So, let’s talk about relationships! Not a question of entertaining you or me.


       Everyone gives or takes a little bit, throughout every possible relationship that exists: those who love each other share that request. Those who do not, simply take whatever they can get; and demand more/ until you refuse or have nothing left to offer them. Since somebody has to pay, the reality is, whatever is not shared is a loss. That loss erupts into unhappiness; and the world itself becomes whatever the sum total of every experience shall be. Because we are, the reality of our choices.

       The critical composition is, refined by the word “caring”! Because when you care for someone else, the price they need you to pay is simple and easy, if it is possible. Whereas if you don’t care for someone else/ then they are or become a burden, which is not desired within our realm of time.

       The critical question is then:  WHY do we care for someone else/ WHY, do they care about us/ and WHAT does it mean, when we share our lives?

       Caring means:  I have understood the value intrinsic to your life, and its importance to our world of existence.  People who accept that as valued by them/ then treasure us, for our contribution that says:  they have value to us. Or, to lift one up as important/ gives rise to the other if both care. To share that gift, “life treasured”/ is to share the miracle of our experience and expression for the purpose of expanding the desire called love, beyond our own lives.

       While this sounds like it has no price, it does:  because when we give anything of ourselves/ we literally do give that away to the other person. If they do not return our love/ then they retain that love within themselves; at our loss!  You CANNOT call it stealing/ because this is your “free will gift”. Therefore it is their right to keep it/ even though it is your loss, and that makes it unfair.  Even so, love is not a measurement of what you receive in return. Love is a desire that fills your own heart with life, the essence of everything called “BEING ALIVE, with joy”.  You cannot experience that alone/ therefore we must all take chances with our love.

       What is important to remember is:  WE CANNOT save a single soul from themselves/ it is their choice.  WE MUST NOT give away the last little bit of love to anyone else:  ONLY TO GOD!  Or the day may come, when you have nothing to rebuild with inside of yourself.  This is a potential tragedy of unknown proportions.

For every value we assemble within our heart, we do achieve a treasure that can be shared. Value is:  a desire that accepts another life, or law beyond what simply benefits ourselves gives grace and mercy to me!  To assemble this, accepts the foundation:  “isolated and forever alone”/ gives nothing, and takes everything of value that life is. The heart then comes to mean:  within the rhythms of my time, I have the opportunity to share/ to care/ and to contribute honestly, to the expressions and experiences of my world.  We achieve this, within a purpose that is love.  Love represents the single greatest treasure in this universe:  because it is the true value of life shared,  within the value of self! Love searches beyond self, and therefrom expands within the limits that give us thought. Thought expresses grace:  the single experience known to grant “what you cannot earn”. Thought expands the concept of mercy, into an essence that lives inside, to share the soul life is! Time begins “same” for all/ in the very first heartbeat. Life begins, with a single breathe of “fresh air”/ to explain, that we have arrived in “open space”. The difference is:  confined by our reality, we can only truly conceive of a rhythm within a place defined by strict boundaries. Whereas life, speaks for destiny, by designing the potential that is without limits.  Each conception requires an identity.


       We now examine society itself, and assert the human equations. Society limits itself to the human equations:  if I give someone anything of value/ I THEN EXPECT something even more valuable in return.  Humanity conceives of the boundary if I give you my love/ then you owe me, what I want!

       We begin with society by its measurement:  “nothing is free”!  Even though your own life was free to you. The value of existence is happiness/ therefore what is lacking in society is that happiness, or there would be many who feel, “I can give you something/ without charge”. There is not; which establishes, the majority are not happy. We then ask:  what is happiness/ and why is it lacking in so many? At its core expression; happiness is a freedom that cannot be taken away. Time is a freedom measured, by the certainty it will be taken away; by death. Therefore each life contributes its participation within the limits designed by measuring experiences.  To measure or explain  experiences, society uses money/ humanity uses expressions. The difference is:  society is not personal, it is indifferent to you. Humanity is individual, and nothing is personal, unless it affects me!

       The cost and the consequence of a measured life is:  each individual wants “all the good living” they can get. To conform and participate in society: that requires money. Therefore money becomes the target, of most human existence/ or society will abandon you, and sweep you away as indifferent to its own existence.

       So then we ask:  WHERE is freedom? The answer is:  turn away from want, and live the best life you can live/ by participating as necessary; but remembering love is a value that can never truly be measured “until you die”. In those moments, the ones who knew you:  will recognize your worth to them. In that moment: your life will tell you, the value within which you did exist.

       The relationship of humanity to society is then:  bordered and bound together by money, society gives its keys (government/ banking/ etc) to all happiness;  only to the people who fight for, and win control. Humanity then suffers or benefits by the measurement of that money:  to buy its freedom.

       The question is then:  WHY does control fail the great majority of people/ when only a few decide the future? The answer is:  those few get greedy, arrogant, create fantasies and delusions to gain toys and trophies for themselves; and use the rest for slaves. In America those few all come with a university diploma:  so we will call them the “monkey rulers”. In open tribute to their evolutionary god:  “imaginary chaos built us from monkeys”.  Alas then, the monkey’s were greater/ and didn’t even need a brain!

       Control is the spreading of disease, a wide spread cancer then causes the pandemic of fantasies and delusions to be created:  just before the collapse (nation/ money/ environment/ etc), as is constant throughout human history. The monkey rulers let their pride confuse them into believing they are “special people”/ who alone can make decisions, for all the rest. To insure control: they then contaminate the courts/ illicit injustice throughout all forms of government conception/ build up the military and create wars out of nothing to support:  “BE QUIET”/ we are the important ones, by submitting this is life or death; and it can affect you too! Thereby “monkey’s rule”.

       The relationship that is humanity to society:  lives or dies in three distinct phases.  (1) the powerful discard the laws which control them, to enforce their delusions. The constitution our contract with our employees is functionally destroyed in every courtroom in the nation. Unless the monkey rulers want to use it against democracy with a trap. (2) the intellectual then creates traps and employs a fantasy to insure the capture of slaves for themselves. The stock market; is not free, and works only to entice the gambler. Once in the money men let the price rise, until they suddenly harvest all the public wealth, in a cascade of financial violence. Another is pensions, etc. (3) the public is saturated with propaganda so as to confuse, and deliberately destroy all forms of unity;  so as to disrupt the possibilities of common sense by confronting those who rule.  One of those methods is to employ evolution as their god:  destroying reality, and proving that fantasies can control society. So long as media and education enforce it continually.  The end result is:  “the people functionally all say, I HAVE a gun”, in one form or another. Yet reality has proven again and again; in Syria and others:  that a gun only harms the people themselves. Nonetheless, the people scream:  WE HAVE NO CHOICE!


       The question is then:  HOW do we the people create our own choices, and remain free?

       The answers rely upon truth:  those who control the law/ control the nation or world.  Those who control the courts/ control justice and fair play. Those who control the assertion of knowledge; deny all other knowledge or questions, by propagating these answers exist, and CANNOT be questioned.


  1. Society must create its own laws, by one individual vote, per citizen; on the laws themselves.  Discarding all other laws made by the foolish. Less than one hundred one page laws are sufficient, and need little concern once implemented. Thereby we rule ourselves!
  2. “Government” does not exist! Rather employees hired to do what our contract as a nation of people accept for our future to be:  MUST obey their contract, to be employed. Or face punishment by the people through redress. The legal investigation of:  did you obey us by our constitutional rule, you swore too/ or not?
  3. NO COURTROOM, or its judge belong to anyone but the people through their constitution. That means the constitution rules the courtroom and its judge/ and by no means is a judge allowed “to decide if he or she stays behind the bench”. We the people will demand: every trial/ lawyer/ judge/ etc shall be graded. The open courtroom shall rule; and a failing grade is expulsion.
  4. By taking away the money, government is reduced to what is important and wise. That means: the currency is tied to the population/ so many numbers per citizen.  International currency is tied to something tangible as is gold. All participation as is government:  becomes contractual/ which means no central government. Rather the accumulation of need constructs an educational pyramid. That pyramid aligns all the possibilities conceived of by a question. Each layer that rises above conception must be accompanied by truth in evidence. Every truth that cannot be defeated, then becomes the foundation of law, that will not be denied. A finite group of leadership then presents the cost of implementing that law, and confronts the realities called “how to do this”. society itself constructs constitutional guidelines:  to determine if war must occur. No more president/ commander. We decide instead, by our law!
  5. Money is a number only for the sake of measurement/ numbers have no meaning or worth. Therefrom reality dictates: the value of human work and resources “which are actual money”. Must be created without measuring the individual:  only the resource or the work. Everything measured, can be manipulated. So the question is:  HOW then? Every resource decides the future/ therefore every conservation of that resource builds a life for each child. If you save a child from extinction, by choosing wisely/ they owe you a chance to retire. So your resource evaluation equates to your chance and opportunities in your future retirement/ they are united. Every work, entitles someone else to benefit now. Respect entitles you to an equal/ but separate, as you desire, benefit now. So the question of money becomes transient:  and dissolves with time. The future is determined by remembering a child/ so they remember you. The present is determined by what you can spend today/ because simply dropping out of society, or failing to work: is not an option: no more hoarding. “limited capitalism” is another method.
  6. The body represents our personal freedoms, and cannot be underestimated in value. The consequence of that is: an immediate and serious demand for healthcare/ same as the rest. There is never a reality, where the body by nature; is not considered the best it can be. Removal of parts, etc; should be considered only as a last resort. Mutilation of nature in its every form should be considered:  a terrorist act. Therefrom healthcare is:  the valued assistance required to return to balance and disciplines as the body designed with order ruling its existence. The reality of death is:  “this cause is too great”/ as chosen by society;  means you have lost your say. Unless you survive on your own.
  7. The value of knowledge, is within itself. The value conceived by understanding, is potentially worldwide. Wisdom constrains both elements of design, by the decision:  WHAT will this truth bring into our future?  That cannot be correctly ascertained:  UNLESS EVERY POTENTIAL QUESTION, is given full access and critical release within society itself. To release the conversation of where shall we go from here. Our decision, as we the people/ NOT “yours”.


The value of freedom is simple:   we are then, whatever we choose to be.  The cost of freedom is equally simple:  having chosen whatever you wanted, or desired to be/ the price you will pay, is given to you. Not us! The value of mercy is:  the relationship we share with life is, “no one is perfect/ and we all get stupid, from time to time”.  The consequence of that becomes “can or will a jury save me from myself”.  Rules are a reflection of happiness. Those who are unhappy, “scream; he or she BROKE the rule”.  So as to make the rest, as unhappy as are they. Justice replies:  the journey of life has many turns. Hate alone seeks death for the rest.

    Society as we the people arises for change: NOT WITH  a gun or violence. BUT WITH THE DEMAND, OUR LAW SHALL BE THIS!  Because we seek justice, democracy, and fair play for ourselves.


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