reality is this

REALITY IS THIS, that our existence as both life and planet are threatened in ways that were inconceivable just a few years ago.

Biologically speaking, although the threats are endless/ the reality of those threats can be constructed by two very easy things to understand.


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Sep 9, 2001 – Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. ... ‘We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies,’ said Epicyte president Mitch Hein. … Contraceptive corn is based on research on the rare condition, immune infertility, in which a woman …

       More distinctly this genetic DNA mutilation allows for one group, to send food starch (bread, cereal, ___) to another group; regardless of the method/ it’s just a matter of advertising to the target group. That causes permanent sperm alteration; sterility. mSaid to “remove the tail from sperm”/ thereby making it unable to move in men. Causing a chemical change in women that will kill the sperm (destroying the tail so it cannot move) once it enters the vagina. Sterility for all or any living creature that has sperm/ or uses sperm for conception. 

       In other words, this one genetic trait, released into nature:   can reduce the creature population of our planet, to zero.  Or more distinctly for you:  “no meat of any kind to eat”.



Aug 1, 2003 – Plants equipped with a terminator gene grow up just like other plants, with one crucial exception—farmers can’t grow anything from the seed …

MORE distinctly to you, the genetic mutilation that can render all plants on earth sterile, means NO PLANT FOOD either. This is very simple math: without seeds that produce seeds, there is no future for the plant/ nor is their food from those seeds growing to maturation to eat for you or anything else.

So the reality of this  moment in our lives is:  the universities have made a doomsday machine out of biology. With just a couple of tiny DNA manipulations in nature; no life left on earth.

Like any pandemic that ever existed:  once released, no one can say for certain “just how far a disease (nature, as is the disciplines, balance, and order of a body attacked) will go”.  NATURE ALONE DEFENDS US, take away nature by destroying its DNA; and we have nothing to survive the future. The children are dead!

Monsanto Company and the Use of Terminator Seeds:  Genetic Use Restriction Technologies could be applied to seeds to remedy intellectual property issues that stem from seed-saving, but the seed industry may never be able to actually use the developed technologies.

That is the blanket statement for the seed producing industry. They say, its never been put into production: as in allowed into the fields

However, my brother-in-law and sister are farmers; and around 2001 I don’t remember exactly when (but do bear in mind, until the media of some kind reports it:  experimentation goes on entirely behind closed doors; and can exist for years before it is known what they are doing). Nonetheless one year they had if memory is correct roughly 80 acres of corn, the entire field in that particular genetics: that did not produce a single ear of seed.  As to the purpose of farming, it was a complete disaster in that field. The seed sellers said at the time that only 97% of any bag of seed is suppose to grow/ 3% is suppose to be inert. At the time it was expected “simply not all seeds will grow; in nature”. However with this, the company said:  the inert corn they mixed in.  Must have all ended in the same bag, instead of mixed. That single statement says:  WE KNOW which seeds will grow into plants/ BUT are NOT going to produce seed.  Which means it’s a choice. 

These farmers got nothing from the seed company; even though they had an entire field of proof. Unfortunately, it never even occurred to me, they would not hire an attorney; contact various types of media in agriculture to insist “your mistake, we will get paid”. Until it was too late; field of evidence gone.  The moral of the story:  IF SOCIETY lets its member FEAR THE COURTROOM AND ITS LAWYERS/ then society gets crushed, and the criminals control.


Lets again, look to the agricultural industry for a lesson:  “to gain more from a single cow, and the beauty contest that is, we like this one better”. Agriculture began implanting fertilized eggs from the beautiful cows/ into the ugly cows:  so you can get a pretty calf cheaper. It worked for the first calf, which bore significant outside traits of the two parents. However when the calf grew to have “children”/ those calves also inherited traits of the ugly cow mother. It has to do with the blood transfer in the womb.

MORE distinctly to you:  the intent to make organs in animals and use them in people is proceeding. The intent to use pigs blood, in humans is proceeding/ as are endless genetic experiments to intertwine every species in some form; by using genetic DNA mutilation.  DNA IS NATURE: THAT IS THE TRUTH.  Consequently as predicted biblically ARMAGEDDON which means nature in chaos!  Stands at the door, and it already cracks open. TRY THINKING for a second;  because the media reports extremely little, power controls them all.


“Not to worry, the university says”;  its like global warming/ or trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ or playing with the big bang (single most destructive event in the history of the universe) at CERN/ or destroying the ocean life/ dumping trillions of tons of poison onto water supplies/  or using all the resources/ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Because the universities diploma which runs media, government, business, banking and more:   are all demanding nothing shall be done, nothing shall be stopped, nothing shall be learned about the consequences of being wrong:  UNTIL THE HORROR OF THESE DECISIONS:  CANNOT BE UNDONE! And we all know the universities cannot be questioned or made to account; for their delusions. They want to play god, and they do:  unfortunately for life, “they play SATAN”.

Hell, don’t worry, what could go wrong?  YOU ARE,   “believers in the university, is your savior” aren’t you?  HELL, nothing can go wrong:  we know the universities are way too smart for that.  Even though the majority of the people there, did not know how to get along with society or community or even in high school.  Do you think they might hate “those who did not treat them fairly”?  no, that can’t be it.  Even so, they did bankrupt us all; oh well, “last laugh” and all that.

Well, I suppose in terms of biology:  all their weapons of mass destruction, including intensifying the worst diseases humanity has ever known (nobody lives);  even adding descriptions of disease they made to invade us all.  Or more simple methods, such as Destroying the ozone so radiation makes it impossible to live:  as is the invasion of sun fire “unrestrained” by ozone; from 91 million miles away.  But then without water to drink, who the fuck cares, “right”!  don’t worry, there is always cannibalism/ or you can have the evolutionary answer  “in a billion years” everything will come back/ cause evolution will fix it. “no tools, no sensors, no information, no brain, no food:  “just a robot” in the university mind.  Until they fix it/ but alas, evolution has no fixer;  it’s just chaos. The greatest description of chaos here on earth is the fire on the sun:  imagine that, the universities are trying to bring their “god” here.  Why hell, what won’t religion think of next?

Just so its simple:  the California drought is not over. Your scientists for this area in central IL;  state with certainty, in this area “it takes fifty inches of rain”/ to PRODUCE ONE INCH of aquifer recharge. Therefore anyone dependent upon an aquifer for water, remains in serious trouble: and that speaks only to the upper aquifers, not the really deep ones. Not to forget:  industry has been found in California, contaminating what they claim are dry aquifers, with toxic waste (can never be used again).  What you don’t know, CAN IN FACT; easily cause your complete destruction. “Don’t need to worry”?  Well how about this, without water, your property is completely worthless/ but your debts will remain.

Bringing us all to the question:  HOW MUCH, don’t you know, for real/ investigated by truth and complete transparency. So you CAN honestly understand?


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