the realities being discussed as elements of sadness/ depression/ loneliness/ and suicide.

       Sadness is:  an opportunity to experience life without the presence of someone we loved. It affects only those who love inside, with honesty.  Those who hate choose revenge or violence or acts which become threats in one form or another. Sadness is a reality those who love all share as the same:  someone important to me, no longer shares my life. Regardless of why, the answer as is consistent with all these elements is:   we/ you must stop wanting, what you can no longer have. It is a truth, and truth does not conceive of mercy. So it will not get better, until you refuse the want/ and simply let love itself heal your soul.

       Depression is:  the elevation of want, into a description which you cannot attain/ therefore it is making the goal of your existence or experiences unattainable.  Giving you an exit from the realities that you did choose; and the consequences which now visit your existence, and experiences in truth. When we cannot attain “something so high”/ then we can pretend, that we are doing something to achieve that want:  even though, no expectation in you or in your current truth wants anything more than “the lie”.  It is too hard, it is too much, I CAN’T have what I truly believe I want!  Simple as that. But reality says:  you can believe anything you want/ so you are intentionally choosing, to make yourself depressed. Therefore depression is its own reward/ my excuse, not to participate anymore:  because the reward, I have received or expect;  is not worth the price. The value of a life is not within a reward, but the capture of a desire that lives within the heart of love itself. The treasury of love, is truly beyond the definitions of an element; by establishing  I AM ALIVE/ is more than being human!  Therefore the question is:  will you abandon your life/ or accept the price of more than existence can offer?

       Loneliness is:  no one “plays with me”.  Life is an individual experience except for love. Humanity is not/ thereby we do yearn for acceptance, and the value of being included. In contrast with that is the simple truth:  you cannot search intimately for a relationship with soul/ unless you do so entirely on your own.  Soul shares life with   GOD   its CREATOR. To balance these things grants peace, and securities from fear. Even so, we cannot make each other desire to care, or even to share what they choose not to do.  Loneliness then brings an intensity to the journey into destiny/ while “life among friends” establishes harmony within peace. Do the best you can, everything else is not up to you. Is humanity not free, to decide for itself!

       Suicide is:  “my heart is broken, and I can find no solution which will fix it”!  At different moments along every path, there will be cause to believe:  life has a price, “that is expensive” sometimes.  In these moments, the reality of your own heart is measured/ the desire of your own destiny is formed. The critical truth is:  can you understand the TRUE miracle life is? If that answer is yes/ then you will survive, to build again. If that answer is no/ then a reprieve will not help.


       The summary of values in these elements then becomes:  do not let want destroy your life. Choose to follow only truth, and it will lead you to understand and accept:    I AM ALIVE!  It is a far greater experience than time simply attests too. As is the miracle of EVERYTHING on earth.

       Hate is not a miracle, it is the coffin people choose to surround themselves with:  to escape reality, and pretend fear can be dissolved by being the one to fear. “if I am the living dead/ you will fear me then”!  But reality does not allow it/ only real death does that!  Where hate is true:  “then terrors begin”/ as the price for what you chose to do.