the constant

        The constant, among way too many lives is:  “you should just, look on the bright side;  we are right/ and if we expect to be right, then we should be right”.  So says “god (laws, and realities that form the basis for what you want;  just don’t apply to me).”

        Unfortunately for you, want (optimist) is not enough to survive! Want is just mimicking belief, and saying because I believe that is what I want/ then it should be so. On the other side is the pessimist:  who believes no matter what the truth is, in this matter confronting us/ we will fail, because life is bad, and I am unlucky. Neither decision is valid/ and will not survive beyond time.

        TRUTH survives time, and beyond; because truth itself cannot be changed. Therefore what is true, remains true forever. The question of life, and will it survive to make the truth your life created “valid into eternity”?  Is a discussion, born on the simple phrase:  where miracles exist, the foundation of this world exponentially beyond a chance reality.  The fundamental that is life itself, as is conceived by thought:  because without thought, you do not exist.  Literally means:  if thought makes you alive/ instead of body; then what matters is how does thought originate, and who controls it?

        Fools, failures, traitors, terrorists, and thieves all participate in digesting “miracles as a sheer fantasy”:  they are the sewage of life.  Every life is formed by the compositions that can only be attributed to thought; “engineering, design, autonomy, structure, conception, utilities, movement, senses, and a thousand more you are completely unaware of”  all prove LIFE IS A MIRACLE. And in no possible way, some damn example of what can rocks, make in a mud-puddle. In no possible way has the sun burned for “65 billion years”/ which means every conception that requires the sun to be as it is;  utterly fails.  THE SUN releases energy, which means it consumes energy to release that energy. which means it burns fuel/ and the fuel source dwindles over time.  Which requires a sun that existed 65 billion years ago, MUST have been standing on earth’s doorstep.

        Likewise is true:  bones don’t just make themselves without all the parts and pieces and materials, and “software” that makes building a bone possible.  Neither does it make a ball and socket joint for movement. Nor does it magically lubricate itself. Nor does it tie itself together with ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Nor does it control those muscles without the machinery to do so. Nor does it live once created, without the body. Nor does it have touch or incredible abilities WITHOUT THOUGHT TO CREATE IT, and literally GIVE IT to you.  Only a damn fool would be so blind as to believe in evolution;  the digested carcass of extinction coming.  Because they attack life through nature, and deliberately bring chaos;  in worship of their religion “evolution”/ a pandemic disease, because of the cult religion called “university knows”.


        Regardless, you are not worth getting angry over/ and in truth that has largely faded away.  A  spiritual woman does live in me;  “it was never my intent”/  but she knows anger will do no good, and controls that in me.  See already, you are running from the door, screaming “he must be crazy”. And I don’t care.

        What is clear to me is:  NOTHING has changed in the thousands of years men have ruled human society. The base fundamentals are all the same, the only difference of today is weapons have changed/ and the ability to destroy has intensified to the point no possibility exists for this earth or its life to survive;  without true and dramatic change.  A primary change would be let women try;  because men have tried; and this is the best they did do/ AND WE STAND AT THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION, whether you believe it or not; it is true.


        Back to the purpose of this discussion, which is to examine reality and develop an understanding based upon the existence of thought, as a participation in life.  Thought is not life, rather it participates as life. The difference is more dramatic than you think. Not for this discussion.

        Instead the question is:  as a participant in life, we do not own that life/ but use it within the freedoms, boundaries, and limits available to us as our right. The question is why:  does this even exist? The answer is:  because miracles built life/ not “your science, which tries deliberately to destroy life”.  The reality of why do we exist falls within the element called love.

        Love is a foundation of life/ just like hate is a foundation of death.  Love participates within the laws which govern all truth, thereby it survives.  Hate participates in death, to consume itself forever. Within the boundaries of our existence:  the opportunity to choose love or hate is required of you.  Which means this choice is functional, to the question of why life exists:  or it would not be so.  Love that is true, survives.  Therefore the question is when we participate in love that is true, and is not abandoned at a later time:  do we share in that love, and thereby participate in that potential eternity? Is love a powerful enough intoxicant, to be the value of why we exist;  as humanity, in order to form the critical task of developing those who do love, to share that “forever”?  The answer is yes, love is why we exist.

        So nothing else truly matters, except for this:  every drawing, every picture and face exist in the images of light and shadow.  It takes both to create an image we then recognize as self, or others, etc.  light being the essence of all things discovered (unhidden).  While darkness is the hiding of everything, so none can discover.  Opposites do not attract, love and hate are forever completely different, and cannot be combined except in time.

        So we then turn to the spiritual world, and ask the question:  IS, everything in the spiritual world true, and loving?  The answer is no, because the ascent beyond the realities of being human:  are dependent upon you. Or more distinctly what is not love nor truth, MUST be left behind; or your journey stops, and “here you will stay”.

        This begins the definitions of thought, as they intertwine in a new reality, that is not dependent upon what you want/ but only exists based upon the purpose of your own desire.

        We begin again, by returning to the humanity level, and express the variety of conceptions that are not limited to reality;  as is consistent with human beings, or even animals. The question is:  IF you think, rather than simply want, or believe/ THEN what would be the difference?  The eloquent word to describe this is faith:  which means to accept only truth, and its law;  as your guide. No more want or belief (I want what I want, even if I am being ridiculous).  Truth and law is based in reality, therefore the knowledge of what exists, becomes a participant in that translation of thought. Understanding is your participation as a human being in what you come to accept as true/ by the evidence.  Wisdom, is the development of a journey into thought, whereby the relationship we establish on our path into life itself:  is translated.

        The question of life, and how that life participates in humanity through the existence of a decision:  to enter inside the values that generate MIRACLES.  Grants existence the development of steps. To ascend within wisdom, is to participate in the relationships that give life to humanity. Commonly called spiritual:  the question of body & mind OR life and spirit, construct a question?  Every living thing is a miracle/ every aspect of this planet that exists in support of life, is a different type, but the same basis for a miracle. Thereby the construction of something so intricately complex, that after thousands of years in human history:  “humanity is without a clue”/ as is proven by evolution and more.  Life has proven itself, unfettered by human decision:  as a reality that lives within its own conception. In contrast to that, is the spiritual essence of what life can be, when combined within its own truth. The question is, are we allowed to contaminate “life” within/ or is it held apart, so that when it returns from whence it came:  it will be “pure”?  In addition to that, is the question:  when our spiritual presence, as is a relationship with life itself/ NOT time;   has been released beyond time.  WHAT then will be our reality?

        We begin with the assertion “time and life”, are the essence of humanity/ only when they participate in a spiritual existence. The miracle of our existence is created by “LIFE, time, body and its mind, thought, love, wisdom, and decision”.  Combined these elevate our participation within the journey that completes a destiny. When part of this combined journey is lacking from our existence;  we lose that portion of our participation in a spiritual world. The spiritual world is:  the quest (I will pay) to understand and encounter LIFE ITSELF!  The price to enter is “everything you are, that is substantially  un-pure”/ and there will be mistakes.  Nobody is perfect, in an environment which demands perfection:  that is a problem.

        So the question begins:  WHERE, does thought arise from?  The answer:  remove everything “un-pure”; as best you can.

        The question WHY:  only truth survives!

        The question WHO:  love is the greatest treasure, in this entire universe;  because it makes eternity worthwhile, and happy.

        The question WHEN:  only life itself knows.

        The question WHAT:   relies upon you, and your own quest, to participate in the life granted by miracles, that are true.

        The question WHERE:  every decision for love,  arises from the heart. Every heart is born, and survives, only because your own decision is to share and care.

        The question HOW:  remembers the validity of wisdom, which is “to be more than fate will allow”.


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