rules for life

Love reveals respect, identifies courage, sustains care, shares the eloquent existence of being alive, and lives to achieve true happiness.


Romance is the mutual acceptance, by both parties:  “I love you”.


Life conceives of joy, but only love can share it, because it is “infinite” in the potential of truth!


Freedom by the very fabric of its nature, means:  I get to choose for myself/ without true interference. That is fundamental to identity.


Without an identity based in the freedoms, chosen by “your own life”/ there is no true “you”. Rather, you are a creature of the planet, instead of a human being.


Discipline speaks, to those who will listen, by the law.  Righteousness speaks, and demands to lead;  because they discard the law, to enforce a rule.


The difference between law and rule is:  law applies to all/ while a rule is used to “single out, and punish,  you or them”.


Value is the search, for more than just time. Therefore it is infinite in its conception, developed by its purity, and designed by its own truth.


Respect arises from truth. Truth arises from reality proven by the evidence. Miracles, as is all of life and this planet:  are realities in truth that prove by the evidence. Every single living thing, has more than the richest person on the planet, because life cannot be less than a miracle presented. None will ever match it. Which means RESPECT, is mandatory!


Violence is the fools treasury, he or she believes they have conquered life, by destroying.  Never once considering:  it is their own hate, that destroys them.


Family dictates:  forgiveness is mandatory, but that does not mean no cost has been incurred. Defend family, because we must, it is a duty. But remember this:  TRUST is the earned response, to the values created by your truth.


Sex defends life from extinction/ therefore it is mandatory, and valued for its own truth. However, reality states:  order must be achieved, before sex finds a balance between you and me. Order, is the ascension of life into “greater things”, than fate (we fell in).


The gravity of changing someone else’s life or possibilities, without their true consent, is severe/ it holds everyone back, or down.


Religion lives or dies in your heart/ because it seeks a decision:  can you live with discipline guiding your soul?


The heart beats with a rhythm/ as does your soul. The value of each depends upon your own decisions.


Time is a measurement, but it was never meant to be a judgment confronting other life. The value of your existence is NOT assigned by others/ nor is your value assigned to them> each stands alone.


Eternity is a closed door;  that only your own truth can open. What is to be, then occurs based upon your own decision:  no second chances.


Happiness lives inside your hope. Therefore what you hope for:  that is true to the realities of your life, determines the happiness you receive. Want destroys hope.


Relationships form the backbone of our existence in time/ they are the elements, from which we will build our participation upon this earth. Cherish all who live with justice, love, and truth. Respect them, even if they aren’t “perfect”.  This is, as in they are:  “your life, in time”/  just like, you are theirs!


Charity and kindness live in your heart, not your possessions. The value of a life is known only by the heart, or its soul.


To be equal, honors the fact:  that our lives are accepted as a gift.  “we did not build ourselves”/ nor did women build life; only body.  We received life in time, not by male.   BY GOD.   What we do with the life we received, makes us “less equal”/ but that accounts for less than “ten percent” of our reality. You can’t build, with what you do not have as a gift.


Money is, or is not:  whatever people are willing to believe.  Until reality proves this is not so!


Law creates a boundary, beyond which bad things will happen: LIFE PROTECTION, the value of thought by truth established in wisdom!  Rules in contrast;  demand a boundary, that will inflict damage on you:  because we want too. They are a whip, even when necessary.


There is only one owner, of a body or its life/ and it cannot be given away, taken, nor enslaved without a severe penalty to come.  You are required to be “the authority of your existence”. You are required to take possession of your decisions. You CANNOT “pray your responsibilities or decisions away”. You are “the person on trial, at its end”.


Marriage is the living arrangement between two people who “gave their love”, to each other. Your love is your possession/ and that can be given away. But if you do, that portion of love within you becomes their own; and if it fails, they then own that portion of you. Love grows “like a seed”/ if you nourish even a little bit, it will grow, or grow back;  in you.


Nothing is fair in war. The only thing fair about romance is the trust, that will believe you are true to the evidence you present. Trust binds us together. Lies, tear us apart. These are decisions!


 Responsibility is the acceptance, “my duty is to you first/ our lives depend upon the survival we choose”.  But make no mistake, without survival first, there is no tomorrow here.


Every life has the honor and duty, to respect itself! That means you cannot be led, without your explicit desire to surrender that duty, or destroy that honor. To achieve “being ALIVE” inside, where joy exists. Our search must be for truth/ NOT for a leader.


Understanding identifies the evidence produced by “a path or trail” presented by someone else. A path means:  I will decide each presentation of evidence,  for myself/ not simply believe as a herd believes “all same”.


Parenting lives or dies with listening. If you don’t listen HONESTLY, and with an open mind;  to your child/ then will stop listening or talking to you. Division follows. Be fair, and remember “they can hear you” even when you are not talking to them.


Disease and death construct “time in a bottle”:  we are, as we have been. 


The difference between old and young primarily is:  I now know, “not everything will heal”/ even little things do matter. The loss of friendship, can be severe.


The message of life is, “you only get once, to find your own solution for this experience”.  The reality of life is, to express love lifts us all. To express hate, destroys us all. Because there are consequences beyond each decision.


Wishing your life was different, will not help you survive.  Therefore work for what can be changed, and help those who are “fighting for change” as love. Because love is, the only truth that literally makes life different.


Work is a reality of survival/ all are duty bound. Living is our relationship with time:  justice, respect, and truth design the future. Love is our relationship with heart or soul;  the essence of its value, is a treasury to our life; the foundation of its desire.


Passion defines us, by the moments we express a purpose beyond  ourselves. That desire is born, “when love sees in the distance, a life to be shared”.


Caring constructs destiny. Both time and place conceived by the gentle expression of what truth can do.


Forgiveness, remembers the fact:  “I/we, are not perfect either”. Even if you believe in your measurement/ you are not GOD.  Judgment of an action or reaction is not allowed, except by “justified law”.  Judgment of a life is NOT allowed, unless you give up your own, “to be judged”;  in exchange. Hate can be judged as true or false. Hate that is true, is then determined by law.


GOD   “does NOT live within the pages of your book”.  GOD IS   BEYOND all things human!  Never forget, “to remember that”.  Do the best you can, without judgment of others. Fight for justice, because it is crucial to peace, harmony, and happiness.  Build for tomorrow, it is your job.


        Never forget, that the reality of tomorrow, is decided in this day. The consequences of what will come is determined by your own truth. “university knows”;  is mutilating life, trying to ignite sun fire, destroying every resource as if it were nothing, killing the planet; in every conceivable way/ and it has already stolen all your securities, leaving nations bankrupt;  in  a world filled with weapons of mass destruction that they created.

        The cult of university knows, constantly cries out:  “look at what we did, with our great technological advances/ massive engineering capabilities/ and excellent brains”.  We mimicked nature;  while the chorus continually chants:  “nature is nothing more than an accident/ nothing more than chaos, that didn’t even need a brain to build”! . Ninety percent of everything the cult called “university knows” has been wrong/ by the consequences they created. The reality of benefit is entirely lost: by threats of extinction,  against this entire world of life.  Respect is absent, as is your own brain.  THOUGHT CONSTRUCTED LIFE, because nothing less can.  University arrogance gives you nothing. The lawsuits of medicine establish:  “no god here”/ just a devil, as is consistent with the organized crime called    “medical billing”.

               The future by “university decisions” IS EXTERMINATION FROM THIS PLANET, for every life that is, or could ever be.  So says the evidence called truth. ”!  While ten might be responsible for some tiny tidbit of knowledge/ more than one million will all be shouting:  “we did it (pay us a trillion dollars more)”/ and the media will say “yes they did” as all fanatics do.  Yet the cult worshipers, as they have always been:  “can’t find a brain among them all”. Can’t think for themselves, “it ain’t allowed”. Can’t question reality or conceive of life. Can’t demand an accounting:  because the cult won’t let them/ brainwashing proven true.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  you are dead, because you           worshiped the university degree/  “you just don’t know it yet”.  but you will.


the rule of life is:  you may learn as you go/ BUT, you may not do, or take risks with;  what you, life, or planet cannot afford to lose! the university plays god, which means they do everything against life, you, EVERYTHING, and even the  planet itself.  RISKING A DEAD WORLD/ and the cult worshiper says nothing; to your shame!

All ice flows will soon be breaking off, due to global warming. Because even a small water rise in the ocean, means a massive shift in weight and torque to anything of size: situated both on land and sea.  Air conditioning is the greatest single contributor.  ALL the life that originates under those ice flows to feed the ocean/ will then disappear too!  All hail the university;  “aint that so”?

Not to worry, destroying the base food chain in that part of the ocean matters little;  “because after all, the university made men efficient”.  Every trawler now “takes them all”/ leaving nothing to repopulate the sea. And of course everything that depends upon that link in the food chain dies then too.  Like immigration itself:  once your home is destroyed by the failure of respect for life, the extreme arrogance of nothing matters but me/ the only thing left is to sneak into the neighbor’s yard, “in the middle of the night” so nobody complains.  So to speak/ now ain’t that so?  When you destroy your own ability to survive, do you not have to steal or take someone else’s “life support”? answer the question. And all men say:  HELL, I WANT MORE THAN THAT.

Thank goodness the university is god;  cause they will just “whip out another billion words or so”/ to entrap you in their spiders web (you can’t fight your way out of this) of deceit (trapped, by words used to destroy rights and reality and justice).  the liars say;  “its great, you don’t need to change NOTHING”/ take your mind off the other worries, like “anything but you”.  But then, as all selfishness knows:  there ain’t nothing important in this life, but you. Insuring nothing is changed until extermination is complete:  is the hallmark or trademark, of a university mind. As has been proven               time and again.   Because nothing is their fault;  so say the delusional, the criminal, and the traitor.

The reality of existence is simple:  if you focus on just you/ then the whole world is meaningless, except for what you want.  If on the other hand, you discard self, for the evidence of life; and accept “this is truly a miracle surrounding me/ within me”.  Then by living among the miracles, even eternity opens up, to conceive of an experience that is potentially beyond time.  The difference is simple as well:  one direction is life beyond true comprehension/ the other direction is limited to, “I want”.

Just for the sake of it, the ice flow could be held in place, before it achieves any more momentum:  by adding rock on a land shelf beneath the ice flow IF, land is within 3 feet of the ice for a sufficient distance. BEFORE the ice gets any more momentum; you can “cable lace it back to land” with cables: it is only the momentum that must be defeated. “dog bone ties” can be cut into both ice masses and then welded together with ice in winter. This method has the potential to shift both ice masses, so pay attention. Trying to harvest drinking water, would prove valuable; but you don’t care “it costs pennies”! large ice flows can be directed by accelerating the melting of ice off the back side. “direct the flow into rivers” which will then cut the ice mass into pieces as time goes by. Just for the sake of it, global warming consumes MORE than the ice flow that has just broke off.  Because the heat released from human purposes, which include the arsonists starting forest fires/ war machines, etc:  is far more than a couple thousand miles of ice.  Calculate it:  “just how many thousand or hundred thousand cubic miles of ice does it take to balance all that humanity does”?  not important you say?  Well consider this:  once that ice is gone/ what then will cool this planet;  to keep you and life alive?  Answer the question/ OH WAIT, I know, “that’s the children’s problem.”  As is the endless excuse for this entire generation:  you don’t have to care/ because the children “will get the problem” after you die.  It’s called deliberate genocide/ even worse that what was done to the American Indian. Of course the Jews were equally savage back “in biblical days”/ the Nazi’s/ the Japanese/  as were so many more.  GEE, I WONDER what our own future holds?  Do you think men have changed, or will their solution continue to be:   “the very same, as seen throughout all of history itself”.  Gosh, what could it be/ isn’t that such a mystery?

You need to start filling the valleys beneath sea level immediately, to counteract your reality.  US death valley, is a good place to start. Generating electricity as you go, is valid.

It is also true, that to confront arsonists you must establish smoke detectors in all areas which call a fire in by wireless means.  You need constant vigilance, with  heat sensing video in the air, towers are best/ but weather balloons will do. And you need airplanes flying or able to get off the ground quickly when a fire is detected;  to assault the fire/ or find the driver trying to get away. You need to create an army of volunteers to fight fire, with better equipment/ and dispense or remove the union method of “protect our jobs/ we DON’T give  a DAMN about anything else”.  Some of that equipment is identified for you in my videos. A link is at the top of this homepage.  No, it is not worth my time to fight to inform you anymore:  cult based children, with their fingers in their ears, mumbling words so they cannot hear/ as is you. Just ain’t worth my time anymore.  Find your soul, and you will find your help.  

. No, the media won’t help you/ as is proven by the fact:  no amount of threat, no amount of evidence, no amount of consequences will deter them from their mission:  which is to glorify the universities as god. After all, this level of failure does indeed prove the university is not  “god”/ unless its devil. Just the facts, and you can’t hear it/ because you worship them too.

World laws, and its enforcement on leaders:  ends military aggression.  Which is why “presidents, etc” DON’T like world law.  A leader without any solutions ALWAYS chooses to “use the military”/ because they don’t need solutions, “just commands”.  Take that away, life will change/ but the endless demand of men wanting more will not.  Until you change the leaders themselves, and resurrect this world by law constructed through women.  Women are different, let them try/ they can’t do worse.  Provide concrete recycling machinery to combat those places devastated by man’s horrific desire “for a gun”. It is the least you can do/ do more.


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