PROPORTIONING government; the realities of change.


       Even though I have no regard left for you, due to the fact; you refuse to defend this planet. Instead of letting you continue to fall into complete dismemberment of society, and “war to end all wars/ by exterminating yourselves”.  In the last couple of years prior to the probability; of biblical prophecy predicting the ending to life on earth. Reality states:  time/ my time, would be better served helping you remain stable enough to at least give whatever life that is living a bit more time to appreciate the miracles of our existence.

       The insanity of leaders/ the compulsion of university to play god/ the propaganda of media; and all the rest who worship themselves as “great”. Who could be greater than us;  be damned/ no concern for you exists.

       Nonetheless, it is consistent with our time to reapportion government; as a means to consolidate the possibilities of peace in the short term. You cannot survive what you are doing, so it is irrelevant apart from “every life deserves better than this”.  The liars/ traitors/ terrorists/ thieves/ fools/ whores (only money matters)/ etc will never understand.

       So let’s begin

  1. You cannot rage against government and expect change/ you only get war, and destruction, and whoever wins simply does little different or even worse; with extremely rare exception. So war is not an answer/ only an excuse. War is a decision for the entire society, based upon their law/ NOT an individual.
  2. Proportioning government means: to dismember its existence, removing all parts that are not functional to our own betterment of society.  They are merely “welfare jobs” for the university diploma/ and therefrom consistently using position by counterfeiting to increase their power through control.  Who would argue it is better for one person, or a tiny few:  to “create the rules or laws for millions to obey”. Not true, it is better for the whole to decide what they need, and tell the one what they can or cannot do. That is the fundamental truth intended for democracy to exist.
  3. While it is true that all government (we together need this, because alone it is too great for anyone to do for life or society)/ needs taxes to operate. It is equally true, that ALL tax collection MUST BE LOCAL, and never an institution that cannot be simply controlled. All the various elements of society that are business related: must then create their own tax forms for that portion of business.  The failure to be fair, WILL result in penalties.
  4. The definition of finding a solution for the problems that confront a society: REQUIRES A PYRAMID OF KNOWLEDGE.  That means:  there are four sides to every definition of a problem and its solution.  “what is the problem starts the discussion:  what is your solution to that problem (side one)/ what is their denial of that problem or your solution (side two)/ explain the details of who, what, when, where, how, and why this is going to affect life or planet by making this decision (side three) and what are the consequences of being wrong, either for or against life itself;  should reality prove you did not know what you were doing (side four).   Each side is detailed into its most simple form; so that all can agree, this is what we are or are not willing to do; with regards to the problem perceived or real. The mob: is simply people wanting an excuse (no consequence for me) to “go insane, and attack what they conceive of as their enemy”.
  5. Without resources, there is no business or industry. Without MANY THINGS all threatened with extinction/ there is no future.
  6. Basically “everything” the university has led you to do, is catastrophic. They don’t like the people who have been in control of any nation/ they want that control for themselves, so they deliberately, and intellectually undermine every part of what makes a nation what it is, or has been. Like the demolition & destruction of everything, mutilation of everything, poisoning of everything, simple minded “throw it all away”;  the reality of university control is, “we are the king/ queen”. By extreme counterfeiting (hiding inflation)/ they have been terrorists, and traitors, clear/ simple/ and true.
  7. The greatest university disgrace would be hard to identify, as there are so damn many. The complete disrespect for an entire world however is not: to gamble with this entire planet, by bringing sun fire here, is that fact.  The intent;  even to destroy our solar system, by creating another sun.  who cannot see:  “they must be gods” to do that.  Proven true;  “satan it is”.


Enough already, I AM tired of you.


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