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Because believers question nothing, “but their want”/ reality must be examined to prove:  that questions must exist.


       Of the various claims made by a university diploma:  are the elements they assert, to claim life arose over billions of years/ humanity over millions, just by chance. They claim 14 billion since the “big bang”.  Which was the most severe change, or catastrophe:  this universe ever made. They have made machines, the largest of which is CERN in Switzerland/ France:  to recreate “a small, big bang”; right here on earth.

       So let’s question the university diploma, asking simply CAN the information they provide be true?

       We will start by assembling the information relevant to a big bang; as described by a universe of mass, that is acting as if all the mass we can see, was “exploded out, from the center”.  The deep space image from hubble, taken over time, by exposing the image for a long period. Taken in the darkest spot of the visible universe: reveals that hidden in the distance are what clearly appear to be “other galaxies”. The university says this proves by extrapolating: the time used in photography, to produce the image, that the universe is 14 billion years old; according to the red shift of light.

       The image speaks for itself; make your own decision. However the time frame is entirely errant and wrong, so we begin by asking why? The critical reality of a reorganized universe, by explosive event: asks first, was this a homogenized (everything gathered together, and detonating entirely at once) explosion?  IF it was, then reality states that the center of the explosive event was where no mass is left.  All of it was sent into “other space”.  Or the center of the previous universe, where all the mass existed: is now a “dark space” in the time created by light. That would mean the hubble dark space image:  GOES THROUGH, where that mass would have been.  Substantively cutting their time line in half.

       We ask again:  IF THE EXPLOSION obeyed the laws of physics/ then an action produced a reaction of basically equal proportions in all directions dependent upon the shape of the mass exploding. Therefore we can extrapolate the originating previous universe of mass was a largely circular disk shape. The majority of mass is found in a “single layer dimension”.  We know if nothing was left in the area where the explosion originated:  that before this can happen, the atomic structure of that mass (assuming it was so)/ HAD TO BE WEAKENED. Like demolishing a building: if it is all going to collapse at once/ then you need to take out some of the structure holding it together, so that it does. Therefore step one in the critical disassembly of our pre-universe: is to weaken the mass to be exploded. From the effects of mass accelerated into other space:  we know that whatever true form that mass existed in/ IT DID have a lot of energy associated with it: therefore it was dense in some form or other. In the physical mass we know:  humans prepare that mass for destruction in an atomic bomb by using it in electrical generation. Which functionally tears apart the atoms until they are barely held together by the energy within. Making the ignition of a bomb much easier and its effect more complete. Thereby we can assert, if this was like the mass we know; as is suspect from exploding things ourselves. Then we know that the atoms inside that mass were weakened by removing the balance of energy in an atomic structure prior to explosion.  CERN does that, in the aftermath of its experiments.

       CERN uses particle acceleration to crash protons into protons at approximately the speed of light times the speed of light: like two trains colliding from different directions on the same track. The effect of that explosion of protons is:  some will escape, and be accelerated themselves to an even faster speed:  BECAUSE THE EXPLOSION will follow them/ pushing them:  through the area of energy expansion. A proton released in such a manner, gathers the electrons that have been pushed “to the side” so to speak/ and pulls them along with it, creating what can be called a wormhole (upside down funnel effect). If the electrons can pull it back into the mass it is escaping from/ then like a spring, it bounces back and forth through the earth mass:  destroying the bonds in anything it goes through. A proton is actual mass/ therefore it functions much like an actual bullet. This continues back and forth through the earth, until the energy fails to do so anymore: a reality for debate/ but inconsequential to the question IS CERN weakening the atomic structure of this planet. Thereby preparing atoms for their own “earth BIG BANG”?  THAT, would functionally be realized by knowing whether the proton escapes this earth mass/ OR, whether the electrons disassociated with their protons which crashed and exploded:  pulled it back into the earth like a spring. Then bouncing it back and forth, at over the speed of light. Sanity would stop (can’t be wrong), but humanity at the university level is insane.

       Nonetheless, we know the entire mass exploded at once/ since there is no “great object” left in space to assert otherwise. Since we can view objects escaping from a central location in all directions basically along a dimensional plane. Given that truth: we know the mass was weakened, so that it could explode simultaneously in that single most destructive event, this universe has ever known.

       So then let’s start at the dark (no visible light) area in space;  assert this is the center of the explosive event. To ask the question:  IF an explosion acted according to the law,  “for every action there is a reaction”. Then we on this side of the explosion are going in the opposite direction of what is on the other side of the explosion event. A simple bomb goes off in all direction does it not. Consequently looking back through the center hole:  GIVES US A DISTANCE that is multiplied by the speed we are going/ the speed in the opposite direction “that is going”/ and the change in speed that has occurred since the explosion. More distinctly, speed cannot be determined/ unless you are looking directly at the objects that are traveling at ninety degree angles from us/ starting at the center point, and taking the average speed of all mass known in that area, and the area opposite of it.

       Let’s talk time. Time is the relationship that discipline holds with order, until that order reveals discipline is breaking down. Therefrom no true distinction, “from edge to edge”; begins to reveal itself. More simply aging means the loss of “outer level” compositions/ as the ability to hold those edges in place, becomes lost. There is no such thing as the faster you go, the slower time is:  because those who suggest it, are trying to relate that change in position, into or in contrast with, a different time period. Distance does not matter: disciplines matter.

       To gain ANY true understanding in the disciplines of mass, so as to create an understanding of its order:  we must identify the critical relationships the existence of a sun object creates in our universe. Without light, this universe is a distinctly different place.  So we begin by asking of the previous universe:  WAS THERE, any light?

       Our relationship with that answer, can only be identified by one of two distinctly different answers.  Since the previous universe was largely by the evidence of the explosion:  entirely based in one single mass.  Then that mass either was on fire, thereby creating light. OR, it was not on fire, and the previous universe (there are things here) was dark. Had to be one or the other! If there was light/ then there would seem to be “light out in front of us” to be viewed as evidence of that light preceding planets and their movement outward. Science says there is not.  Consequently I vote for a dark pre-universe. A completely dark universe means with near certainty:  a very cold universe/ BUT NOT without energy available.  A black hole has energy, or more correctly the opposite of heat energy.

       So let’s ask the question: in a pre-universe that was completely dark:  could the existence of mass previous to that event have been spread out, with suns much like it is today. And COULD that reality of existence have been transformed into all mass was consumed by a single black hole gobbling up every mass including other black holes:  to become the mass that exploded into this universe?  A black hole that attained the size of what is calculated to be:  everything in this universe as one thing.  Massive stress cracks  would have been fundamental/ even more than one area of introduction; perhaps exit as well: in the anti-mass (black hole) itself. ANYTHING THAT SIZE, will shift its position creating more stress cracks; eventually running out of “mass to fill the cracks”. The most problematic relationship it had to maintain in order to retain its size was shifting of the whole. Large shifts would have generated heat inside the anti-mass. Heat would have traveled throughout the stress cracks (IT MOVED). Failing to expand (CAN’T move): the only thing left for such a anti-mass to do was catastrophically fail.

       The difference between heat energy (does move) and cold energy (can’t move):  is the position of energy relative to its discipline. Or, what was once anti-energy/ became heat energy, when the physics of the event “changed its direction”. Heat mass versus cold mass (anti-mass); is simply the relationship between a potential energy that can move/ versus a potential energy that cannot.

       The enormous array of “suns with light” in our universe:  begins with the intense area’s of heat inside the originating black hole that became the big bang. They became suns we see, in outer space. An exploding mass contains hot (moving) materials/ which do not adhere well to other mass. Therefore the materials which became planets and things; HAD TO COOL/ prior to any great attachment to each other.  Those suns (the heat cannot escape; so it builds) which originated out of the pre-universe mass: then created the environments needed to put the mass back together into planets and such.

       As with all atomic fire; it cannot be put out/ thereby even small pieces of “atoms on fire” would continue on fire, for a lengthy period of time. Once these pieces of fire, hit a mass of larger size:  they ignited it to form a star.

       As to CERN and the damage they are in fact doing to our planet: the reality is, they have learned little/ and will learn no more of anything worthwhile. It is merely a game with consequences that can “shake this earth”. A fools’ stupidity, and no more.


       Even so, the question of life itself arises. Therefore we look more diligently at the first level of evidence. Before we can have a disciplined universe as it is today/ we must have an orderly atom to build it with. That brings us to the question:  if there was large pieces of the initiating big bang left/ and it was in fact, what is called an anti-mass (not capable of heat) that exploded. Then we would find large black holes in this universe that were NOT made by dying supernova suns.  We do find those so scientists say; at the center of galaxies. As discussed earlier in the demise of a supernova sun: the discussion of how to build an atom already exists.

       We now have order and discipline as “the atom we know”; in this universe of time. Building time for our replacement universe; then begins almost immediately. The question remains:  how old is this universe? The answer to that, is irrelevant.

       The answer to how old is life, is not. That is a different discussion apart from this reminder not all things are as they seem to be.


       In the previous universe: we conceive of anti-mass and anti-energy which holds these things together.  Creating the potential of a universe that was similar to this one/ it then collapsed from age, and became dark.  Reigniting into time renewed.  So the question is:  WAS there life in the previous universe/ and how or what could have survived into this universe of time?

       That question begins the search, for how old is life!


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