the inevitable wall

The INEVITABLE WALL;  as in, time stops here! Some call it death.


       The more critical truth is: whatever time has allowed “moments”/ now stops.  So the first question is:  WHAT is time, that it conceives of a gap that can then be filled with a relationship built upon moments? WHY, does that time, declared to be moments;   stop? Is there a mechanism, or “a  GOD”  in charge of life;  because without life, there are no moments/ only existence.

       Before we begin the journey that is the gap filled by life beyond existence. We must ask:  WHAT is the value of a moment/ and why do we need moments to distinguish a lifetime, rather than an existence?

       The answer is:  the value of every moment is discovered within the relationships that make it “a blessing/ to be alive”. Value is then truly connected to what is called love. Because a journey as is time, either lives for love or hate; everything else is simple survival.  Therefore love as is the blessing conceived by life itself through relationships with other life/ is valued, by the desire not only to be free, but to achieve family. Family is the existence granted, through a home.  Desire is a destiny formed within the treasury that is your heart. Heart is the elemental design and discovery of what we value most about life and living:  given through the existence of relationships shared, because we cared. Caring and sharing presents the moments of life through living with “family”. Family is:  an acceptance through respect, that grants each individual a value without proof. Family is: a responsibility, that lives to encourage and guide each member to be “the best they can be” in life and its living:  NOT choosing for them. But assisting them in their own choices, for life by love.

 Hate is the destruction of life and living/ therefore it has no value, and worships (thank you for life) only for violence and death.

Discipline states:  time is a measurement of existence. But within that existence, “the gap created by life, is an opportunity to change the experience and expressions of that time” by using the freedoms granted to life, which include thought. LIFE exists because of thought/ not because of time. Even the “smallest or least of entities called life”; contain some limited existence of thought itself:  which includes the concept of “life, by its own even if structured, freedoms”.

We then ask:  WHAT is conception, by its essence called thought; as is the realization beyond time “that I, am life”?  Death reinforces this by a dead body, which has no freedom, and resorts to destruction. More simply:  death and life are not the same/ simple but true.

We begin with the invisible, or inevitable wall:  as is, your time and your life, as a body ends here! The question is WHY:  the search includes realities uncovered only by truth, through the acceptance of elementary “science”. Science is conceived to mean:  an education or ascension through disciplines to condense order into its various steps, by which we balance our integration of existence with life, according to the evidence.  Humanity of course wants little of that; and uses fantasy and delusion to imagine “playing god” instead. “they want what they want/ and cast everything else aside as if it was trash. So what is human or human derived has very little value in regards to life or thought.

We then look to life itself for the evidence of what is life at its core?  The fundamental or elementary science to be accepted is then:  what we cannot do for ourselves/ indicates and declares the reality of a relationship:  that gives us both life and thought, through freedoms to search. That is without doubt or question or inference of such stupidities as the religion evolution:  MIRACLES WHICH SURROUND US ALL/ WHICH ARE IN US ALL!

The critical relationship of life to its living:  is the elegant order, extreme disciplines of biology, foundations in balance through the laws that govern our truth as an existence in time; and the absolutely essential levels of thought that do clearly design, develop, discover, and desire every life that exists was born though the ability to think.  Thinking is:  a destiny created, that lives within its own construction of relationships that give life to structures inhabiting time. Or more simply, without the assistance of an elemental relationship with thought (that gives life), our bodies collapse and die. The removal of that life giving ability to accept freedom:  means time will end.

IT IS OBVIOUS AND PLAIN:   THAT AN IDENTITY WHICH FAR EXCEEDS OUR OWN TRUTH;  DID IN FACT CREATE AND FORM OUR LIVES.  The common description of that is    “GOD” !   What you design or desire from that input of education, is determined by you. Unfortunately for your “human science”/ their worshipers cannot dig themselves out of their own grave (we want what we want). That is their own fault, and they need no sympathy; abandon all who fail to change.

The difference between want and life is:  the demand for want is, like hate/ an intensity formed around the desire to play god, as in I am superior, I have what is superior, I am more than you.

       LIFE in contrast to that is:  beyond a body, there is something spiritual binding us to Creation itself. Because the end result of living, creates the opportunity to become your own identity, as formed, by you.  Therefrom freedom exists for the human experience in:  identifying the boundaries and limits that are created by your decision, as an elemental discovery formed through the values of your heart. We must live to survive, & we must survive to live:  which means the freedom of life is formed between this gap.  Definitions emerge:  living to survive, requires the acceptance of reality.  Surviving to live, requires the acceptance of what gives my life a value that I will then treasure.  Without value, life ends; because it lacks a justifiable cause to survive.

Value then returns to the discussion as love/ because love is a shared relationship developed through the ability and decision to care about you; and you about me! 

OUR CREATOR evidences this as the biblical testimony called    “JESUS”  !  Those who can will find the ability to understand why. Those lost to want, will fail.

As to the human contest:  which is, WHY won’t people love me/ or WHY do people love me?  The reality is based upon balance.  Those who can love, will balance their lives with sharing and caring as is respectful to their existence and time. Those who fail to balance their lives, commonly work to remove the competition:  so that they are your only choice, for someone to value. Even though these have extremely little value, or none.  Balance is:  the creation of your own personal mirror;  so as to remember everything fundamental to a body is a gift to you. Everything exceptional about you, is intended to be a gift to those who received less. Nothing grants that these tiny gifts, are greater than another life itself.  So the reflection of that truth, should mean:  we are all truly equals, with each other. Unless hate has destroyed your life, and removed you from the respect every life, human or not;  deserves..

Reality understands:  in every human life, there is only time for “so many people/ and no more”. Time is time, and value requires the opportunity to share that time, or it will fade away/ because you were not there!  Caring realizes, that every family needs the moments which bind it together; or it will break under the strain of existence. Because there was not time for you too! The consequence of love is:  we are transient in this place, because time is not allotted for a body to be “eternal”. The body itself simply wears out;  a reality of the “inevitable wall”. The cost of that is very simply this:   every single person lives and dies within the gap, that is their freedom from existence. Existence being the potential to become real. Life arises from existence into reality, …………in ways that will not be discussed.


The unfortunate truth is:  “human existence” at this time, is the greatest destroyer all of that reality is, or has ever seen. The universities led you to this disgrace/ and you worship them for it (saying how great we are) to your shame.  Simple and plain; you have assassinated the future, and therefrom killed every life and every child, and every potential living thing here on earth for all eternity. 

You want what you want, and expect trophies, or toys to replace your relationships with life. Discarding love to pursue competition or slaves. Discarding lovers, to pursue only sex. Discarding respect for an entire world, to pretend you can “play god”. But proving all you can honestly do is destroy the foundations upon which all life survives. Even proving that your design is:  to mutilate all of nature/ poison every well to destroy the water/ destroy every food source for yourselves/ cause extinction and exterminate even the possibility of life.  Which includes the deliberate attempts to establish nuclear fire just like on the sun/ here on this planet. A fire that burns the bonds holding atoms together, as is so obvious simply by knowing any facts about the sun. a fire that cannot be extinguished:  “because atoms are its fuel source”. A fire your scientists declare “will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here”. They are then called SATAN, because a liar is not enough/ they wish to destroy the earth itself, and even affect this entire solar system to prove “we CAN play god, AS YOUR destroyer”.

BUT, hey your busy pretending pennies are important/ and can’t be bothered.  Without a single doubt;  after over forty years of trying to say “wake up”!                  nobody gets an excuse.  Life or death for our world, proves that true!


That is not at its core, “me talking”;  reality  simply measures the evidence, and constructs the  assessment of its truth. Extreme denial won’t save a single life on earth:  it is your duty, to insist on “life comes first”/ not theory, not want, not fantasies or delusions or pretending this will just go away. But duty! I quite honestly CANNOT even conceive of your idol worship, and insane intent to make the university “god and savior”. It is beyond my comprehension; the evidence supports nothing of the kind. The only excuse you make is:  “medicine/ I BELIEVE”. Because you think its better than dying or pain; even though nearly every tiny bit of information they have: came from “public pain over centuries”! Found something, “we are gods”/ make them pay with their entire financial lives. Sacred beyond insanity “to make them mad”.  Reality says:  because you want to believe/rather than accept “life, is more than they can be”. Simply too afraid!

 A body is the evidence of life inside/ it is NOT the part that is “alive”. Proof of that, is the fact a chemical body dies. The chemicals are not life/ even though the processes which keep a body functioning are born in time! Biology is an ascent beyond what time can do. The passage beyond a process to a relationship with life, is built ……………………..”without measurements”. Chemistry exists “because of measurements”.

You are so fundamentally disgraced, deluded,  and disrespected;  you cannot respond to anything, unless the television tells you too. A response does not include being a mob. Mobs simply breed themselves by looking for an excuse to do what you would otherwise not be allowed to do.  Your scientists tell you an asteroid will come in 2029 if I remember correctly “and touch the atmosphere” of this earth.  Which means, if even a tiny asteroid crosses its path between now and then, the trajectory can be changed to crash directly into the earth. While in the past nothing could be done. Today a missile launched atomic bomb can be used to deflect the asteroid path:  so we are certain it cannot hit the earth.  Yet not even that, can you do. Because your scientists don’t want answers; they want to play. And if the answer is “they can’t spend money, and pretend they are your saviors by creating fantasy ways or means to interrupt that path:  then they won’t communicate what will.  Extreme arrogance will not surrender power or pride/ it breeds itself, only to control the mob.  The things humanity has done which benefits life; do not even pretend to be sufficient to outweigh the threats humanity and in particular the universities have done to destroy it. The road to world  extinction is real; by your own actions and truths. Nothing that does not work to save this earth and its life, is then important.

Alas, particularly in America:  the people have no brain/ only a television. Like all cults (the university is god), “it is illegal” to think for yourself! Alas, we all live like “pretty young women”:  can’t step outside the damn door, without some fool trying to get your attention;  as is the cost and consequence of endless advertisement throughout all forms of media. This teaching site is different, I do not want your attention/ I need your honesty and respect for life, a fact that is extremely difficult to find.  YOU LOST IT, or just threw that away.

Some would argue, “it is intensely stupid”/ to degrade those you need for help. I would argue:  “the bottle feeding” must end/ because a university mind must be stopped from controlling the population itself. That cannot be attained, by letting that population continue to believe it is anything but a cult. Particularly when led by the propaganda of media. Instead of “that’s all that matters” as the tv betrays you with. They discard everything that does matter, to entertain or assert you must fear.

Think not:  then where is the assessment of risk, that defines and indicates the truth about threats which will make you EXTINCT; and soon?  Answer: the population does not want to hear it/ so they bury their face in university dung.  Go ahead be angry; at least we can then argue about what is true/ IF, you don’t just become a mob.  “lukewarm/ don’t give a damn about nothing”; is just evidence of fools. Find something: the reality is simple:  I NEED YOU TO:   fight for this world!  Your world, not mine.  OUR WORLD!  Not an individual world/ not a “national world”/ OUR WORLD. Can you understand the difference? Failure means we all die/ so says truth.

The sad fact is:  an entire world of humanity must be changed in very little time; to stop extinction. No more games/ no more lies/ no more wants: just life comes first for this planet.  Even though every form and every part of the evidence: we are extremely threatened, as a world;  can be proven. People all say, “hell no”/ which is exactly what will come. Which does in fact make me “less than happy with you” and all who will not accept “this is no game”! it is a choice, LIFE OR DEATH, for our world/ no middle ground;  nature itself/ environment itself/ life itself, is being desecrated, and destroyed. 8 billion people (current population), are roughly one person per acre of agricultural ground; or more/ and the oceans are already in terrible trouble due to human decisions. Water supply, etc!

You can believe anything you want/ but that does not make it true. Prove the evidence is wrong/ or accept your own contribution: your assassination of the future, by failing to accept limits and boundaries is:   killing life on earth. The universities brought you here. The reality is:  they know almost nothing, about keeping this earth alive!  They can’t help you much: every threat proves that.