Survival Stuff

The best advice I can give you is:  AVOID the problems. Don’t fight, unless it is absolutely necessary/ don’t tempt fate/ don’t take risks, unless they are necessary.  Try not to get sick, by understanding what your own body needs and why.  Don’t gamble, try to be sure. Respect all life and environment. Don’t be a hero, unless you can survive it.  Rocks are your best friend, in most crisis moments/ the right kind of stick follows that; and then more sophisticated methods.  Including the “rock on a string” shown in the video. You need a rock about 3-5 pounds, carefully enclosed. Remember you may have to swing it for awhile: careful of all obstructions. The primary purpose of a rock on a string is the pack of predators: they will circle if they can/ the rock on a string allows you a weapon behind, if you swing it in that way. Attack them first when they get close enough; to alter their plans with your own. Having a small netting (slightly weighted corners), or making one; produces a useful survival method for entrapment/ fish or other. Fire is a useful method for protection; small fuel sources, with enough flame; that can be thrown under the problem work best. Don’t burn down the forest. Sand works well for cleaning dishes.

As to drowning:  over oxygenation caused extremity shutdown. Being essentially the same buoyancy as water, I sank about 10 feet down/ and then rose to within 2 feet of the top; but then sank again, more than once. Consequently many  drowning victims needs help before they reach the surface: keep it in mind.

It is of note, in this world:  that if you are attacked by someone with a knife/ the first thing to do is run away. If in a crowd, hopefully they will follow/ IF YOU can outrun them: keep going. Stupid does not keep you alive. In contrast to that: if you must/ a man’s belt can help you by swinging it:  aim only for the face (particularly eyes; the belt is not heavy enough for other), be prepared to kick them in the groin. If the opening is real:  hit them hard in the “adam’s apple/ neck”.  A vehicle window should be able to break by swinging a belt with a “realistic buckle.  IF YOU CAN’T run from a gun/ then go right for him as hard as you can:  leave behind the evidence.


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