rules of life

THE RULES OF LIFE, are values constructed to identify and create the passage between time and soul.

Rule 1:  DO NOT WANT!  Want is given to be, a reality of decision that applies your purpose is: to achieve something other than what life can or will honestly give to you. In the desire to achieve “MORE”, the realities of temptation, depression, manipulation, violence, and other tragedies occur:  because when what you WANT, is not what you would otherwise get/ the decision is to make this happen, and that leads directly to LIES. Every lie is a failure to life and living and time and soul.

        If you want, your focus is on making the others do what you demand/ or invading their space and purposes to violate their decision with your influences. That separates you from reality, and makes your decision about their lives, instead of your own participation in miracles! Choosing want,  functionally makes you a tyrant; which leads to abuse, use, rape, and other methods of catastrophe to the living.  If you want, your purpose is “righteousness”:  because BY THE RULES, I CAN MAKE these people do what I say they must do/ by my own interpretation. “Righteousness (I am RIGHT), or more plainly “THE RULE”, then makes me god;  pure arrogance follows.  ARROGANCE, is the disease used to war against life.

        LIFE IS A MIRACLE; so live that miracle with respect/ and it will reward you with peace, truth, love, discipline, balance, order; and the possibilities described as soul (participating with your CREATOR).  The beginning example of this is:  to understand, that a human body literally builds itself/ must gather all the materials it needs to accomplish this, “itself”/ must manufacture, create the utilities, identify the means, assemble the transportation of particles and purposes, create “billionth of a second instructions”; IN AN EXTREMELY ORDERED manufacturing process. And a billion more realities that functionally and truly eliminate all possibility of definition or potential OTHER THAN THOUGHT to create this truth in reality called “the body of life”/as in all life.  Only a true fool/ a blank hole without a brain;  accepts anything less.

        RULE 2:  DISCARD PRIDE! The definition of pride is “winner”/ which conceives of, and then demands LIFE IS A GAME, and if I win/ THEN YOU LOSE. So for the sake of a few minutes that are completely irrelevant to life or living:  you destroy the foundations of peace and harmony, to pretend “superior”.  Shame on you, LIFE IS MORE than this. Every life is a miracle! A reality which you CANNOT replace or describe as anything more than:  your desire to judge, and claim “I am more”.  Your purpose is:  to claim more, and then be selfish; which is to deny the others what you expect for yourself.

        WE ARE MIRACLES, and because NOBODY creates themselves, or comes close in any possible sense of reality to the extreme conception of that. Our reality as individual lives is:  WE ARE EQUAL.  Accept it, and learn to be friends! Less is a whore (only the money matters to me).

        RULE 3:  JUDGE NO ONE!  Let the law do, whatever it is the law must do, in order to achieve peace, harmony, and freedom.

        When you judge:  which is to determine “another life is less” than me. That reality as a judgment (I am right)/ gives the insanity of judgment its cause:  “you are, the garbage of this world”. Whenever you do that/ whenever or in whatever way you accept that:  then results as your own descent into hate. That hate opens the door, to every form of influence, every reality of violence you can conceive of. That evidence against you, then inflames hate, and you become its tool.  Hate alone can be judged, but by law:  so as to keep you above the influence of righteousness. Neither you nor I “can ever be called RIGHT”/ BECAUSE that asserts “I can play god”.  You cannot/ I would not/ we are not; simple as that. Let the law decide. If you are trapped/ then let reality be your guide;  NOT your hate. Remember as well:  most situations occur, with your own decision to participate/ so if you must judge:  judge yourself. Will not forgiveness follow/ IF you repent?

        RULE 4:  THE VALUE OF LIFE, is found in your heart! If you fail to find your heart, you will never find your soul. If you fail to find your heart, you will never know what true happiness is; because love cannot enter you. Therefrom the question of heart begins:  “where would you choose to live/ who would you accept as friend/ what can we be to each other in life/ when can I cherish truth through love/ how will the expressions and experience of hope exist/ and why am I ALIVE?”

        Examining these as the blessing of time, encourages “every heartbeat” to conceive of what life could be for us/ not just me. The essence of caring/ the reality of sharing, begins in that claim:  we are more than just existence in time, we are LIFE. Therefrom the heart lives for life, and life lives within the hope, of everything it could be “for both me and you, and us all”.

        VALUE is then, a miracle unleashed to be free within the foundations, of a life called love. VALUE IS;  not a single life, not a single blade of grass can be purchased by any human being/ IT IS ALL A GIFT!

        RULE 5:  “man/ woman/ & child”;  the reality of discovering intimacy, intensity, passion, desire, and purpose.  Each is a decision based upon what you choose to accept as YOUR VALUATION of life itself. Every relationship is confronted by the realization:  as a human being, I have only “so much time”:  for me, or you, or them, or this;  and no more. That means we will choose what matters to us the most; as best we can!  That means, when confronted with the realities of survival, the quest of human decisions:  we can be imprisoned by our own want, and face the consequences we cannot truly change without cost.

        The question of intimacy is:  will you judge me/ will you keep me safe/ will you prove to be my friend, and share because you care? Few are worthy, an unfortunate truth.  The question of intensity is:  “will you make me pay for this/ will you, pay for this, for me”?  The reality is  “someone is going to pay”, and cost is cost; not a reward. Passion reflects love, care, and the willingness to share; as these construct happiness and joy. The essence of love is acceptance through respect. The essence of care is, “this value, to life and living; cannot be replaced”. The essence of sharing is; to understand our lives are elementally greater, when we all know and experience and express, values greater than ourselves.

        Desire comes from destiny, the acceptance truth plays in the future of everything. Desire then reaches into hope, and conceives of life, beyond anything yet known.  A reality that searches within the words,  “I AM ALIVE”. A quest, that begins where only love can go.

        Purpose illuminates the question:  “is this important to me”?  Because that question identifies the gate, that separates those who do fight for life and all its values/ from those who do not. If you have no purpose, then you have no soul. Life, is worth fighting for!  Fighting means:  I have found the need to stand up and be recognized, because the law identifies those who are attacking “life”!  within that law, are the weapons:  to search for and find hate. Hate is the enemy of life.

        RULE 6:  SOCIETY is determined by its decision to embrace freedoms, defend law, and identify what is true. Anything less brings chaos, strife, and hatred. SOCIETY DYING OR DEAD, is determined by its fantasy/ delusions/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ traitors/ corruption/ terrorism/ worship of weapons/ and propaganda used to discard and deny what is truly important. Such as all the university derived threats we do face as a world. Cult worship “these are our gods”; is extinction.

        The quest of society is to be alive within the creation of its own truth. As a democracy your truth is constitutional law, and its acceptance by your employees. The courtroom in America has removed constitutional law, so as to replace it with the common rebellion which is the cult worship called,  “university knows” better.  Therefrom individual freedoms were, and are crucified:  because there ain’t room for two rulers.  So the war to destroy democracy, and erect “the university god”;  has been particularly effective in destroying the reality of:  currency, the economy, the election, the courtroom, communication, and all that has value by doing nothing for the future.  Assassinating life and child, because every cult is the same:  “you can’t question the leader (NO ONE can)”.  The leader/ your god is:  “university knows”. The evidence of life and planet attacked, is:  your leader is SATAN (destroyer of everything).

        RULE 7:   GOD IS GOD,   only a fool and the living dead deny that!

        MIRACLES PROVE,   we did not build ourselves!  MIRACLES PROVE,  the assertion “chaos built life” is so diseased with sewage, cancer, and whoring:  that all who accept evolution as their god, deserve extinction.

        LIFE is not a body, a body is time revealed by existence. LIFE is “being bound” into the creation of an energy, that is not free; but under our control.  We then become free, by expressing that energy to experience its effect. We become free, by understanding the essence of freedom itself, does not survive, “without love”. Love is not a body. Love is a destiny shared with respect. The energy of life is not chemical, it is truth. Truth “cannot die”; it can only be dissipated into nothing. Truth that has value, will be shared:  because that is the essence of all life itself. The essence of life is an energy beyond ourselves. 

The passage between time and soul, is governed by the values of your heart.


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