the question called insane

The question called insane.


        Foundations exist to fortify the reality of people going insane:  which means to lose not only control over your own thoughts/ but to let those conceptions decide your life.

        The critical essence of reality itself is very simple:  truth CANNOT be determined by want/ therefore to remove the want, and all its components such as pride, power, hate, etc. Functionally assists in the ascent from simply human (I was born), to the attainment of wisdom (self is removed, so that truth can decide).

        There are three things inherent to the question of a life that is worth living.

  1. To know and understand peace, through the existence of definable disciplines, which then achieve order through the balancing of every desire.
  2. To experience and express harmony, constructs the foundation of happiness by removing fear. Fear then is the corrupting influence/ achieved by the variations of violence and hate. To understand: “I can do, only what I can do/ is a literal foundation for accepting the limits life has imposed”. To understand:  “I am the best I can be, by my own decision”:  conceives of hope, because this is the life I chose. To know, that change is possible with time; because the decision is mine. Even if others will influence that, the decision that I can make:  is mine!
  3. To live in happiness requires three things. To distinguish the difference between thought and life. To define your destiny within the realities that have identified themselves to you/ or seek better. To remove death as a conception of choice; it is not! Because it is not, there is no cause to fear it:  that, will change absolutely nothing.  Accept that, because it is true.


Therefrom the critical question becomes, “how do I control thought”?

    The critical answer in control, arrives as:  the distinction between thought and mind. The mind measures and is allowed to judge/ even though that is extremely dependent upon:  why, did you do that! Because every life that is measured, is then judged. Every life that is judged, is then given a human identity that  will fail:  because you are not perfect, and neither are they. The consequence of that is either “too much/ or too little” to be true. Perfection is an enemy, as it will NEVER bring you happiness. Perfection is a failure, because it refuses reality to become something which enslaves you to an ideal which will never be met. Therefore those who choose it;  are in fact at the first stage of insane. The first answer is then:  DON’T judge or measure life/ let the law do this job.

    The second question is thought, as opposed to the limiting effects of a measured mind. The purpose of a limited mind is to control and limit judgment to what you believe can be judged safely by you or us.  That is always “those in the minority”. By judging someone or some group or whatever it is:  the mind believes it is in control, therefore safety appears as “I think, I can measure here”.

    Thought is the elimination of control, thereby discarding all recognition of judgment/ thought proceeds beyond the limits of time, and attests to whatever the limits or your own heart are.  Consequently the reality in thought is most significantly the reality of you, within the internal discussion of what life itself can be. This is a dimensional awareness, as it lifts the fabric of time into an alternate universe. Or more simply: thought constructs your own boundaries, to a world given its “hopes and dreams/ or fights and flights” according to whatsoever you believe will be true. The functional relationship for the masses is a dream or a nightmare;  even though this does not actually constitute thought. It is as high as the vast majority can go, in their quest for understanding what else exists, when time is not simple or plain.

    So let’s conceive of what can exist! TRUTH EXISTS, it is the elemental foundation of all universal laws. Therefore whatsoever is true, can survive examination by thought; and become the critical essence of a new dimension. Dimensions are driven by three distinct needs:  to limit the boundary; so as to retain an identity. To bind with disciplines; so as to retain the order. To structurally create; so as to give strength and stability:  thereby causing eternity in and of itself.

    Given that evidence of existence, the critical question becomes what is law?  As is its foundation:  truth becomes the enforcer of law, thereby its existence. The second question:  if truth survives/ then what is thought, by its essence, to life?  Thought contributes value, by its understanding of what can or cannot be contributed by truth to the existence of eternity. The dimensional need of life is trust, because without trust in truth and its associates; as are identities which can achieve order:  the value of life fails. Consequently what can be trusted elevates life into the conception of strength.

    In terms of sanity or not:  the values you place upon truth, isolate you into the dimension that you have created for yourself. Where truth, rather than want decides:  life is plain and simply, “the best I can be; in this moment of time”.  The value of love produces happiness, consequently love is the door that gives birth to a destiny we do create for ourselves. Even when love is “barely returned, if at all”/ the value of its existence cannot be denied. Those who hate do deny that love has value/ and find themselves destroying anything that reminds them of being wrong:  because they are insane.

    Those who do love, or are willing to love, or accept the relationship soul offers to life:  as are the evidence of miracles surrounding us in every living thing.  Construct a value to their existence based upon this truth. The value of a human being to share your existence, your life;  is a treasure, when its true. The unfortunate reality of a human being who lives with you, but shares nor cares:  is simply, “time granting time”. Time offers nothing but a distance to be traveled. Not all journeys are valued.