reality speaks

Reality speaks, and no one listens; because they are absolutely certain “the universities cannot be wrong”. The consequence is a religion:  because only believers, “without a thread of evidence”;  can accept, “we cannot be wrong”.


        So the question presented is:  WHAT could possibly be wrong, about information given by “our universities”?  After all, are they not the best we can do?

        So, let’s review the simple things.  As indicated earlier, we begin with a short list/ and understand, where conclusions are drawn that have SEVERE CONSEQUENCES “for not being right”.  Then the cost of simply accepting:  “if they aren’t right at first/ they will figure this out later”:  CAN BE HORRENDOUS, AND LIFE, EVEN PLANET ENDING.  Such is the truth of things the universities play with today. The evidence cannot be wrong:  failure to be “right” ends in extinction from our planet.

The short list

  1. Being wrong about igniting sun fire here on earth: means the same fire that is on the sun/ NOW consumes our planet.  Because we cannot extinguish the fire, and we cannot remove the fuel.  The sun burns the bond between atoms/ JUST LIKE the chemical fire we know here on earth burns the molecular bond between elements. Similar to the difference between TNT, and the atomic bomb/  you do have an understanding of what that could mean. Everyday, your scientists:  by government money, try to initiate this fire;  by assuming an endless list of fantasies, that even a grade school student should recognize as false. Down the home page a bit
  2. By asserting evolution is a truth, the universities have taken the right to destroy nature as we know it: deliberately trying to remove disciplines/ order/ balance and more. Because they assume:  once we can destroy it/ then we can figure out how it was put together in the first place; and declare ourselves gods:  by creating different forms of life as we see fit. So the extreme delusion is:  destroying nature which is DNA or genetic structure as is the building plans and all related elements of creating a living body of life/  can simply be undone.  Yet AIDS, and a wide variety of other realities of disease, mutilation, and life in general all prove:  once life has been damaged, it is entirely possible, that it will never be repaired/ and even if, “it won’t be the same as it was”.  So their priest of evolution, use that religion to condemn life as it is:  because they want to play god, and prove they can create “human bugs/ or human fish/ or spider elephants/ or who knows what”.  Because they have absolutely NO RESPECT FOR LIFE, or planet. Simply true;  happens a “million times a day/ across the planet”.  Because the delusion of chaos built this:  is nothing less than religious sewage.
  3. Have you never noticed “if somehow a trivial who cares;  is grown on something or somewhere. Media hype is “the universities are god”.  While if nature itself has been altered in some fashion by chemical intervention or other:  the claim is “nature is at fault”.  Or we designed or engineered a bridge:  the university is god, we are technical  giants who know everything”/ whereas nature created a human being, “that is all by accident, chaos did it;  nothing important here.” Probably a billion tickets for “mega millions lottery” are sold/ maybe one or two winners once in awhile.  Yet the reality of every living thing is a composition of approximately a trillion literal developmental realities that must all come together at once, and through genetic development and its facilities:  EVERY SINGLE LIFE IS BUILT.  So we have a trillion piece working parts, utility gathering,  ultimately “the most complex realities on planet earth/  BUILT in an automated factory as is the living body called female.  And that is just an accident according to university hype, and media presentation.  Add in is the religious teaching of university promoted and maintained by government leaders, and hyped by media are the only possible answer:   demanding this, as in all life;  is nothing more than chaos building life, a complete accident that just kept repeating itself.  Completely discarding even their own conclusion by definition which is:   chaos is the reduction of anything complex/ INTO ITS LEAST complex POSSIBLE:  SIMPLE FORM.  Fire is chaos controlled by chemical barriers on earth.  Fire is chaos uncontrolled on the sun.  IS THAT “the builder of life”? 
  4. University leaders, which do become government officials have only one purpose; because they are ultimately “dead inside”. Their purpose is “I alone, am important”/ so give me everything I want!  That can be identified by the reality of what has been chosen by these individuals, particularly in America for decades. We begin with media, whose true purpose is to control the public, and make them fear wherever possible.  The latest case in point is N. Korea:  “fear/ fear/ fear, so we can do something; and claim superiority/ by proving destruction”. The reality of government officials in all other categories can be underscored by simply reviewing the legal cases that I have presented on these sites:  their proven purpose is to keep the constitution out of the courthouse, and remove democracy from government. The university has only one interest:  “all the money, and power they can get”/ and that includes building fantasies, and playing god with life. Other than delivering weapons of mass destruction;  the entire space program is very little more than trillions upon trillions of dollars spent on, and by university fantasy. Nothing else matters; the constant of university leadership is failure. The constant of university intent is:  WE WILL REPLACE THEM ALL; so we don’t need the slaves anymore.  And table L.5 total liabilities and assets of the USA;  as created by the gov website did identify counterfeiting in the form of about 20 trillion dollars per year during the Obama years/ and that didn’t include the trillions added in debt. Trump of course like them all is too proud to work for life/ and acts and demands:  “I will be a great military leader, by beating up those who I view as no threat to me”.  Like all bullies/ and every leader with a degree;  throughout the decades for a long time:  TO HELL with life/ to HELL with this nation/ TO HELL with this world! To accomplish such things, we have Hidden inflation, as is counterfeiting:  because instead of the entire nation knowing this currency is nothing but added numbers.  Only a few know it’s just added numbers to the currency they hide in asset creation/ and THEY GET TO SPEND IT, like real money;  on whatever they want. Because thieves are thieves, cheaters are cheaters, and liars are liars.   Destroying the public securities in their entirety has already been done;  as is the summary reality provided by the federal reserve site and its numbers before they changed and hid it:   of roughly $28,000.00 per human face on the planet/ in American “dollars”.  Given that, just how valuable is your dollar?  Answer the question/ and go search for the truth.
  5. Leadership hides the truth about absolutely every threat they have made, by producing media which directs you to believe “anything else is more important”: than threats which will make us extinct.  A crisis coming quickly:   in over-population/ a crisis in resource loss/ a crisis in the ocean/ a crisis in oxygen reduction across the planet/ a crisis in food mutilation/ a crisis in healthcare and the creation of “super-disease”/  a crisis in pollinators/ a crisis in everything, and that includes weapons of mass destruction.  Which the universities in particular DESPISE the idea of removal;  because that is literally what brought them all to power; and let them take over the world of humanity. Take the weapons away, and they become unimportant again.
  6. Then of course we have the attack on religion, other than their own called evolution/ and the cult worship called “university knows everything”. Which is an endless dribble of fairy tale stories, simple lies, outright delusion, fantasies without any substance, and a purpose that designs death for our world.  Of their favorites,  the demand for evolution is one:  their design “we built ourselves, by selecting off the shelf pieces;  which we then just incorporated into the body”.  You can’t adapt what has not been engineered and designed to adapt.  Go ahead, make a bird out of a stump:  “its called evolution”/ and it has NO reality whatsoever.  Another is that Noah’s flood did not exist:  that too is a proven reality, by the existence of fossil fuels.  We know this is life gathered together in one clump/ and then buried together all at once.  We know floods do this/ we know nothing else truly does. We know by the volume of fossil fuel:  the event was massive and beyond comprehension truly. We know there is absolutely no other possible conclusion for how fossil fuels that we have found, could have been formed.  That is a fact. But media of course is owned by a tiny few; and only power is important, as in:  KEEP THE UNIVERSITY AS god, let none contest for life or planet. WE ARE god, everyone else is a slave/ because they are worthless to the elite of a university degree. To prove that, the courtroom is guarded by lawyers, whose entire intent is to steal as much money from you as possible.
  7. None in the history of this earth can compare to a university diploma: this entire world is now threatened with true extinction/ and our lives hang in the balance, every single day can easily become our last on earth.  Even the planet is in jeopardy. Every part and piece of nature is being mutilated. EVEN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ITSELF, is being threatened with change:  because igniting this planet into a sun, WOULD do that very thing.  And we have only begun to consider, or describe the cost of “a university degree”!  well, not to worry; they gave you bribes, and made you toys/ and buried you in debt;  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Is that not enough?  Answer the question.
    1. Oh wait; the doctors are your gods/ and you can’t possible consider pharmaceuticals might harm instead of help. But then we look at the lawsuits against medicine, and find:  apart from the simple things. What they have thrown together that is more complex:  HAS PROBLEMS.
    2. What is an antibiotic; which is the entire base foundation for all of medicine today/ will soon be completely worthless: so says your scientists, because of abuse. Medicine will then die, back to what it was before. Antibiotics; Particularly in livestock agriculture’ are a primary contributor. No worries though, hell what could go wrong with that?
  8. The more critical resolution of problems, instead of constantly dealing with the results of human arrogance; is to create the “news, and appropriate politics”. NOT as it is today.  But as it should be. There are no opinions in news or politics/ there is only truth and reality; the consequences of being wrong.
    1. To accomplish anything in news or politics, it is absolutely necessary to discard “human contact” with the results. That means NO “he said/ she said trash”.
  • Instead reality states a distinct problem must be identified. Then that problem requires a clear and certain resolution of knowledge: “this is what we are dealing with, or need to do”.
  1. Then the realities of each problem connected to a distinct understanding outlines the reality. So that then the development of wisdom can take place.
  2. The values and desires of the public are added in, so as to conceive of the human elements involved. The consequences for our future, and theirs, as in every child.
  3. When you have achieved a foundation upon which a functional resolution of “we can do this”: BY TRUTH!  Not the fantasies of a university diploma;  but by reality, without lies or “make the children pay”.
  4. Then you can have a vote, determined by truth/ isolated away from human wants by reality: which will influence life and society as we all go forward together. Because no matter who you are;  our relationship with truth, as the entire human race.  Our foundation directly tied to truth & reality, will decide life or death for our world. We are 8 billion people, and there is no time left for delusions, excessive sympathy, or just plain stupidity or lies.  Simple and plain, that is the truth.
  1. With simple eloquence, the reality of politics is very simple: who cheated with the money/ who corrupted with the power/ who stole the pride/ who lied?  Anything else is actual democracy when the life, child, and time of peace and harmony for society and world came first.
  2. With critical understanding, the truth of news is: when only the evidence matters/ then where is the truth? That truth is not an opinion, it is clear, simple, honest, and respectful of the reality to be defined:  with a sole purpose that delivers the consequence of being wrong to the masses.  Nothing less is news. In terms of medicine drugs and other/ the statistical reality that proves or disproves what is functionally correct identifies the reality of our risk. Thereby the tragedy or triumph of our time;  which includes what will or will not happen to the future.
  3. The value of a constitution is: WE THE PEOPLE  decide, the relationships our employees have to their work.  We the people decide:  whether through redress of grievances, a first amendment law;  IF OUR EMPLOYEES, have in fact been doing their job for us all.  Or in contrast to that:  simply using us, to inflate and defend their armies of insurrection against this nation, state, or world.
  4. The critical message of truth is: this is humanity, which means there will always be “traitors among us”. Particularly wherever power or money or pride is to be found!  Simple and sure;  just how it is.  Diligent supervision;  clear punishment for not obeying your oath;  orderly redress of grievances;  balanced decisions which allow reality to be served by truth/ NOT by human want. And a “free press” that is completely untethered to “an owner who gets to decide” other than WE THE PEOPLE for ourselves. 
  5. Critical peace is constructed with honesty; that honesty uses “limited capitalism” as the means of controlling society for us all/ by us all, that there will be harmony, with realistic equality.
  6. World law, and correct policing of leaders; removes weapons of mass destruction. Simple as that.
  7. Life begins again, with only one true objective: LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, AS NATURE DESIGNED COMES FIRST IN EVERY DECISION.  Money is no longer “a ruler”/ we choose for a future; because there is no other way; but death.
  8. The failure to amend ways, is just like the current attempts to ignite sun fire here on earth: WRONG MEANS THE EARTH BECOMES A SUN.  “same fire/ why not the same result?  Being wrong is a human reality. NO GOING BACK, the fire cannot be extinguished.  Machines try every single day!   Are you willing to accept WRONG MEANS YOU BURN, along with everything you love?  Answer the question.

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