the sewer

The critical truth is:  that I am surrounded by mice (we can’t fight for our world, even if it means extinction)/ fools (we believe anything we are told so long as it is accompanied by a university diploma)/ failures (we are the superior ones, the rest CAN’T think for themselves; therefore we have a right, to make them slaves)/ and whores (nothing matters but the money; even though that is proven to be counterfeit, thereby worthless on any given day or time).  Extreme arrogance is a disease that does plague human society. Extreme hatred is a cancer that will continue to grow; because overpopulation means, “there is no more/ so you can’t share”.  Extreme extermination of species is our reality, and it will accelerate badly; because humanity now takes too much:  and are in the process of making each other extinct.


       Given those truths, and so many, many more: the reality is, I am not fighting with you or for you anymore/ not even the children. Because your decision is to assassinate them;  so you can pretend “winner”/ while you throw their future in the garbage along with your trophies, that lost their glow;  3 seconds after you claimed them.

       Those facts concentrate the truth:  you have no right to continue living on this earth. YOU WON’T even fight against those who are literally trying to ignite this planet, with the same fire as is on the sun! a fire that burns the bond in atoms, as is so clearly true:  just by looking at the sun, and feeling its heat (from     91 MILLION MILES away). Fusion is just another lie; easily discarded by reality .

       So then “you are worthless to life”/ a reality that convicts you to eternal hell.  Seem harsh? Lets review:  if someone took away everything that you built over a lifetime of work/ and just lit it on fire, or threw that in the garbage; including killing every child and every future child.  THEN WHAT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE JUSTICE, and fair play?  Answer the question:  because this is literally what you choose to do.  Not a measurement of individuals, as every individual has their own intrinsic worth or hate. Rather this is the demonstration of what “the university knows everything” has done to you, and your world/ and your eternity.  We all live or die:  because of the decisions being made by humanity on earth!  That fact makes us all guilty as human beings without respect befitting a gnat. Individually we are whatever it is we are; and that then becomes our truth/ regardless of the rest, who simply would not care!


       Truth dictates:  even though you are not worth my time anymore/ having lost a lifetime, through this effort to inform and define the consequences of being led by people who are so plainly proving themselves wrong.  Even though your entire participation has been:  WE JUST WANT THE DAMN MONEY/ EVEN IF IT IS COUNTERFEIT; so just shut the fuck up, until this collapses.  When in fact your contribution to my life at that point, without doubt:   will be;  “I, should have done more”!  To your eternal shame.


       This world is dying/ not a single child has a valid or real opportunity to survive your choices for their  future/ every living thing on earth is being destroyed by humanity itself, including every chain of food on land, ocean, and everywhere. Poison everywhere/ failure everywhere/ terrorists and treason everywhere/ fools, everywhere. And liars, traitors and thieves beyond number particularly in government throughout all its possibilities. Threats including the intentional mutilation, IN EVERY FORM of NATURE ITSELF/ through DNA, and more poison. A population growth of another million mouths to feed over deaths EVERY THREE TO FOUR DAYS. War is certain/ weapons of mass destruction are certain to be used/ complete anarchy across this globe will arise/ total devastation of the earth itself requires just a few days for the military of this world to unleash. Cannibalism is coming; the food is mutilated intentionally, and there will be consequences. Absolutely everything that can be done to cause our extermination from this earth is being done:  “because university knows/ and humanity worships them for creating toys”. Humanity worships them discarding what they don’t know; about the medicine they want so badly:  a criminal organization extorting what only fantasies can pay/ and slaves must endure.


       Biblical prophecy gives human life on earth the mercy to change its ways until July 8, 2019;  after that the prophecy is all dead/ the earth destroyed by march of 2021. Whether you believe in the bible or not:  it is fair to say, a prophecy created thousands of years from the past/ that can predict anything in this day.  Requires the respect to hear it!  That prophecy is in Daniel 12, and its primary theology is:   when the great abomination rises. That great abomination is:  the intent, the machinery, the money, the universities and governments, which have all chosen to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on earth.  A fire they say will simply extinguish itself “not enough gravity here”!  but if it does not extinguish itself/ then our world becomes a sun. The earth will then explode due to proven principles of thermodynamics/ and this solar system will change.  YOU CAN’T be a greater abomination than that/ NOTHING can;  not even mutilating all nature through DNA, by human decision. Not even destroying the food chains of life. NOTHING is a greater abomination than intentionally risking our planet, and even this solar system:  with ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE, by human decision.  That abomination rose, when the first experiment that could ignite the burning of bonds, that hold an atom together did occur. That was April 1, 2012.  The first death is “you can stop this by law”/ it shares a relationship with the old testament. The second death is “you can’t stop this on your own/ but mercy can save you if you change”: that shares a relationship with the new testament.  The half time indicated; refers to how long world extermination will take.


       So then, by biblical prophecy OR OUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE EVIDENCE of your lives, and your “university gods” is:   truth demands on any given day, this planet can ignite on fire (we know the fire exists, just look at the sun/ SO IT CAN be brought here).  Our nature can suddenly disintegrate into chaos:  THE INTENTIONAL decision of universities everywhere, as they try to “bring back evolution” in their words. Religious perverts and assassins:  using terrorist tactics, right under your nose. Every life on the planet in jeopardy, and YOU, CAN’T do nothing by your own words/ and absolutely won’t try;  “CAUSE THE UNIVERSITY is your god”.  Shame on you, for destroying your own brain, with their sewage.

       BRAIN DEAD, because evolution is only a lie for fools/ you can’t be that stupid, as to believe chaos builds anything. Which does make you a cult, worshiping idiots and satan (destroyer of our world).  Shame on you.


       Oh wait, I know:  you need university controlled media, to tell you “what you think”. Well hell coming;  that sure as truth declares this world will die, by the evidence that is absolutely certain/  they led you into an abyss, and didn’t care about nothing, but their own greed, power, and pride. And that, is what you want too:  isn’t it true? Indeed it is for the vast majority, without the slightest doubt/ you chose to kill your world, and destroy your own children.  Look beyond this moment, and the future WILL horrify you;  because you did or you did not do;  everything that enlarged or created, true THREATS OF EXTERMINATION against all life on earth.

       NOTHING proves that more so than allowing your university gods;  to ignite atomic fire on earth. NOTHING proves you a horrendous cult of satan worshipers MORE than their attempts to ignite atomic fire here on earth. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU KNOWS WHAT FIRE IS.  Every single one of you knows the sun is engulfed in a fire we CANNOT survive.  Every single one of you UNDERSTANDS THE CONSEQUENCE OF LETTING “SATAN” IGNITE THAT FIRE, here on earth!   Every life dies/ even the solar system itself will be forever changed.  And yet you haven’t got one shred of courage per million individuals/ and all indications are there aren’t that many to be found.  Because you love sitting in a university pandemic of stupidity and failure;  they taught you to fear/ and they took over your brain. OR, we would NOT be facing extinction over this entire planet.  One second too late, and a ten million degree fire/ WITH MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES (as is on the sun);   will not be put out:  AIN’T THAT SO.   There is no such thing as fusion:  if it existed their claim is great abundances of helium are created by fusion/ BUT HELIUM IS A RARE ELEMENT, and nowhere to be found in reality; proving LIES! 

       Go ahead, “sleep in your shit/ dig a grave for your child”;  after all,  “only the money is important”. Now ain’t that right.

You don’t need to be smart or stupid or young or old, or anything more than alive inside:  TO KNOW, what allowing sun fire here on earth will do to every living thing on this planet.  Even a five year old child can understand, and draw the same conclusion that I have. Which is WE CAN’T LET THEM BE WRONG!  Or we are all dead.

       To ignore that warning is INSANE.  WHICH DOES MEAN:  HUMANITY IS EITHER COMPLETELY INSANE (a diseased brain)/ OR,  they are CULT WORSHIPERS.  Because only a true religion can create followers who are SO DAMN DEAF & BLIND/ “they just drink the damn koolaid and die”. Taking this entire world with them, means eternity in hades for you.  Because you earned it.

       Call me anything you like, but remember this:  truth will decide your fate/ NOT LIES.  I tell you the truth, this planet nor its life; can survive what humanity is doing. The end comes soon, whether you believe that or not/ because truth does not care.  Simple and plain.  


This is like everything else:  IF YOU DON’T TAKE A STAND FOR LIFE/ THEN who will?  It’s YOUR JOB, even if you don’t like it/ because life on earth is MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU.  Past the point of no return on ANY EXTREME THREAT, which can no longer be stopped:  IS OUR EXTINCTION.   “you too”!  WAKE UP OR DIE.

Reality says, “you can be just like the members of my family:  I CAN’T STAND THIS/ I WON’T DEAL WITH IT, NOT EVER”!  After all, you cannot accept the evidence “university knows” is in fact killing us all with their arrogance and failures; without changing your life.  It is a fact, and realistically “nobody wants to be me”/ because I don’t have all the things you want. They consider the examination of evidence “just crazy talk”:  as in REALITY PROVES NOTHING.  Simple as that:   want money/ want pride/ want power/ want greed (I can too take yours) {I CAN’T RISK THIS/ I WON’T BELIEVE UNLESS THE OTHERS DO};  and of course, I won’t care unless its about “me, or something important to me”! Nobody can stop you, it is that simple; we all get to believe anything we want. BECAUSE that way, this does not cost a single penny, not even a single word for life!  Unfortunately for you:  truth does not care what you believe/ and reality only survives based upon what truth decrees this environment and this time shall be. You are killing your food supplies/ your water supplies/ destroying your oxygen supplies/ poisoning the entire earth/ igniting the earth itself on fire/ destroying nature/ destroying life in the oceans;  AND MUCH MORE.  So the evidence will prove. All you have to do: IS INVESTIGATE/ PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND CHANGE ACCORDINGLY to save your world. 

       Alas, “you only want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing that ain’t what you want/ and you are willing to believe any lie media or university tells you;  regardless of reality or evidence.  So you have dug your own grave, and destroyed your own child:  because the future is dead.  So says the truth!  You did not care enough, plain and simple.

You want what you want and more than you can honestly have; because someone else got it first; and “that ain’t fair”! isn’t that so? Alas you will have nothing soon.

       Absolutely ignoring, just like your university gods:  that everything you want and more, is literally being destroyed or gambled with;  “to the extent of extinction for our entire planet”. So like your desire “to get theirs too/ so you can be the superior one”:  you are aiding and abetting; even worshiping, the criminal terrorists who are literally killing you, and yours. What is more insane than that?  Does that not make you one of them! Congratulations, “you win a diploma”. Like the sun fire/ same is, as  same does.

       I am tired of you, forty years+, is enough.  So I write, or even video; as my testimony to you:  that want is not enough/ truth can be understood by you/ and eternity is real.  If you fail to do any work/ as is the constant of my lifetime with you:   then your extinction is absolutely NOT my fault. This day is yours/ I spent my time, and you said NO, without respect.   Good luck or goodbye, because want is not enough to survive; not even for you.

Your reality of course is, as has been told to me repeatedly over the years:  “WE ARE doing great, even if they are bribes NOBODY CARES.  Which became we are doing just fine;  NOBODY wants something different from you/ unless it is more for me. Which became “even if things are going bad for many/ ITS BETTER than what you offer:  REALITY BE DAMNED, the lies are working.  Which became “I have a gun/ and I am going to take what I need, or want; even if someone dies”: when this fails.   So it’s all good,  “right”!   nothing bad is going to happen to me. After all, it’s not like all the rest have a gun or something. Or the consequences of Syria could come here;  right?

       THIS WORLD CAN’T DIE;  it’s that simple. 

       But alas only truth survives, and truth does not care what you believe. The evidence is:  Noah’s flood DID EXIST/ because the reality of fossil fuels; which could only accumulate and be buried;  as found, can be done through a flood.  Which proves beyond any doubt:  that did occur.  Or, in Noah’s day;  every life but a few were lost, on this entire planet/ because fossil fuels are found “everywhere”.   Igniting an atomic fire will leave not a single one of anything! Who could possibly be more blind than you!

“excuse me”, I left out religion:  the people who say, “we are like GOD”/  we get to escape all trouble and consequences, for free!  Because we are superior to them.  But reality proves, you are nowhere to be found in this battle for our entire world.  You are not lifting a finger to protect or defend   “GOD’S  ENTIRE CREATION on this planet”!  which brings us to the reality:  ARE YOU NOT FREE? Do the religious never get murdered or raped or whatever:  WHERE exactly is your “anything but what we don’t want; get out of jail free card”?  Because you are believers, and prove to worship the universities as your gods/ endlessly telling me, “they are your saviors/ they would NEVER hurt you”.  Not even verified and proven lies are enough to convince a single one: beyond what you want to be true.  Alas;   beware of what you believe. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?  Truth and belief, ARE NOT, “the same thing”.  So the people say:  if I was correct the media would tell us,  what we are to think:  so there!  After all:  the universities can’t be wrong (the herd moves together).  Which of course means:  they aren’t human beings after all/ or, the universities,  must be like “gods”. The most certain fact of a cult is:    “our leaders CANNOT be questioned”.  A reality proven throughout every class of courtrooms in this nation/ and by its every leader.  NOT EVEN when being wrong is death to our entire planet of life!  They think “we will just do this again and again until we get it right”.  Discarding completely:   the reality of a ten million degree flame, the universities say:  “reach a million miles long on the sun”.   steel melts at 3 thousand degrees.  THINK ABOUT IT!

       I know, “you don’t want to spend your life doing anything you don’t want to do”/ and you DON’T want to pay for your life or your world or your choices; OR ANYONE ELSE’S. Just leave me alone! Isn’t that right?  Me too, but alas:  today, the university has taken control over governments/ and they spent all our money, resources, and time:  “to create THEIR FANTASIES/ by making us pay for their toys”.  Unfortunately what THEY WANTED, was realities so threatening to every life on this planet! Because they want to prove “they can be gods”.  They want to prove they can play with extreme energy. they want to prove they can play god over life. They want to prove they can control you “like toys”. They want to prove:  they will make you beg them as if they were gods/ by taking away everything you need to survive. So says the evidence/ there is no other true cause! The reality then is: that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. But to stop the insanity as is THEIR every threat so extreme:  OUR WHOLE WORLD GOES EXTINCT.

       Which means we cannot let them be wrong!  Which means, absolutely nothing else is more important, than what,  you or I can do:  other than stopping the consequence that is, “our world DIES”/ before it happens.   Go ahead, try to prove me wrong, DUMBASS!

I have proven every single theory the universities have about “sun fire/ their claim called  fusion”) wrong. down the homepage a bit. Absolutely nothing stands up to scrutiny, by the knowledge we do possess. Prove the evidence is wrong. Prove your cult worship is not so damn grave and disassociated with life or reality;  that you cannot even look to be sure.  The fact you CANNOT EVEN identify truth and reality FROM A FIRE THAT BURNS YOUR SKIN FROM 91 MILLION MILES AWAY means it is worthless, to attempt to make you understand ANYTHING else.  your brain is diseased, your life is discarded due to disrespect: due to the arrogance and your religious worship, of “university knows”.


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