This is now April 2017;   one year from the biblical point of no return/ according to the old testament Daniel 12/ the countdown of days until the end of life on earth.

        You can easily believe that is irrelevant, and cannot possibly be true. But the facts of our existence: the reality of their failure  Information proving this intent to ignite sun fire, is very plain and easily accessible in a wide variety of ways. People are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun; doesn’t matter what they call it/ they are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.  Being wrong about any portion of the theory:  “sun fire will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here”. Means this entire planet becomes a sun/ means the fire known to be ten million degrees F/ known to be “a million miles long on the sun”/ known to burn your eyes out, if you stare at it; give you a sunburn as well; from 91 million miles away. And when ignited will not only burn the planet itself (just like the sun, “same fire/ same result”). The reality is having sucked in all the water from the planet, that fire will then cause extreme thermal distortion in the mass of earth (not being spherical, after the water is gone)/ and cause this earth to explode. Altering this solar system itself.  OR IN OTHER WORDS, trying to ignite sun fire here on earth is Daniels “GREAT ABOMINATION”. Therefore this reality begins the countdown. This reality starts the end of days for this earth:  once a true machine which can ignite that fire:  begins its first “let’s get this fire done, experiment”.  That initiated on April 1 (fools day), 2012 at the national ignition facility in San Francisco;  Lawrence Livermore laboratories.;mostpopvideo

        The prophecy then goes on:  for 1290 days till the first death (which is consistent with old testament theology as in the law can save you). Now past, you refused.  Then the second death 1335 days after the first;  which is consistent with the new testament (mercy can save you, IF you choose correctly). Together that is a period of 7 years and 69 days. July 8, 2019 Plus “half a time that time period ends in March, 2021. Add it for yourselves.  These are new numbers, as I forgot the beginning date at the NIF; and actually used a little math to identify a more correct date and time.  Realities which neither impress me nor interest me; because the FACT that our world is in danger of complete extinction overrides all other factors.  STOP KILLING LIFE AND PLANET/ how is that hard to understand; numbers are meaningless. LIFE is not.  The threats we face are real/ regardless of what you do or do not believe about the bible.

 The prophecy then states “a time (old testament), times (new testament), and half a time”.  The half time being half the period given for law to save you which is 645 or perhaps half the time given for mercy (667 days); it’s not clear.  Regardless that is the amount of time predicted between the end of mercy, which means NOTHING you can do/ absolutely NOTHING you can do, say, think, etc will change the outcome of what you failed to do for life.  This earth/ this world of life itself will be exterminated by that date;  which is in 2021.

        And when the Christian theology accepts this:  their first and only response is “great, we will rise into heaven with the rapture”.  Discarding the reality, a ten million degree flame, clearly miles high, that literally burns atoms:  IS GOING TO SUCK INTO THAT FLAME, ANYTHING “within a hundred miles” (including you).  Not exactly heaven now it is.  The others all say “I have a gun/ or run off to hide”:  really!  DUMBASS. And of course the rest of religion refuses to believe anything “biblical” so they don’t care. While the universities, courts, and governments are so delusional and arrogant:  NO AMOUNT OF EVIDENCE, OR TRUTH IN CONSEQUENCES, OR REALITIES OF FAILURE can convince them to stop what they are doing. Because the cult worship of “university is god”; is just plain too strong. Like all cults “you CAN’T question the leaders”/ and a cult worshiper refuses to think for themselves.  So regardless of the reality;  IGNITING SUN FIRE HERE IS POSSIBLE (take a look at the sun, that fire exists)/ but it CANNOT be extinguished.  Because it burns atoms!

        The endless delusions of the  university “knows” cult, have been dealt with; particularly on a bit down the page.  But as always “the evidence does not matter”/ so the consequence is, “I give you up too”; your failure to work is death. Even if I do keep working; without assistance it is truly worthless:   unless a tiny few can be helped; with or without this world. Every life is important/ every eternity is serious, and cannot be thrown away without a fight.

        Having realized no amount of evidence would matter/ the university cult controlled and the endless greed; had no ears. The reality of “changing you (THINK, don’t believe)” came into view, as the only path forward. The only historical reality of changing people is best summed up; as extending from biblical views.  So apart from “seeding the idea, people can think for themselves”/ the summary of my work begins with the same basic venue as the bible:  create stories so the people can see themselves. Establish summaries, so the people can understand themselves through the stories. Conceive of possibilities through understanding, that allow wisdom to change the outcome of lives which are straining to learn: what life has to give through value. That failed, too few/ male found no other answer. Men always return to the very same realities.

 Female was then searched, ending in the spiritual world of woman:  because all other elements of woman;  were scared. Her answer was:  give woman an equal place with men, and let them led/ because they are different. And to create a different way of living;  means to find and accept  different ways.

THIS IS the best men did do, and we are literally at the edge of extinction; from a WIDE variety of threats. Even if you don’t see them, because you are too busy with SELFISHNESS/ they are real. And must be addressed or we die.

 HER (spiritual woman) influence in my life;  required that I must give MORE information that “strictly male” would allow (they will just ruin life more).  However she was correct:  going to destroy life anyway/ therefore “give some”, and make certain “nothing else could have been done”.

        So I have done what any one person could be expected to do:  without tempting/ manipulating/ controlling/ leading you, rather than teaching you/ forcing you/ or buying you.  Because unless YOU, HONESTLY CHOOSE a different path for humanity itself;  NOTHING will save this earth. You are too many people, with a horrendous amount of threats to be faced:  primarily caused “by your university gods/ and your worship of them”.

        TWO YEARS +,  TO GO, before we learn if in fact:  THE BIBLE is correct!  All of religion says “we will wait to see”!  While the bible itself says:  “you cannot wait to see/ you must make a decision to respect all life right now”.

 Obviously the university educated priests and preachers/ ETCETERA;  all know better, “because the university is their god”/ and like always, the university can’t be wrong, OR questioned. “You just have to believe”, now ain’t that right.

        My view is a little more disciplined:  while I do trust the bible will in fact be correct/ I also know, that the evidence of people working trying to ignite sun fire here:  CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME.  Not a game, the machines are running/ PEOPLE ARE trying to ignite sun fire here. The physical fire exists: just look at the sun, “ITS REAL”.

One second too late, and there is only death. Reality also states, WITHOUT seeing some response from humanity regarding ALL THE OTHER THREATS/ even without burning in fire as a planet.  We will all be exterminated from those threats, enabling every horrendous prophecy in the bible to be known as true; in the VERY near future.  SO SAYS THE TRUE EVIDENCE OF OUR DAY.  Whether it is more merciful to die as a planet in fire/ or die as a planet faced with starvation and war across the globe;  “is not up to me to decide”. SO SAYS reality. The consequence of course is:  even if you deserve what you get/ YOU CHOSE to take your children with you into HELL.

        More than enough people have been made aware of the realities we face; to date no appreciable evidence exists to declare we won’t be all dying soon.  I tried/ you would not listen.  The summary is:  You only want what you want, and nothing else but what you want/ and don’t tell me nothing else!

        I pray for you anyway, along with life and planet. Simple as that.


        Just so it’s clear:   NOBODY escapes reality with the claim, “I just did what everyone else did (we all moved into the same building; so the tornado or fire or volcano, flood, whatever, can’t get us; wrong)”/   the herd is not welcomed into eternity, ONLY the individual. The herd exists, every cult is formed: by one simple conclusion.  “I WANT, to have everything I WANT/ without taking any extra risk”;  so as a herd we elect a leader to think for us.  THAT WAY, the herd excuses itself/ and BLAMES the leader.

        While it is true, leaders matter: because of what they did or did not do. A more deliberate truth is, the herd does what it does;  because they all agree to believe, “we will get what we want”/ IF WE JUST FOLLOW ALONG, and don’t question nothing.  After all, if it goes bad:   “we have a gun/ we will make somebody pay”.


        Eternity accepts NONE of that, only eternity cannot be entered “except by a single individual truth”.  Or more clearly;  “your congregation etc; IS ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT”:  To your eternity. You alone will decide what truth your soul (where thought and life live together) will bring; from this life!  You alone will enter/ or be turned away.

        This life in time is less stringent but the same:  what is true determines your future/ all lies die, even if the vast majority believes they are true. Even those who believe “they can’t, be wrong”/ but are! Only truth can survive; the spiritual world exists as truth purified into laws. The reality of our world exists, as truths which are NOT destroyed/ therefore we survive by grace (shared existence and values). The university as well as humanity itself, have been disrespecting and destroying or diseasing everything. Everything we need to survive, is literally on the edge of destruction/ we, as in our destruction;  will follow, want to or not. Past the point of no return for nature and environment, the value of our lives is dead:  killed by humanity itself.  By your own decisions, and the people who played god. Proving they could be destroyers;  that is called “satan”!


        Love is a discipline bound together with respect. Only truth is fair in “love”, anything less is damage/ nothing is fair about war.  We will all die to this planet, when is not the important part. What happens beyond time and body is! Thought (not a brain) exists as life, everything else is just a measurement. Every life on earth is a MIRACLE, accept that as true, and your world along with your life, will change.

        The universities have tried to stamp that out, from the beginning:  so they could be god instead.

        CHOOSE YOUR TRUTH, the reality of our existence as proven by the evidence/ OR, the failure of men, as are  the intellectuals (I can make a trap):  who then blight/ disease/ and destroy life, even planet itself. Believe it or not, “their game” is over:  what is left to decide is life or death for our world!  That IS,  “UP TO YOU”.  I did do my job.  Anything else, “is extra”.  Whether you “could have done better” is irrelevant/ you did not. Which leaves us with this:  I am not, “the decision you must make”; to save this world/ NOT your savior.  Anyone using me for their excuse, is a liar. Anyone believing their excuse is me:  is a fool.  MY JOB, was to tell you: this world will die/ IF YOU don’t change to respect life first in all your decisions. AND RESPECT    GOD    for this world of the living, or die to all eternity.  Good, bad, or indifferent; I did do the best I could. Given the reality “of you”.  It is not allowed, to buy, sell, tempt, manipulate, control, force, or in any way make your decision for you. I was allowed only to teach, witness to the evidence, or participate with you; which I have done.


        Just one last thing:  I AM NOT “going back in time, to tell you about my life or living; etcetera”/ even if you find your brain. What is personal to me, what is spiritual to me; Is mine/ NOT yours.  I give you NO distractions whatsoever.  Fight for your own lives, DON’T expect me to lead or entertain. I can and will help you discover the choices you can make (so long as you are working), and help you understand them better; that is what I offer, to those who at least try “to save our world”.         James Frank Osterbur.   April 6, 2017


        Unfortunately the spiritual woman inside of me, “seems to have other plans of some sort”;  never a violence or an abuse/ but she does remind me:  “I am not fully in charge here, we live together”.  Believe that or not, it’s true. I AM WELL AWARE, that kind of statement will just cause any number of people “to rush out the door”/ but I am not looking for the weak; this is your fight for life on earth.  Simply accept that as true.  As for me, I tell you true:  as predicted in Revelation 12;  a spiritual woman (seen only in the distance)/ standing on a foreign object (man) has come true. She stands on me. I cannot explain it better; believe don’t believe, I don’t care.  It is however true, “my opinion” is not the final say in this, “my world or work”.  As I am reminded;   on a regular basis.  It is literally a lot, I suspect;  like being involved in a marriage of old; with roles reversed.  COMPLICATED; close as I can come. The view for a man is:  like looking, from a  different world.  It’s not horrible, but it is NOT the life I used to lead. DEFINITELY NOT “transgender or other”/ I JUST don’t have a choice in some things. Anyway, this is not trying to sabotage your work for life on this planet;  “it’s just required”. Believe it or not.


        I am going to offset that reality, with this:  once again, the famous Einstein equation is  E=MCsquared;  where energy is said to equal mass times the speed of light squared.  Which is entirely broken down as:  nothing more than the equation kinetic energy is equal to mass times speed. The only difference is in Einstein:  speed is a constant/ that does not exist in the physical universe.  Men however have created CERN and other particle accelerators for the singular purpose of speeding mass up to light speed-*/ from two different directions:  and then causing them to collide. As in light speed times light speed is then suppose to be “energy”, when smashed. The reality however is not energy released, but energy consumed in the explosive event. Not only bad science, but worthless science. Little more than a dangerous game.

         We ask again, in the question of time:  the universities declare the universe is 14 billion years old, and life a billion or so; but offer no proof whatsoever.  The question begins:  because the big bang (everything exploded at once) is accepted, that means the explosive event threw mass in all directions from its center point.  Therefore if the light seen on the opposite side of that explosion from us is traveling at the same speed we are in the opposite direction:  should that not be taken into account? A “car traveling in the opposite direction”. It is not.

        Again:  if life on this planet were “a billion years old”/ then how could that be true?  Considering the sun DOES BURN FUEL, it is a physical heat source, which means it releases energy: that it does NOT get back. That’s why supernovas exist, for instance.  EVEN IF, it burns slowly as in atoms for fuel/ it still burns fuel;  which means the sun gets smaller through time. Which means a bigger sun “a billion years ago”;  WOULD have been very large, basically engulfing the planet mercury, and making this planet one hundred degrees hotter. How could that not be true?  Or more simply:  NO MAGIC exists to explain, how a sun can remain burning “a billion years”/ how much less 14 billion years.  FUEL is required/ and if fuel is required, THEN the fuel source had to shrink over time/ the heat lessen over time. Is that not true?

        The assertion of any dating method is subject to flaws and interpretation/ the reality of any skeleton remains, is subject to manipulation. People believe whatever they want to believe; as is the summation of all religion. 

The worst of which is evolution: No truth at all there. A disease of stupidity and arrogance forming death to all who enter, through disrespect for life itself.


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