reality exists

Reality exists, because it is without any true cause to deny. That fundamentally means:  what we cannot avoid, must be dealt with through knowledge/ understanding/ and wisdom;  because it will not be persuaded otherwise unless we do.


        Our reality is simple:  humanity wants what it wants/ and refuses whatever it does not want/ and hides from all that is true; that does not give them what they want.  Because they believe life can be a game. It is not so!

        Our reality is:  “every three seconds or so, another human being (over deaths) is born, survives, grows;  and demands to be feed.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  They are trying to ignite sun fire on earth/ a gamble with every living thing, including this solar system itself;  “nothing is a greater abomination, than that”.  They rely entirely upon:  “the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire so it will just evaporate into space”.  WRONG means the earth becomes another sun:  no second chances, ignition proves what is true.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  Universities and even business are mutilating nature/ so they can control it, and use that control for power to play god over every life. Universities and their religion evolution are deliberately trying to destroy the balance, disciplines, order, and every facet of nature which is “genetic DNA” in order to “re-create their evolution” so they can finally prove “CHAOS builds life”.  Even though the very definition of the word chaos means to destroy everything complex down to its most simple form. Which is clearly NOT life; nothing is more arrogant, than this. And it will be HORRENDOUS/ and cannot be turned back.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  With poisons dumped by the trillion ton across this world;  the biblical prediction “the water turned into wormwood” will come true. How could it not; along with 8 billion people and another billion added every decade be otherwise?

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  With mutilated crops/ the destruction of all pollinators/ the end of sea life, because of what humanity has done/ “super-diseases” because of antibiotic abuse/ livestock factory farms which cannot survive because antibiotics are failing (no food for  you)/ the massive extinction of species due to habitat destruction/ the breaking down of all food chains for life/ rising oceans, which move weight to different parts of the world bringing massive tectonic plate shifts, and volcanic activities never before seen/ global warming due entirely to human fossil fuel burning/ loss of oxygen, due to fossil fuel burning/ resource devastation “the building of garbage dumps”/ loss of ozone, to increase radiation/ atmospheric wind destruction (the earth loses its grip on our atmosphere); due to the loss of trees/ or more simply humanity destroying itself, by destroying this earth and all its life.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of. Taking over the money supply, and making it all a fantasy; through hidden inflation (the assertion that claiming an increased asset; which is currency inflation/  is not inflation). That is counterfeiting, because  IT IS HIDDEN, from public view. In America throughout the Obama period asset inflation was twenty trillion dollars a year/ or about ninety thousand dollars per worker.  Since the workers didn’t receive that money:  SOMEONE CLAIMING to represent government DID SPEND IT ON SOMETHING.   A reality that will cause civil war/ as the common citizen has been buying guns;  because they believe that is their only answer.  “take another look at Syria”/ it ain’t the answer.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of. Making weapons of mass destruction, designed by universities,  once released; which WILL destroy all life within one hour of these ENTIRELY, human decisions.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  The power of society is:  WHAT, can we do together, to protect ourselves? The reality of that question is:  ONLY BY THE LAW, can you protect yourselves, through its truthful enforcement. OR, MORE SIMPLY:  everything you call government today is worthless:  because it is corrupted and exists only to maintain the powerful in their control.  Consequently it must be rebuilt into a true democracy; or you die. 

        Democracy means:   WE THE PEOPLE, must make our laws for ourselves/ because we do have to obey those laws, and they will determine our lives and our future.  One hundred laws, “one page long or less”/ so that EVERYONE can understand, and defend themselves or their government or their world.  WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, decides what society shall be.  Whosoever enforces that law, determines the level of corruption society is willing to endure. That means:  EVERY JUDGE must be judged, in every trial; by constitutional adherence.  That means:  every police officer will be judged by the “bill of rights” that must be determined through a vote. Giving both the people and the police their legitimate rights and punishments regarding all policing actions.  That means:  the soldiers SHALL also be given their own bill of rights, which will be determined by their own vote. Which will then be reviewed and established through military leadership and public vote; leadership suggests and defends/ the PUBLIC decides. WORLD LAW, AND ITS ENFORCEMENT UPON EVERY LEADER;  removes all weapons of mass destruction from their control. NO ONE IS EXEMPT/ all will comply; “so says the world/ or you die”.

        Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!


        Or, more simply:  you will discard want, because it is an abyss which removes the reality of miracles to reshape life in lies.

        You will discard pride, because it makes all life a game; and that allows people to believe whatever they want to believe:  regardless of the consequence for being wrong.

        You will destroy arrogance:  because it literally    does not care about anything other than playing god with life.

        You will discard power, in nearly all its forms;  because it judges life/ and then believes once judged this is worthless, and can be treated as the garbage.  LAW IS the only power you need/ CHOOSE CORRECTLY!

        You will identify and remove or separate hate;  because love and hate are opposites, and they never exist in the same place, without a fight/ which means “not in you either”. There is no middle ground:  either you choose love/ or you choose hate; because everything else is either survival, or irrelevant to life itself.

        You will construct a new world order, that is consistent with LIFE FOR OUR PLANET COMES FIRST/ nobody gets to believe otherwise. Money shall NOT rule again.  BOTH of which require new disciplines and dimensions of purpose;  which does mean, “women must rule”.  Or more specifically:  they must as a group of one;  determine what can be done for this world to keep it all alive.  This is the best men did do, and we literally stand at the edge of extinction.  So says all the physical evidence/ and so says the biblical prophecy as well.

        The book of Daniel chapter 12 counts down the end of days. Since it begins at the rise of the “great abomination”. And since nothing can be worse than trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. That date wherein it rose to consequence:  is at the first experiment, with the first completed machine capable of igniting sun fire here.  That occurred at Lawrence Livermore laboratories San Francisco; April 1, 2012.

        The first death of test is the law can stop this/or save you as in the old testament:  and you failed. The second death currently underway is:  MERCY by  GOD   can save you, “IF” you change your ways.  To date, not even a chance. Which means by that prophecy, according to the numbers (add it up for yourselves)  the date of last chance for mercy is July 8, 2019.  The prophecy adds “a time, times, and a half time”.  Which is interpreted as the first time is the first death or test/ second “times” is the second test for mercy/  and a half time is divided by the 1335 days of the second death.  Which gives us 667 and a half day.  Or more specifically then biblical prophecy is  CHAOS AND HELL break out upon this earth as of July 9, 2019. Will last 666 days/ then comes judgment day/ then comes a half day for whatever follows judgment of life on earth.

        And all the people say, “we will wait and see”/ EVEN THOUGH, that means as is consistent with the ignition of sun fire, mutilation of life, etc:  THAT YOU, AND YOU’RE WHOLE WORLD   IS DEAD.

        IF,  you read the book of Revelation correctly;  you will see references that can only be accomplished by the ignition of sun fire on earth/ a reality that is attempted by men, every single day. A reality of energy release, that can only be equaled by accepting the fact:  our sun burns ATOMS for fuel.  And everything here is then fuel for the fire, including  you.  TRY THINKING for once in your life.

        And discard the belief;   GOD would never let this happen.  Because biblically  HE ALREADY HAS. Biblically Noah’s flood is even more proof.  Proven critically true:  BECAUSE FOSSIL FUELS,  by the evidence of their abundance;   could have been formed in no other way.  That flood did exist/ just like the prophecy which is a countdown to the end of life on earth DOES exist today.


        The evidence proves:  when men are in trouble within their societies/ they turn to war, or travel to another country, to escape the consequences of their own actions or reactions. War is NOT AN OPTION;  because you don’t have the planet or its resources to lose anymore.

        When men are in trouble individually, they turn to hate (individual war), or simply escape in some other way.  NOT AN OPTION, because the damage done is massive/ and the reality of our existence as life on this planet is no longer certain. NATURE HAS BEEN ABUSED!

        When men are in trouble they change for the absolute minimum amount of time; and as history proves with only rare exception/ THEY THEN RETURN to exactly what drove them into trouble again. EVERY SINGLE TIME; so says history.  Which is exactly why war repeats itself again and again and again.

        IT IS TIME:  “to let women try”. But NOT as men always do by creating a leader.  Rather as women must do, and band together:  to form the laws which will rule society with justice, fair play for all, and realistic equity for life and its future.  Because anything less will fail, and cause this earth to collapse under the weight and realities of human OVER-population.  Which means one of the first realities women MUST ESTABLISH:  is what to do about child birth/ because “life eats life”;  and there is only cannibalism:  UNLESS WE CHANGE.

        You are reminded and advised:  a vasectomy is not the answer/ because it removes the chemicals that make sex pleasurable for males.  If they don’t desire sex/ then women don’t get sex either:  THINK about it, because you can’t go back.

        LIFE IS NOT A GAME, and this is no test.  Our reality as a world is VERY CLEAR:   university leadership has driven you into extinction.  Change or die.


         You are advised, the reality of men in charge is: to assume power through leadership/ which means all the rest must follow or fight. They assert that power by attacking the individual; thereby making the rest fear this could happen to them.  The reality of women in charge must then be:  to assert power through law, and assemble the governing power by making that law through public vote of the people themselves. NO MORE “voting for someone to vote for me”. You will vote upon all laws, and whatever rules you demand:  as one nation/ or one world. You will then use the law to attack the individual, and enforce the law itself upon every leader, every person the same:  so that life or death or its penalties are as simple as YOUR OWN VERSION OF JUSTICE. The law is an army, public participation is your weapon of choice; with only the bare minimum of “more”. The jury is, and is intended to be:  the judge over whether this courtroom treated the law, this democracy, this people, and this person,  WITH JUSTICE, BY FAIR PLAY AND EQUAL TREATMENT, or not.  That is your purpose as a jury, AND IT MUST include decisions that do involve the penalty to be incurred.

        Democracy means:  WE THE PEOPLE have chosen to govern ourselves by the laws which we do create. Demanding that our constitution is then the government;  and its employees shall be subject to their oath of office, and its true penalties/ as well as REDRESS.  Redress is: The reality of we the people who have decided to take our employees to court/ that we may in fact examine what they do, by our law.  We the people SHALL then be judge over our employees/ because this is OUR NATION;  and we gave it away to NO employee. Our decision according to constitutional mandate, is then the law.

        The constant, that is: we must work to live/ we must work to survive/ we must defend ourselves, and demand freedom.  Conforms to the relationship served by balance, discipline, order, and truth:  as is the governing body of nature itself.  NATURE KNOWS BEST, because it literally puts the value of all life, and planet;  before the individual.  The universities have done their best to insist that must not be so:  and you face your own extinction because of them.  RETURN TO LIFE FIRST for our world;  or die/ because fantasies, nor their endless  fairy tales, and delusions;   won’t save you. The reality of a university knowledge is:  millions of individuals and trillions of dollars have resulted in a few pennies of value to society. But with that value has come a mountain of horrifying realities.  The end result of translating the benefits to life itself of a university leadership is:  “they lied/ cheated/ stole/ terrorized/ committed treason/ failed/ and are literally trying to exterminate life”.  That is their reality, visited upon you:  NOW YOU DECIDE,  “are they worth their price”?   The reality of male dominated leadership over this world is:  a world filled with extreme threats, a reality of humanity ready for world war 3, the consequence that is weapons of mass destruction/ and complete resource loss. NOW you decide;  “are they worth their price”?

        The correct answer is:   ONLY what has value to life, planet, and the living, and nothing else;  gets to survive what they have done. As to medical considerations, the reality is:  no one should die of little things/ but everyone must face reality when it comes to the big things that determine  a  clear life or death decision.  YOU CAN’T destroy the children, because you want one more day:  IT AIN’T FAIR!

        All medical extortion shall be stopped. All access to extreme wealth (as is the demand for slaves, and taking every resources just for yourself) shall be ended:  limited capitalism will rise, and govern the right;  to claim more than the rest. Humanity WILL accept the price required to keep this world alive, and return it all to “a healthy and realistically happy place” for life to continue on. ALL OF IT, is a very simple choice:  DO YOU DESIRE YOUR LIFE/ or will you continue to fail, and die?  Make up your mind/ because past the point of no return;  which by biblical prophecy is “July 8, 2019”.  Or as your reality of evidence explains:  “any second, of any day”.  THERE IS NO GOING BACK,  “you’re dead”.  Either you made an effort to save this planet, or you deliberately chose not too!  That is your choice.

        As to religion, the reality is very simple:  you will examine all religion together, identifying what has value/ so that no one gets to proclaim superiority anymore.  Within that grasp of value, there is a purpose of religion for this earth:  FIND WHAT IS TRUE.

          You will free the slaves;  which means no more credit, beyond what is fair and honest to the benefit of all society. You will examine your prisons, and make changes for life. You will return to reality in your economy/ which means:  no more government credit, counterfeiting, or inflation. PAY YOUR DEBT, the children shall not be your slave. No more encroachment of nature, which means you have literally gone as far as you can go, and will retrace your steps to give nature back to life; as is consistent with reality. No more failures, which means:  YOU WILL prepare for, and accept the realities of;   a  future, you and your children can survive. You will educate for life, NOT the damned/ the dead/ or the disease that is a university purpose. You WILL examine and prove the word MIRACLE exists, and destroy the fantasy called evolution from you. You WILL RESPECT    YOUR CREATOR      or you WILL be surrendered to extinction.         Consider that “FAIR WARNING”.  Because this ain’t no game.

        Or more simply:  the causes and the consequences of university leadership shall be erased/ and the reality of LIFE COMES FIRST FOR THIS PLANET;    THROUGH RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, ORDER, TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND BALANCE;   shall rise by law, and live through fair play for all!  That does not mean “everybody gets whatever they want”/ IT MEANS:  truth decides, because nothing less will survive, or prove happiness exists.


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