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The fundamental of every society is:  that together, we can make a difference to our lives, our work, our future, and our environment. In today’s world; the functional reality of that intent/ that description of democracy in action is:  we the people need NOT prove the worst can happen. Rather those who can be described as gambling with life or planet MUST PROVE:  the worst CANNOT happen. By valid and clear evidence, which holds NO possibility for being wrong. Anything less, is the distinct decision to gamble with life and planet, without regard to the reality of being wrong. Being wrong, has no “reverse”/ no second chances:  like cutting down a tree, you can’t be sorry now, and put it back together! Same is true of the water, food, global warming, ocean life, igniting sun fire here (a fire that makes you blind from looking at it: from 91 million miles away:  right here on earth).  Gee, what could go wrong with that theory:  as university machines try to make it so?

The reality is:  unlike trying to explode an atomic bomb (instantaneous and over); a horrendous failure (this world can be dead by weapons of mass destruction; IN LESS THAN TWO HOURS).  THESE PEOPLE are trying to ignite an atomic fire (WILL BURN until the fuel, which is atoms; runs out). They are   depending upon the single excuse “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire” so it will SIMPLY extinguish itself. Wrong is earth becomes a sun!  Threats, Including much more, are found!  Only a cult cannot question its leaders/ or its religion as in, “university knows”. You can’t change a cult, unless you change “all the believers together”. The rule is:  we are a gang (all the same), that is our defense.

The rule is:  even if you know, even if you have practiced with a gun until you are completely certain “nothing can go wrong”. A bullet has no comprehension of that. You cannot bring it back! One single error, one single misinterpretation of reality; and life can die. The university is not god, and they have made  grievous errors! Are they not human; “the same children, you went to school with”?


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SUMMARY elements;  the inquisition of values and rights and realities including biblical prophecy, which question the sanity of those who rule this world.


Developments in biology     Of the many lies, which permeate this society and world: by university corruption.  Is the assumption, or more correctly religion;  of evolution. Its basic premise is: that life came upon this earth out of chaos/ that life was built one piece at a time/ that a brain came last/ that mutilation, engineered and became the separation of species. None of that is true,


Space objects    Let’s talk time. Time is the relationship that discipline holds with order, until that order reveals discipline is breaking down. Therefrom no true distinction, “from edge to edge”; begins to reveal itself. More simply aging means the loss of “outer level” compositions/ as the ability to hold those edges in place, becomes lost. So let’s ask the question: in a pre-universe that was completely dark:  could the existence of mass previous to that event have been spread out, with suns much like it is today. And COULD that reality of existence have been transformed into all mass was consumed by a single black hole gobbling up every mass including other black holes:  to become the mass that exploded into this universe?


Life order.   Critical assembly of the materials to determine that, exist entirely within the dimensional distance called “what is thought”. Because thought does constitute life, whether its most basic form or a complexity we cannot even conceive of. Thought constructs life, because without recognition of existence; there is only mass, space, darkness, or energy. these are then the four directional developments which attest to life, by the elements of their own existence.



  1. The universities can control the same fire as is on the sun/ adding, “that fire” will just extinguish itself. “not enough gravity here”. The sun is our toy. The national ignition facility has already proven “no such thing as fusion”. The fire burns ATOMS.
  2. The universities can mutilate life, and do so by destroying nature itself. Genetic DNA is NATURE; because these instructions build the bodies of life, that nature is.


Knowledge examined;  What is a necessary truth: identifies the fact, that university decisions are threatening our lives/ our world/ our nature, and everything else including the assassination of every child, even every life on earth. The critical truth begins with what YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.  No one is unfamiliar with the sun shining upon this earth. No one is unfamiliar with fire on this earth. No one is unacquainted with the truth that fire can become out of control and do   great damage. No one is unaware, that people can be wrong


GOVERNING IS THIS.  It is absolutely essential, that knowledge must include the dimensional parameters of government; to attain peace or harmony in society. That knowledge must then be accepted in ways that will create and provide a future for every child. The critical cause that destroys peace and harmony in society is:  one of three basic things.


Business and taxation There is no labor shortage, consequently the competition is grim. There are robotics and computers gaining on every potential labor front;  consequently the competition for a human job is grim. There are enormous factories taking control over every form of production/ thereby driving resources into the garbage dump; while destroying even more jobs because higher efficiencies and wider distribution: end jobs.  Unfortunately for the children:  there is no future.


LEADERSHIP is this;   to understand the difference, between knowing “as best we can”; the problems we face/ identifying those problems for a decision by all affected/ and creating the future by design. Leadership then begins with investigation for the realities and relationships that identify what is true. That leads us, into all directions associated with LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  To accomplish that, every effort must be made to insure,  what we believe can or cannot be true: is in fact the evidence proven by reality. Which then becomes the basis and foundation of what we can or cannot depend  upon for our future.


I, am this:   “a reality that is completely unnecessary for you to understand”/ EXCEPT FOR the fact, those who want what they want, will always look to defeat you by finding the easiest target! To complain: HOW can you believe him?”  That is an invalid argument: to any and all threats that literally endanger our very existence as a world/ as a nation/ as life on earth. I simply don’t count: NOT your savior!  What matters is truth, by the evidence reality will submit as: WE MUST NOT, LET THIS BE WRONG!



REALITY IS THIS, that our existence as both life and planet are threatened in ways that were inconceivable just a few years ago. Biologically speaking, although the threats are endless:  the reality of those threats AGAINST nature itself, can be constructed by two very easy things to understand.  Additionally contrary to common beliefs:  in this area of permeable soil,  “it takes fifty inches of rain”/ to PRODUCE ONE INCH of aquifer recharge.



Medicine, in America, exists as this

        WE WANT/ WE WANT/ WE WANT; AND LET THEIR BE NO EXCUSES, WE WANT REGARDLESS OF THE COST. REGARDLESS OF THE RISK to our entire  world of life, as is gambling with all of biology through DNA manipulation. It is that simple. The answer to medicine is:  SOMEBODY IS CHARGING TOO DAMN MUCH!  IT IS simple as that/ or the whole nation is nothing more than a house of invalids. The answer to all risk is:  IF WE CANNOT RISK letting someone BE WRONG/ THEN THEY CANNOT DO “these experiments” in any shape or form or composition.



Soul expanded

LIFE is a participation with soul, because soul is a participation with energy through thought. Thought then constructs both life and death, by allowing for that energy to be used, or lost. Order grants a brain with tools to use:  but it is balance which makes it work together, to give you freedom, and that literally participates within the early processes of thought itself.  None of that is chaos. To adhere to the questions university poses for itself; and the risks to all life on earth in their processes. Requires us to investigate energy:  how does it exist/ why is the atom formed the way it does/ & nothing more that is simply delusion; as is, the sun is composed of an element fifteen times more dense than lead.  NO PROOF exists. The short version of 3 distinctly different “universes”/ that you can identify too.




Threatening all life, with their intent to play god. Biblical elements are examined and university wants threaten our world into the potential for every prophecy to come true .  Life must come first, is the asserted end result.  Required in your every decision from now on/ NOT money leads, nor you the individual with want.  Rather life comes first!  Simple as that,  realities established by, & with RESPECT.  Our Failure will be extinction. No second chances, the threats are too extreme.



In a better world

The foundation of government is law: simple as that. We need law, within the limits of liberty;  to establish a boundary, all of us must comply with. Rules are not laws, rather they target the individual, removing freedoms. Or more distinctly:  some people have a want, that becomes predation on other people who then become their prey. So boundaries are “good things” when used with dignity and the values of shared respect.  Bad things, when people use them to control rather than bring justice to life through society.


Examining money

        The short description of how America became so far in debt. The elemental associations with that money, or debt. The consequence to government. And limited capitalism, “we the people rise to protect themselves”.  Elements resolving:  Fight for your world or it will die.


Can this world die

        A lengthy consideration of the various principles and realities that define survival, and the loss of which,  threaten extinction. Along with definitions that are necessary for saving this planet. Included is;  A discussion on basic elements in energy/ along with more advanced principles.


Biological world

        Questioning the religion of evolution. The reality of MIRACLES proving, without the slightest possibility of being wrong:  THIS entire world, WAS CREATED BY THOUGHT. Nothing could be more clear.


The biblical prophecy

        Of the various catastrophic prophecies within the bible, the reality of what we do or don’t do/ are the only real of indicators, for what our future will be. Every truth has a consequence, every child is in danger.


Death comes knocking

        Machines and people trying to ignite sun fire/ or as they call it fusion. Discarding entirely the fact once ignited:  a ten million degree fire with one million mile long flames CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED.  NOT A GAME, life or death for our world. The universities say “it will just extinguish itself, not enough gravity here”/ and they don’t even know what gravity is!


Redneck scientist

        A tiny little effort at humor preceding a more diligent effort to inform:   that there is no going back from igniting sun fire (called fusion).  Once ignited, a fire which obviously burns atoms for fuel/ CANNOT be undone. Our planet will burn.  No second chances, it cannot be extinguished so you can try again.


Redneck lawyer

        A tiny little effort at humor, preceding a more diligent effort to inform:  prior to realizing written constitutional democracy is our government/ not employees. Thereby Establishing REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as democracy in action through first amendment law.  So that;  we the people can fight for our own government, and enforce our own reality of unity: against corruption.  The constitution is law, and it is the government of this USA/ NOT our employees:  therefore we the people decide if there will be redress {let our employees prove they kept their oath, to put the constitution and its values first| or not. let them prove, we are not threatened as a nation or world.



        A tiny little effort at humor, “making the university a game”/  preceding a more diligent effort to inform:  people are trying to ignite the same fire here as on the sun.  We, nor they can extinguish that fire. The sun is not our toy. There is no going back, once ignited the entire planet becomes a sun. even if you believe in fusion, the end result is:  they intend to ignite a ten million degree F fire here/ with flames one million miles long/ that will make you blind from 91 million miles away (if you so much as look at it, on a clear day at noon).  That physical fire. That fire we know is real, because it is proven by our sun. NO SECOND CHANCES! We can’t extinguish it.



        The question is:  why commit 40 years of life, discard a marriage, everything else a life could be;  and fight a lifetime;  for just one thing. Thereby, this is trying to identify responsibilities that do create a commitment to this work, rather than walking away from it like so many others. Even if the reality of a lost world; is  a “million to one odds” in your mind/ IF YOU LOSE, this planet is dead.  Do you have the right to gamble for every life, and every future life?  Answer the question, because the courts refuse to do so. They are no help!



        Remodeling the basis and foundations of our own democracy, with law by our own definitions/. That includes; not voting for someone to vote for me, but voting upon the laws which govern our lives, for ourselves. The reality is:  whosoever makes the law/ DOES rule the nation.  Consequently should we not make our own law/ memorize our own law/ and defend ourselves because we NOW know.


Flooding control

        A simple look at evaluating the cause and development of flooding. THERE IS a responsibility to those who are downstream.


Jogger control

        The self defense of people in places not easily defended against. A variety of basic tools, along with simple understanding;  for that purpose.





Fire fence 4 has no sound.


Fire fence one

        A look at some basic types of the machinery involved with fire retardant fencing.  Of interest,  with the suspension that “FLOATS over logs”/ for carrying a fire fence into the forest. Billboards for a purpose. That retardant, suggested to withstand fire;  fails.   This precedes the full scale test/ and then the corrected model.  I need the fire one


University is wrong 4

        Statements based in reality, that can readily be defined as “threatening”.  Along with various small inventions intended to divide the reality of consequences, with a little simple happiness or conversation to lessen the fear. They are a statement;  as is we, each individual, can make a difference, WE MUST make a difference;  even if it is a small contribution.


University is wrong 1

        This university assumed toy, is our death. They have built machines to bring this sun fire here. We cannot control a ten million degree fire:  estimated, with million mile long flames.  It burns atoms, you cannot “take away the fuel supply”.  Wrong is death to our planet/ destruction to our solar system.


University is wrong 2

        The biology of life CANNOT be less than a reality defined and created by thought. In contrast, the universities say life comes entirely by chance, from chaos, and by adding “one piece at a time”. Completely false/ a religion without truth.  What part of your body DON’T you need?  Do you not fear, if even a tiny little cut doesn’t heal quickly? Want less:  look at the nursing home/ or an infant;  far superior to what the university evolutionists claim built life..


Earth danger 1

        The costs of believing that the university knows, and does “everything for us”; is catastrophic. They do not, in fact they risk everything we need for life and living; failing us all.  US is escalating the cold war with Russia. The question of ELI extreme laser infrastructure:  is a weapon for knocking down satellites.


Revelation now

        Identifying the realities and relationships that are conceived by this book of the bible, without its religion interfering.  Simply looking at realities which could and do identify the potential threats;  consistent with our date in time. A simple translation, intended not to lead: but teach.


Fire control 1

        Examining the basics of fire, establishing a fire fence that works. A large fan is used to replicate wind conditions. Various elements that can help in the containment of large forest fires. Critical relationships included.


Fire control 2

        The development of a fire fence to protect against  grassland fire/  and its barrier options, so as to protect valuable resources. A large fan is used in an effort to replicate a fast moving fire. Serious issues exist.


Earth danger 2

        The universities cannot be trusted, with experiments so extreme OUR WORLD  IS,  threatened. OUR NATURE is threatened. Our everything is threatened. THE CONSEQUENCE of believing the media will tell you everything you need to know: Is false.  Nothing is safe.


Daniel 12

        Looking at nature and understanding the simple reality, whether you believe in the bible or not;  that gambling with our entire world: by university arrogance.  Is absolute INSANITY. This book includes the time defined, just before the world ends or changes.  Wrong will be a dead world; IF you believe in prophecy. If you do not, then simply look at the evidence, and interpret the reality of being WRONG. With experiments such as bringing the same fire as is on the sun, here to this earth.


University is wrong 5

        Experiments exist that can and will make us extinct. Experiments that can alter or change the very nature of energy beyond the limits time has set/ are being formed.  That, is their purpose. Developments in energy are included. Realities too extreme to be ignored.


Fire fence 2

        The screening, that divides a fire from its fuel/ thereby controlling a fire from spreading through ember advancement.  The questions we need to recognize as our right to intervene and defend our world.


University is wrong 3

        The human population explosion/ no we can’t survive it.


Fire fence 5

        The developments of threat, the reality of consequences: the quest for a future we can survive.  Added in are inventions to modify the realities we are required to face;  simply giving hope, a breathe.


Fire fence 3

        Grassland fire stopped, as well as threats revealed. Of particular interest are the human attempts to reproduce the “big bang”; right here on earth.











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