soul expanded

Soul, is not a game/ even if, your conception of time is.


       LIFE is a participation with soul, because soul is a participation with energy through thought. Thought then constructs both life and death, by allowing for that energy to be used, or lost.

       So the question is:  by taking apart every detail within the above statement, disciplines arise/ order can be found/ and the balance necessary to participate with respect, thereby doing no damage to the delicate embrace of everything life can be is formed.

       This work is not going to do that for you; your life here in time, is a decision and a distance as provided by you, for the distinct purpose “to search”; for what your life can be!

       Nonetheless, humanity is so infected with the disease of university, that corruption of values has given substance to the horrifying event we now face, which is the end of this entire Creation. THAT, is to your own shame/ unless you have honestly worked to stop it. Very few have.

       Even so;  we must identify the arrogant fool, or life and earth are dead.


       Every leadership decision, particularly in America:  comes from a university diploma. They have locked you out/ stolen your money/ threatened every child, and life and earth, with their own version of terrorism. And failed life itself miserably;  because they choose only for power, pride, want, greed, or selfishness as in money first. Failure first as in the collusion to discard life and religion (we are trying)/ with the infection of evolution;  by taking over all education, and destroying its purpose with slavery to them. As is consistent with all religion, except this one seeks the death of our world. The conspiracy that is university deceit, is fueled by delusions that have no basis In reality. Thereby fantasies created by storytelling so as to pretend there are answers; when in fact there are only guesses, and most are without basis in any truth.

       We begin with the travesty of    evolution:  the claim, “chaos brought life here” (chaos literally means the destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form)/ the claim, “life can be formed one piece at a time”( it cannot, does your own body not need all its pieces at once)/ the claim, “didn’t need no damn brain, until the end”/ the claim, adaption is proof “everything formed by accidents”(you have seen a car accident, or a house on fire: IS THAT how life forms? You have seen a baby, which means everything is about order and discipline to achieve it) not by order. And the masses in religion, bowed down, and said we will obey evolution as our god. “They have universities too”:  and began to worry “our jobs/ our money/ and our easy life could be lost. So they got on the money train, of university and defiled religion; even though it was far from perfect, functionally ending its true ties with life, for very many people.

       Evolution can be called “Satan’s tool”/ because with it:  nature has been invaded (terrible things have been done with DNA). Genetic mutilation has invaded our world (as every seed, every form of food, and every aspect of life is tampered with, and stands at the edge of complete chaos. Which means the body called life, will soon disappear as you know it. Ending life with terrors beyond description. Because you, AS A PLANET OF HUMANITY;  didn’t care enough:  TO RESPECT LIFE ITSELF. You let them mutilate life. You let them terrorize life. You are letting them play god with energy, and it will destroy this world;  because you “want to play god too”.   Which literally means NO RESPECT FOR GOD!


       The disease of a university brain, seeks to kill this world in every way it can:  so says the evidence of your world called human. As identified:  by creating threats which will defeat you entirely. By refusing to put life itself first, or protect the basis and formations of the bodies called life. Or the energies which make time possible. Every possible threat the universities of this earth CAN create/ THEY DID CREATE. Nothing is left out;  ultimately that leaves us with the only description possible:  INTENTIONAL DESTROYERS, of our world.  Religion calls that  “SATAN”. It fits.


       So the reality of our moment in time is:  UNLESS YOU IMMEDIATELY start fighting honestly for life, with law/ you will get what you deserve. It is that simple.

       The critical question is how? The critical answer is:  by using the three elements of life itself, to re-establish what we need and must respect, to even hope, to survive.

       DISCIPLINE establishes boundaries and limits to control the processes which not only compete, but give us peace and harmony within all the parts and pieces needed to manufacture and survive the chemicals required for living with a body in time. The universities ARE DESPERATELY trying to destroy every aspect of that as fast as they can/ because they ultimately want to claim “they are gods first”. They don’t understand “god of death/ hades for an eternity”;  but as religious (university knows) zealots, they have no ears, they have no brain, and they cannot think for themselves so they are told what they will believe. Pity them.

       ORDER, is a clear set of instructions required to build complex parts and pieces of a structure that will ultimately not fall down, and can be used for purposes beyond “wasted”.  Order builds your bones, and puts them where they belong. Order arranges every muscle fiber in your body, and attaches them so you can move;  if a single one fails, to achieve correctly its assigned place/ so does your body fail. Order hangs your organs where they belong, and keeps them supported while you move. Arranged with all the parts and pieces which make your life possible:  you get to choose.

Order grants a brain with tools to use:  but it is balance which makes it work together, to give you freedom, and that literally participates within the early processes of thought itself.  None of that is chaos. None of that is “anything can be thrown in here”. None of that is less than wisdom: and that is OBVIOUSLY, you know this exists;  TRUE.

Yet the universities control your thought, own your world, and destroy the very things required for your life to exist.  So the question is:  HOW IN THE HELL, of a human brain out of control;  did this happen?  WHAT did you do to yourselves, that made you susceptible to fools, failures, liars, and thieves whoring themselves into perpetrators, constructing death of an entire planet of life?

       The answer is:  “fan worship”. Or more simply,  as is seen when some game is played, all the fans say “WE WON”. Yet none of the fans played the game, which means they didn’t even participate. It’s a want, that turns into a lie. The university diplomas do exactly the same thing:  a tiny few find or recognize something useful, and all the millions who want to say “me too”:  shout  “WE WIN/ or ain’t WE smart”.  Didn’t participate here either; just a few.  Nonetheless, like all religions, the key is:   memorize this book/ and if you do, the leaders of your religion will give you a reward (extremely small or worthless, though it may be).

       So the critical path forward, that will determine life or death for this entire creation and world of life is:   CAN YOU STOP BEING “A FANATIC”?  That requires reality. That insists:  YOU MUST accept truth, NOT stories, theories, assumptions, fantasies, or even desires to help life by gambling with our entire world.  INSTEAD, the price of life MUST BE PAID.  Which means simply LIFE IS FIRST, in every decision: for the planet, and all living things/ NOT the individual.  We are past that, and must face our extinction; doing what we can for life to survive.


       THIS IS OUR TIME ON EARTH, and that is our duty.  Because this is where the universities, and their religious cohorts;  led life to be.  Are they NOT in charge of nations and their choices? Indeed they are.


       Because, the reality of this situation is so bleak & grim; do to the failures of humanity to care and respect life. The extreme failure (only money, power, and pride matter), and fantasy (we can play god) of university. That, The individual life and its eternity must come into view;  thereby abandoning the rest, IF NECESSARY;  to save those who can be saved.

       Dissolving the cult, is nearly impossible;  because people believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of the consequences/ and they rarely surrender that, even to survive. They want what they want/ and that is all they want, and don’t tell me nothing else, because I don’t want that. Thereby want is the cult, just like want forms all the various religions and their sects. Want IS:  the basis of every lie;  because unless you want, or want to hide something;  you otherwise cannot have, you don’t lie!  Who among you is defined by anything other than “I want, what I want”?

       Therefore I discard the liars (choose your own fate)/ and seek what is true, for the few. This is a fundamental, that must be accepted to survive eternity; believe (I try/ I can’t, help me) it:  or not.

       We begin with more fundamentals used to discredit the universities; in an attempt, to bring those who can, back from the cult, as is:   trust them; let them do all the thinking; as in “university knows all”/ they do not.

       To adhere to the questions university poses for itself; and risks all life on earth in the process. Requires us to investigate energy:  how does it exist/ why is the atom formed the way it does/ & nothing more. Because the universities want that information, so they can play god even more severely than they do now. Their purpose is obvious:  to prove they can be god/ and that you cannot;  or more simply “worship me, or I will kill you, punish you, or torture you and those who you love”. There is literally no other cause. Nothing being done is for life/ which does mean for death!

        Energy exists by the bond which creates, and thereby controls it. Energy exists (balanced) after it is controlled (orderly) by time (disciplined). Energy is then described by human time as potential (sitting there with force possible) or kinetic (moving, and demonstrating force, as in something changed). With one exception:  sun fire is chaos controlled, by the disciplines of disassembling an atom. Thereby orderly in its destruction of atoms.

       Energy is formed into time then in one of three classes: orderly destruction/ disciplined motion/ or balanced potential. Energy is released in one of three classes:  bonds being broken/ bonds being crushed/ or bonds being consumed by fire; either atomic or molecular, adds the intensity. Existence is thereby simplified by time into what can we see.


       The question: why does the atom form in the way it does, has been answered in the atomic scale/ but not in the formative relationships which give it a bond. So the question begins with:  WHAT is a formative relationship, & WHAT is a bond?

       We begin with the darkness:  as in IF a light exists, WHY does environment not simply remain “light”. The answer of course is, that energy is being expended to create a light; so we believe. But energy exists in the cold, even more so than the darkness:  which asks the question, if cold has more energy, why is this relationship altered? The critical part is:  cold and hot or light and dark, must intermingle to create an environment which can then be “seen”. Seen, refers to a sensory impact, and thought translation; not a necessity to energy.

       Time says atomic intermingling does that; which  refers to “electrons/ neutrons/ and protons,  having attained energy prior to its balanced state.

       However, if we accept the definable relationships that create atomic environments with order, discipline, and balance;  as a reality the fundamentals of which must already be in existence. Then we are lacking the reality of why that order, discipline, and balance came to exist in the first place.  Order, discipline, and balance are ALL elements of thought; and can be conceived of nowhere else. These three do not arise on their own:  true chaos, nothing bound;  exists instead.  Consequently, prior to the relationships that form the creation of time:  thought must appear.

       Thought constitutes the discovery of freedom (a potential for choices to be made), the disciplines of identity, and the orderly progression from knowledge into wisdom. This is the summation of soul, at its beginning. Soul does not need a body/ but it does need a boundary, whereby the binding of everything possible comes together as one.

       So the question is:  what is possible within the elemental grasp, or beginning of soul:  as is your potential, because of the life inside of you.

       Binding freedom, to discipline, to order; by the development of knowledge, understanding created by truth assigned within that knowledge, and the assertion “I have a choice”;  becomes the path toward soul. Those are in fact, very powerful words:  as is “I have a choice”.  The critical question is then: what will you do with your choice? WHAT will you bind together, to create the “universe (everything) of you”? We need not depend upon realities humanity will never control.  Therefore the essence of what is a bond with energy forming soul; is all we do need to know.

       We do begin with the atom:  if not truly spherical, the proton inside the atom, will not allow energy to be controlled. Therefore these exist “only as dust”. To be spherical in the development of potential soul; the essence is simply:  choose balance.  That functionally means, structured by the decision that gives us love:   “valued because you add to my life/ rather than subtract from my life; and I, same to you.”  Soul requires that level of respect and tolerance to align with a path that is beyond time.

       We then look to the essence of discipline as is consistent with the atom. Or more directly, at the cause and distinctions which allow two opposing forces (hot and cold for simple) to hold each other in a state of bonding, that balances both. Without each, there is no energy contained, by or as an environment; both are needed.  

       We then conceive of order:  in an atomic environment “just one atom” is not substantially order as constructed by mass:  it must join others. And these must then achieve a state of integration that allows for a boundary to construct the tangible results of mass. Or a force to be released, because of change. Chaos is just a human form of behavior that allows the existence of destruction by your own design; establishing consequences for your thought to consider.

       Nonetheless with order confined by the integration of disciplines, into mass.  The electron needle, sews a fabric out of atomic disciplines. Intertwining each atom together, that fits;  into one conceptual and physical element.  Molecules are atoms woven together, instead of sewn. The difference is:  the edges are closed when sown to keep the environment, from unraveling.

       Your lesson in that is:  even though behaviors of humanity can be “like a fire” that hurts you/ it is absolutely important that the foundations of your existence should not unravel themselves when confronted with cause. To accomplish that, requires all three elements of life outside of energy:  balance, order, and discipline;  to belong to you. You must own them to survive the elemental spiritual world called truth, as is the law which governs our universe applied to you. Fail to adjust, and your destiny cannot be more than “mercy”; IF you don’t simply die.  Hades (terror magnified) belongs to GOD, it is not your choice, at death/ it is your fate, if that is what you chose; by being an enemy to life!

       People ask:  WHY can’t, I just be free/ discarding the potential of an eternity; because time is enough for me. TOO DAMN MANY THINGS GO WRONG, therefore I don’t want to live forever. The end result of that is cult worship:  “you make the decisions/ so I, don’t have to take the blame”. The end result of that is a mob:  “I want more, and YOU are standing in my way/ therefore I hate you”. The end result of that is depression, “the future is sad”. The end result of that is violence;  “I can judge you”. The end result of that is “devil: I won’t care about life”/ unless its mine. The end result of that is fantasy;  “I will escape/ reality does not love me”. The end result of that is an abyss called want; which then makes you a slave to whatever form of escape you choose. The consequence of these things is:  you cannot survive truth. There are only three options after death:   to dissipate into nothing, losing life itself.  To enter truth and survive, even participating in the elegant universe, where all living things are precious. Or to be proven an enemy to life; where terror begins IF you have stolen a life from GOD, by your actions.  If you have not stolen a life that would have entered the eternal kingdom;  then you escape, to be dissolved. Because humanity IS free to choose. Terror beyond anything you can imagine, waits only for those who “steal a life from  GOD”.



       It seems relevant, or necessary, that some elements of what eternity can or cannot be must be illuminated. Within that regard, we must identify 3 distinct parallel dimensions (a dimension is the place separated from specific realities by a boundary). Time is a specific boundary, it is a distance, conceived by a journey into choices. The black hole, is another specific boundary; nothing enters that is not torn apart, nothing leaves that is not turned “Inside out”. That leaves the third dimension.

       The third dimension established through the big bang event:  constructs the certainty of an explosion which illuminated “the universe”; with a light that could not be produced in any other way. Just like your scientists say to you, “they see into the universe of time by acknowledging a light they say originated, and traveled from billions of years ago. The initiating light that preceded all effects of the big bang can in fact exist as well/ even though you don’t see it. Because it exists at a different level of energy/ in a framework of destiny that is not consistent with what you know. Boundaries are just that.

       Thought can be considered  “the teleporter” of reality. More simply, thought is not bound by energies/ therefore not limited to dimensional realities. Dependent upon what you can or cannot conceive of. Unfortunately for some, what they can conceive of is violence; a few enter in to violate themselves. They are of no interest in life, only death.

         Thought comprehends life, and gives that life freedom to commit for the purposes and desires called an identity. Thought develops in accordance with the boundaries that are defined by energies, to create dimensional awareness, and thereby the reality of self. Thought also travels within truth;  whereas a brain can travel only in time. The difference is a boundary that can be removed; by excusing the brain, and moving beyond the limits time will impose. The critical envelope (opportunities invited, beyond the brain); exist in two different “universal states”.  One is a fantasy world, wherein lies guide you “the only thing important”; to death or prison. Only what is true survives; all the rest is burned away (removed no matter what the price)! The other is elevated beyond self, wherein truth owned by you, and law establishing a purpose through desire;  create the doors which then provide access to knowledge through your own understanding, or ability to conceive of life itself.

       The elegant third universe, is a delicate assembly “of flowers in bloom”. Defined by grace, the treasury called love exists therein. As is consistent with thought, the foundations of law, and the truth that is RESPECT:    life arises, to become ALIVE. Your desire in love, becomes “your portion” of this world.  “should you arise, through the elegance of your own soul” this far! 

       Each person has a soul, which means each and every person is able inside to achieve their own true desire. If it is love, then you can be invited beyond time as life. If it is less, you will not attend or attain truth, as the best life can be.  Simple and plain, you do understand:  it is your choice, “the reality of you” that decides.  Love in the pure essence of its own truth, is desired here/ anything less is not allowed in.  MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. How is that not your truth.  Change if you can, as needed; never give up that search.


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