Let’s talk reality.


        Reality means:  you cannot avoid this/ unless you lie, and the consequence of that is;  whatever threatens to change, will increase.  The reality of America is:  “LIE/ LIE/ LIE TO US; we don’t want to pay”; as in “don’t let the truth get us”!  so the traitors, liars/ cheats, thieves, failures, terrorists, whores, diseased, betrayal, anarchy, satan worship, and all the rest that is bad; has not only continued but increased.  The cancer (university knows/ university rules) which is the greatest organized crime syndicate ever created; has continued to grow, continued to hate, and continued to destroy.

        The common thread in American public is:  “the university is our savior/ they would not hurt us; they are our protectors, etc”.  So nothing they do is questioned, and nothing they do is regulated, and nothing they do can be stopped; because they and you believe they are gods. Given that the extreme extortion which is:  “I got a diploma/ THEREFORE, I get a ton more money than you;  for doing nothing, in a majority of cases.  They are the nobles of our time;  which means “because I have this, I am superior/ I make all the decisions/ I have all the authority/ and I can make your life hell, just because I want too”.  As history has proven, will always lead to war.  Don’t think so?  Just go get medical attention! Doesn’t stop there.

        Money is, and is intended to be:  the fair exchange between workers and life. I work for you/ you work for me:  what we exchange is then of fair and equal value to us both.  But alas “nobody gets RICH”/ when all things are fair. So the endless disgrace of man is:  men don’t want to be fair with each other/ they want to win, and prove themselves to be superior. So they make games/ pretend money is the authority/ and use power to take whatever they can get.  Today instead of just weapons and how to use them/ the weapons have grown to include a university diploma.  Which does include the women who use them, not to be fair.

        The critical question is not a diploma:  that is just memorization of someone else’s thoughts methods and ways.  The critical question is:  HOW did this happen?  The answer begins with, their assertion “we know everything/ we are like gods compared to you”. That increased with we made weapons of mass destruction: that CAN BE RELEASED UPON YOU/ thereby creating fear. Both of the university, and for not allowing the university to create them; in turn giving your enemies an opportunity. They then found (not created) antibiotics, and vaccines;  which made medicine as we know it today possible.  Which in turn created over-population, and threatens extinction for our entire planet.

        The critical question is:  WHY, do men in particular NOT want to be FAIR, with each other? The critical answer is:  power/ pride/ greed/ superiority/ jealousy/ hate/ lust/ insanity/ violence/ loneliness/ betrayal/ women/ and want.

        Fair means:  I have treated you as an equal, and given as well as received, the values of freedom with rights to be as each of us desire to be:  within the limits of justice through desirable law. That brings to society peace, allows for harmony and hope, translates time into happiness for all, and governs society within the desires that we should all be honestly participating in “the best we can be”.

        Want in contrast to being fair asserts:   EVEN IF, I have to lie, cheat, steal, or whatever is required/ I WILL TAKE,  whatever I want from you or them!

        Therefore the question is more deliberate when asked:  WHY IS WANT, more precious to you/ than FAIR JUSTICE, with all life being rewarded throughout happiness and time for each other?

        We return to the plague of dysentery that is human behaviors above, and begin with power.

        Power means:  I can manipulate and control your behaviors, so that you have no power to refuse;  thereby I get to play “Human god” with you. As is: To do anything I desire, which includes murder, etc.

        Pride means:  I am the winner/ BECAUSE I made you the loser. And I have a trophy to prove it.

        Greed means:  I want yours too/ mine, what is fair; IS NOT enough for me.  I will take yours anyway I can.

        Superiority is:  I have a trophy you will NEVER have, therefore you CANNOT be equal with me. The actual value of it, is irrelevant/ what matters is “you CAN’T have the same.” Therefore I need never accept you as an equal.

        Jealousy lives in the consequences of superiority;  as in “I accept” that I cannot compete with this one/ and it makes me have “wants I cannot control”. It makes me believe, if I kill, abuse, or use you/ then I am superior to you.

        Hate then erupts as:  the cause and consequence of why, I get to believe:  you are better dead to me/ than alive.

        Lust attaches to hate:  with the simple construction,  “I will make you the object of my want unleashed”.  Thereby I will own your body, and use or abuse it according to my own will. Rape is not real, as I own you like property.

        Insanity means:  without the ability to make a decision based upon the facts, as are in evidence by reality assumed.  The unfortunate truth is, most are insane, as they avoid the reality of truth in their lives or world, as if it were a plague out to get them.

        Violence means:  fear owns me, and I use it to provide the excuse, that I can or will destroy whatever does not make me safe.  Including my own body.

        Loneliness is:   the barrier between my life and yours. The reality of “you DON’T accept my life, and even refuse me the opportunity to know why”.  Cast adrift in time, without an anchor;  because want has taken that away.

        Betrayal means:  even though I gave you my love, it did not matter to you. Proven true, because you stole that love, even though it was a gift/ you proved I or we were not valued enough.  The reality of love is entirely different than truth:  which is even though love existed;  I do still have a right, to choose my own way.  This is, “I loved”/ but I did not give up my own life or choices to you: not betrayal, reality.  Betrayal is also:  to lead someone into trusting you/ for the deliberate purpose of using that trust to defile or destroy. Unfortunately betrayal exists in many forms, to varied for this discussion.

        Woman to man means:  I will try for you. Man to woman means:  I need you to be “everything for me”/ and that will include telling me when I am wrong. And keeping us both, from making big mistakes. But then comes freedom, and the absolute right:  TO MAKE CHOICES for myself. Always be fair, and trust will remain. Where there is trust, there is a life that can be shared.  Even so, if truth does not lead:  the future can easily turn bleak for both.  Troubles come, for life, society, and marriage;  when the options are few!


        Want returns again as the primary motivator of all things lied about.  Lies are the beginning of a critical construction:  YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  Which easily morphs itself into THEY cannot be trusted. Which becomes:  I won’t trust anything. Which breaks down all forms of justice, because YOU ARE NOT worth my time or effort to defend.


        Therefrom the cause and consequences of all primary human behaviors, revolve around the assertion:   that you have betrayed me, and I will never trust you or yours again.  It extends dramatically when environment proves “we CANNOT all survive here, as we are”:  CHANGE has become UNAVOIDABLE.  Which then erupts as, there is no justice, and I will fight for no one else/ because they won’t fight for me.

        A tremendous amount of social grief, begins in “kindergarten”;  because I wasn’t treated fairly/ because they didn’t love me, because they weren’t my friends.  While the next group is;  “you betrayed me/ you chose against me, and for them”.

        The college expansion of that is:  “you damn people DIDN’T CARE about me enough”.  THEREFORE I WANT SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS DIFFERENT, in my life; “bring me the immigrant”.  I  will fight to remove all those whom I did know:   from their power to afflict me.  By stealing their money, their nation, their everything forever.  Because I learned to hate them, even if it didn’t show!


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