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Solutions for healthcare, “the proper way”.


        The foundation of all healthcare is simple:  “we want/ we need/ we are required to struggle with, the values and realities of a human body;  that can need the assistance of others”. In one form or another. That said, the consequence of being human is:  EVERY single one of us is going to die/ and eternity (regardless what you believe that will be)  STARTS THEN.  So death is an absolute, and you cannot avoid it, no matter who you are.  Eternity is also an absolute, and it will be whatever truth and reality demands by the laws which govern it:  shall allow.

        Given that level of reality:  it is pointless to assume or demand, “this human body must live/ therefore all the rest must do whatever you ask”.  Eternity makes this life “merely seconds”. Which means only eternity truly matters! So let’s deal realistically with our reality, as one human being to another.

        In America, the current costs of healthcare are estimated to be NOT LESS than 3.5 trillion dollars; and that does not include social security; so it would seem.  Regardless YOU CAN IDENTIFY the actual paid out numbers, and come up with a true accounting of just how much of a fantasy this is.

        More correctly, in America:  there are about one hundred actual “real workers” employed, plus immigrants and military which are held as separate. Go check, but remember liars are everywhere in government employ; and they are prone to use a joint tax return as two workers, when in fact only one is working outside the home (as in making money from someone else).  Find the truth, and you can know the reality of your own accounting/ if not one hundred million workers makes things easy.  One trillion dollars is equal to one hundred million workers, with ten thousand dollars each.  So healthcare WITHOUT social security is at roughly $35,000.00 paid out, per each worker/ before taxes.  Or if there are 350 million people in this USA/ then each human citizen is receiving ten thousand dollars of healthcare each:  per year!  Every single one:  YOU ARE “truly a sick nation” is that not so? The numbers prove it is/ and that of course does not include those who are turned away from healthcare, or refuse to be bankrupted by healthcare. 

        So the reality of healthcare is:  ORGANIZED CRIME HAS BEEN EXTORTING THIS USA, and all its people for decades now.  To accomplish this fraud and criminal intent:  insurance has been attacked/ BUT PRIMARY TO ALL THE NUMBERS, is the fact that the employees of this USA have been inflating currency;  so that everyone could take whatever they wanted.  And pretend the children can pay later/ because “they won’t”.  Currency is inflated whenever the numbers of “the money is increased”/ without backing or reality.  That currency inflation is hidden within the US CLAIM OF ASSETS, for the nation, which goes up at $20 trillion dollars per year:  a reality of $200,000.00 dollars per worker, in new debts formed. Or roughly, asset claims are  about $30,000.00 dollars of American currency in circulation per human face on the planet.  “pure fantasy”!

        So the game of “we deserve our healthcare at these numbers”;  is a blatant lie.

        What then is true?

        Our reality is simple:  in terms of healthcare, it is the medical industry that has organized itself to claim they are owed these amounts:  as is “ten thousand dollars per citizen/ per year”;  plus the human public demanding social security as well.  All of which is given to the children as “their debt”.

        OBVIOUSLY the medical industry does NOT earn these numbers, along with a long list of others who have been stealing from us for decades:  orchestrated by “USA EMPLOYEES”.  Which began with all forms of university manipulation, and in particular with weapons of mass destruction/ and then accelerated when Reagan turned the entire accounting of the nation over to the university elite; who   gave themselves “million dollar raises”/ and built an army of followers, by establishing bribes.

        Regardless of all the trash, all the pandemic misuse of government, the organized crime of medicine, and “thousands more traitors, who deliberately intend to rape and ravage”; and did indeed do so, in this nation called America. Turning distinctly to medicine, and the consequence of being wrong in healthcare which is:  “the price can easily be too high”; when we don’t do what does in fact, need to be done.

        IT IS THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY, in its entirety, that needs a direct and distinct OVERHAUL/ stripping away their claim for private enterprise.  NO MORE “BUSINESS” in medicine. Which means the government of WE THE PEOPLE must take over control, and tell them what they may in fact charge; because that, is all we can afford.

        THAT MEANS, reality will demand:  NO MORE EXCESSIVE care.  That means, NO MORE money decides/ we are equals.  That means:  we will own and control the patents for medicine and all things medical related.  And contract with the lowest bidder that can do the work correctly:  to fill the need.  That means:  doctor education shall be limited to what is needed for the work/ and nothing more. That means doctor education shall be increased ten fold:  so as to increase the competition/ and draw from the resources in this nation;  NOT stealing doctors from other nations. That means, the young come first/ and the old get whatever Is left over; in terms of money.  That means:  YOU SHALL determine for yourselves, where the line is to be drawn.  Too much for us to spend on you/ applied equally to all!  YOU CAN SAY:  “everybody, regardless of cost”/ BUT ONLY if you pay. NO MORE let the children bear the cost. That means realistic procedures, and no more “doctor gets a house” for an hours’ work.

        Reality will decide the numbers that must be met.  A percentage of income will be charged to every recipient of healthcare as is fair. Doesn’t matter how much you make:  a billionaire at ten percent does not even notice the billing, only the numbers. While a poor person at ten percent of their income, may or may not eat:  so who pays more?

        Insurance may cover the cost of your percentage IF you want this for all. But if you want insurance, then you will make that a tax burden/ and the reality is:  when payment is not from the individual, the insurance agency will be attacked; so it is not recommended. You want healthcare you pay/ but you pay fairly, and with distinct respect for your own situation in life. If you have nothing/ then you will be given the opportunity to work, if that is possible. If it is not possible for you:  then perhaps, society will decide;  you are ready to die?

        What must be decided:  SHALL BECOME CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.  So that it shall not be changed without true cause.  Debts owed medicine shall be discarded:  organized crime should never profit/ is that not so?  Begin again.


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