the cursed disease

The most cursed disease, a human being can encounter:  is arrogance/ followed closely behind by righteousness.  These two are responsible for a wide variety of human catastrophes.  Hate is a decision, but arrogance is a disease that simply “sneaks in”/ commonly without recognition by the owner of the property (body and life).  Righteousness descends from the game of pride called winner or loser/ and asserts therefrom, that “I can be god over you, because you broke my rule/ or this rule/ or whatever rule I impose”.  I am right, because I have a rule. Which then becomes, I can punish as I see fit/ because this is my rule you broke. The cost and the cast of criminal, is a reality distributed across this world for half the criminal population:  “because the price of your rule was just too damn high”/ you had no right; which then gives the criminal his or her right, or righteousness;  to break your rule. Basically the same individual;  which establishes the righteous as criminal themselves.

        Given that dreary relationship between failure and arrogance, which becomes righteousness when recognized:  because you can’t play god without a rule. The fact of zealous people delivering tragedy and disgrace through their own disrespect is a foundation of tears throughout the world.

The bully is often overrun by rejection. The wimp is commonly rejected, because power and pride needs a force to be reckoned with; and these are not; so they become displays of force, so as to claim power exists. The arrogant bully is different:  being given power from  the beginning, their demand is, “obey me/ fear me,  or you will suffer or die”. They believe they are entitled, and will not be dissuaded:  “they are god, in their own mind”/ until proven, without relief; otherwise.

The purpose of that simple definition is:  all power players are arrogant, and none of them will surrender to truth and reality unless they are forced to do so. Which brings this world into world war 3.

Massive realities are aligning themselves into war:  over-population/ which will become starvation and thirst for millions, and then billions. Fools rule. Scientists believe they can play god. Universities are whores without relief, stomping on the rest of society by playing god with life. A world running on counterfeiting. And a military surrounding us all, with weapons of mass destruction.  Establishes, there will be no escape/ unless truth takes over our reality, and life by its relationship with nature;  comes first across this planet.  You have a billion to one shot of making this come true;  or more clearly I have pushed for decades in countless ways, demanding life comes first.  Remaining “Just one” for all intents and purposes of today/ while it will in fact take a billion people to notice and accept that philosophy, so they can change the other 7 billion people as best they can:  to keep us alive.  Alas, your herd cannot think/ and your media are merely preachers for the university gods who led you to discard life, “for an easier way/ JUST LIE”.

Nonetheless reality dictates nobody escapes the foundation of their own duty to life; and that includes me too.  So as we search through the endless threats, and horrific tragedies men are creating to exterminate life:  the only thing left to do is disassemble what can be done, so as to buy a tiny bit more time for the children. You made your choice:  LIFE is not worth fighting for/ they did not, and will be crucified by your decisions.  So buying them a little more time is the least anyone can do.

Pride thinks life is a game. Arrogance is absolutely certain:  I AM so close to god, no one should ignore me. Power lives only to prove it exists, in me over you. While violence simply wants revenge, because hate cannot survive without a purpose.

Given that range of failure;  the dead among us (you, by your traitorous acts against life itself;  no longer have a right to any decision involving life) are discarded.

Which leaves the reality what to do, in so many situations of outright terrorism as is the university graduate:  playing god over our lives?  Or concentrate on the tragedy of leadership that is most exaggerated today by the N. Korean leader and Trump fiasco called America [by no means alone]? Or something from the endless threats;  elsewhere?

        We will just end this, as I have explained “igniting atoms on fire, as is the intent of science and governments”: IS THE END OF THIS EARTH.   With a simple compilation:  regarding N.Korea & USA

  1. Nothing is more consistent with reality, than its truth. Consequently the definition of “mind your manners”: is a deliberate understanding of just how bad this will be, if you initiate with  Not hard to do, no holding back:  “nuclear/ chemical/ biological/ etc”.  Because millions dead, initiate millions more will die. Contrary to common military and political wisdom:  NOT A GAME.
  2. Korea believes it is more protected with nuclear weapons/ but they just became a more primary target, and when war begins: they will be annihilated; an entire nation destroyed [most likely with radiation (forever)]. Even without a cause.
  3. USA believes, it is too big/ with too many weapons of mass destruction to be targeted/ so they can do whatever they want, with minimal cost; “other than S. Korea”. But they could not be more wrong;  as it ends the fragile reality of believing these weapons will not be used. And then every nation confronts their own truth:  that “an initiating attack is BETTER, than waiting for someone else to attack us”.  Fools play games/ believers want whatever they want to believe, regardless of reality: and so they act or react without thought.
  4. USA believes N.Korea REMOVED of weapons of mass destruction cannot then attack them. But that is not true, because like all terrorists [you didn’t respect me]. HATE will override the oceans, and like the earlier versions of cold war tactics:  both sides will deliver nuclear bombs or other, into the cities they want destroyed. “just one in one million people” would consider that:  equals 8 thousand individuals.
  5. Other nations believe, “we can’t be involved”: surely nothing truly bad will happen/ and if it does WE DON’T WANT TO BE A TARGET TOO!  But alas, fallout alone will impact you. Horrifying results, will make you weep and moan and believe YOU ARE NEXT/ because revenge proves hatred will not be simply discarded. One world, with no place to run:  equals death for all.  But then just wait, because every indication is:   science will ignite atoms on fire/ and since there is no end to the fuel.  Your world will soon be extinct. Since you eat nature to survive/ surely adding another billion people in less than a decade “can’t kill you too”?  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Oh wait, not to worry;  as leaders you can hide in bunkers. Locked in a grave, until your dead;  “just like the fools at another cult from the past (nope, not safe) ”.  I forget their name. 
  6. Your world is approaching FOREVER DEAD, and your best effort is: to consider me a threat!  Blind/ stupid/ diseased/ and without a brain;  as all cults are.    Nonetheless, that is the choice you made/ and I cannot save you.  Only truth, by its own realities/ through decisions that are in fact:   LIFE, for this planet COMES FIRST.  Is your only hope, and soon past the point of no return; which the bible claims (if the math is correct)   is July 8, 2019 ends life on earth. Or more simply :  HELL begins July 9, 2019. 
  7. If you had a brain, you would be concerned. Since you are a cult following “university is god”/ you have clearly failed. Reality will prove your fantasies are all lies! Every single one.

The summation is:  that animals fight for superiority/ while human beings learn to understand, it is life itself as a personal possession, that matters.  Life has no basis in superiority, it is pure fantasy. Which means, the only thing that matters to a human being is what happens when you die. Eternity is real, time is just a momentary glimpse of what truth can do.

    The tragedy of human existence is power. The propaganda machines of media and politics make this worse; by proclaiming “they threaten us”/ when in fact, their threat is less than your own threat to them or the world, in countless ways.  But then propaganda was never meant to be fair, or honest, or true. The term “superpower” simply means:   no longer are we simply going to kill you/ NOW, WE are going to kill this world;  just because we can.  And society says, “this is better than without weapons of mass destruction”/ because they are brain washed and delusional, at best. As always, the current jockeying for “male/ I am god” position is:  KILL THE CHILDREN/ they are worthless to a leader of power.


    Let’s add just a bit more.  The reality is:  the greatest threat & the most intolerable military presence in this world today is America. University leadership took control, and their fantasies and worship of power demanded weapons of mass destruction instead of peace. So it has been since world war 2, when in fact the greatest asset of humanity in that day was US military might.  Power is a horrendous corruptor.

    No one threatens more. No one else started the chaos in the middle east that has led to this day. Which makes bush and that congress war criminals. No one else is claiming a small nation thousands of miles away, is a great threat:  when in fact, they literally are trying to obtain the same as you. Trump is a grade school bully, “I am the greatest”/ same as kim jong un:  “like most leaders”. Trump is very likely to attack the missile assembly plant in N. Korea;  because it seems like “that would be a good plan”. Believing we are too big to lose!  But it rests upon the idea, that N. Korea would not attack S. Korea next;  which is very likely. Because when you have little else than a military/ if you fail to use that military when confronted:  then you, and your generals lose your grip on power. The people say, “we are nothing now/ we have nothing now: we must fight”. Millions will die. The failure of any regime opens the door to chaos, just like Iraq. THE ONLY SOLUTION for regime change is the law. The only law that can invade a nation and take control over the leaders:  is WE THE PEOPLE WORLD LAW. As in all of us agree, these are the terms of leadership for every leader around and throughout this world.  WITH THAT LAW, the reality of taking leaders to court, before the world:  becomes valid and true. With that law, the possibility of assassination against “leaders” becomes valid:  when you refuse to let the law decide as is justice for this world. The law is only WHAT MUST BE DONE across this earth for life.  The law of individual nations; that is under world law:  then becomes subject to the people themselves deciding if their leader should be replaced.  World law     must include:  if the people themselves want their leader to be reviewed under law by our world/ then they shall so ask. And what is world policing,  subject to NO NATION;  shall do the rest. This is the price of survival as a planet. Or more correctly “just one tiny little part”.

    World law is the only solution to weapons of mass destruction.  Leaders refuse:  BECAUSE IT MEANS THEY THEN MUST OBEY OUR LAW/ not we the people, their law. Biblical prophecy is clear:  it gives you two years to change before HELL      erupts.  ANY attack, will prompt military solutions across this world/ as all decide “we must strike first”;  we can no longer respect the idea these weapons will not be used!



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