the disgrace

The disgrace, that is media today recognizes the foundational influence that is:  “disrespect for each other is called funny/ murder is called interesting/ a gun is the answer/ any temptation is good/ plotting corruption, planning infidelity, conspiring to destroy, being unfriendly in every conceivable way,  lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc;  is life in these united states of America.  And the people watch, listen, and learn to repeat these same elements in society;  destroying values as their priests of a university derived cult demands they do with this constant brand of propaganda and influence over their lives.  The reality of discipline fails. The common cause which is balance and order in society reeks of delusion and sewage. The values of love and life itself as a miracle; which it truly is/ is violently assaulted and battered by fools promoting evolution for their god; which is the university.

        Or more simply, the curse of “university knows” has become so wide spread and influential, because of all the counterfeit money:  that our world is being exterminated, along with all its life executed;  simply because fools cannot be allowed to think/ & only the damned can lead.

        So let’s consider our truth! 

  1. Even though society considers its university a god which saves their lives. Since extreme worship has risen; the current approximate cost of healthcare in America has become $3.5 trillion dollars/ not including social security or insurance costs.  In a nation of 350 million citizens/ that comes to an expenditure of $10,000.00 per year, per American citizen.  So reality says, your gods MUST be making you sick; or this would not be so. How is that not true?
  2. The value of any disease is: “keep them living/ make them fear;  and you can make them your slaves until they die”.  So back to the doctor you go, time and time and time again/ because they say so.  Not to worry however, because as gods;  they get to charge absolutely anything they desire:  so as to bankrupt and destroy society itself.  Making them “the superior ones”/ as all criminal organizations do.
  3. The extreme delusion that is evolution contributes by proclaiming “every life is a random accident/ without the slightest claim to wisdom”. Which of course means;  that the chemicals being produced CAN’T have an impact unless the university proclaims it is so;  after all they are gods. And since they know everything:  the biology of a chemical body needs no order/ no balancing, or distributing or combinations or utilities or anything else that could be considered complex;  because according to their gods “evolution is explained, as just chaos which went awry”.  After all, who needs a brain, or any other form of knowledge; to form ALL the base realities of building a life body? Its just an accident;  until reality looks at the nursing home for instance;  and declares every person in there; an example far superior to what evolution declares “started humanity”. A dead brain can’t think;  “so you just have to excuse the witchdoctors of university”  after all, when your brain extends from your ass, “it gets a little filthy, every single day”!
  4. But let’s not be so simple, and recognize the realities of university is GREAT. After all, “they went to the moon”, and more. By spending literally countless trillions of dollars in this simple delusion;  throughout the decades/  as a means to hide the fact it is all simply about delivering atomic bombs.  But who cares right;  you’re bankrupt, and so is every nation who participated in that purpose to exterminate life from this earth;  but its all worth it right.  After all, who would be SO ARROGANT, as to actually use them;  right?  Surely not ANY leader, or terrorist? But alas, the very worst terrorists this world produced:   are all found in the university itself, and their purposes beyond those closed doors.  Such as is the mutilation of all life on earth;  yep, every single one/ because that, “is what they do”.
  5. Its ok though, because the university elite have bought the government with counterfeit money (inflation hidden by asset generation/ and not reported to the people: SO ONLY THEY GET TO SPEND IT, “like real money”.  With that theft, every fantasy has been encouraged;  so long as it doesn’t have anything to do with living or life.  Rather every fantasy is about “BEING god”/ by proving we can control nature, we can control energy, we can control humanity, and we can control government to religiously teach evolution and other deceit to the children. Thereby making them “good little slaves” who cannot think for themselves;  because they believe whatever they are told to believe.  Making a cult possible, because leaders are then never questioned for the true value or consequences of their actions.
  6. The dead (you failed life) never question the future, because they have none here. So they lie/ cheat/ and steal;  making certain to kill all they can.  The living dead are then the liars and people used to destroy the opportunities to find truth:  when any important reality requires discussion among the living.  Such things as trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ with nothing but lies hiding the truth:  this is a clear purpose to exterminate and destroy both life and planet; even affecting the solar system.  What greater proof of satan (destroyer of a world) could there be?  Answer, it is the only one required; even before you are dead as a world.
  7. Which brings us to the inevitable translation of religion: as their leaders would say, “just tell us what you want to hear or believe, and we will write this down and make it a rule”. Even so, the history of humanity reveals that an eloquent measure of disciplines must arise, to keep a religion alive.  That form of books “have power”; limits the leader, so the herd can proclaim itself “as wise”.  Which gives the herd a value of its own;  a primary function for longevity.
    1. Eloquent means, “a description and definition superior to the common experience or expression”. Which allows for the development of CREATION AND ITS CREATOR. Discipline requires a level of though which surpasses our reality, as is the clear and certain demonstration of EVERY BODY OF LIFE.  The constant being absolute proof of miracles among us, and as our own existence. Therein religion takes a step forward from human existence:  to recognize unlike the dead cult (no brain) of university knows/  REALITY ITSELF, proves the truth that only thought and a wisdom beyond comprehension did in fact create this world and all its life.
  8. So, let’s look at resources; as a reality of choices made by our leaders/ and their army of whores, whose only true purpose is the money, “PASS ME THE DAMN GREED”. TO HELL, with every other living thing, I WANT, what I want!
    1. In so doing, by generating counterfeit money, the valueless have destroyed economies and societies worshiping an EASY LIFE, without paying anything: “let the children pay”/ they’re dead anyway!
    2. In so doing, the earth is raped/ ravaged/ ransacked/ and destroyed in countless ways; as every slaves tries to join the ranks of “these new nobles” one way or the other. Even if they have to send their children to do it;  making 1.5 trillion dollars of university debt the passion to destroy their future lives too.  Just in case horrifying choices in energy, nature which is DNA (genetic instructions which do build life bodies), and resource destruction aren’t enough.  After all:  “satan’s helpers” don’t want to face an angry world;  so they are taking you with them.  You can’t fight your only possible saviors, now can you?  Of course not, even though they are found to be “THE EXECUTIONER”.  SO, just lay down and die, after you get us some candy.
  9. Not to worry though; you have “pretty little electronic screens and more” to keep you company on your way to hell:  never have to touch them/ unless it’s sex.   After all, “who needs a damn friend, when you got colored lights”? Or why find a friend, when you can have air-conditioning and a computer; damn people anyway, “they should all be FEARED”. NOW ain’t that so?    Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

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