the value of life

The value of life;  not simply happiness.


        We begin with value:  the essence of more, than what is simply the same or without direction. Life is primarily, at its beginning;  a binding to energy that allows for the distinctions called:  love, hate, freedom, decision, and development of choice.  So the essence of more, is a relationship with one or more of the above.  To understand happiness, we must first identify the disciplines associated with that order, through the eloquent dimension that is balance itself.

        Discipline means:  to accept the boundaries that law imposes upon the decisions that you are allowed to make, in the freedom that gives you direction. 

        Order is the ascension of law, beyond the limits and measurements which identify something of value.

        Balance, envelops the destiny of a choice, and constructs the base elements which will become the environment to be created. Truth is a dimensional capacity, that shapes a decision, through its development, into comprehensive reality.

        To understand the function of these things, is to gather purpose, from its desire.  So we ask of purpose:  the essence of a task to be done/ WHY does love or hate exist, as an identity in desire?

        Value enters in as the relationship unfolds to achieve:  in the essence of life itself, nothing is treasured unless desire is formed.  Therefore to attain life beyond a moment;  the foundation event of a direction MUST be formed.  In the essence of life, there are only two directions:  LIFE, OR DEATH! That means by its effect, there are only two distinct choices:  either to love as is the acceptance of a life worth living.  OR, to hate, as is the acceptance of a life worth destroying; as is even your own. The development of this choice, which is literally:  “one choice or the other”/ as they are distinct opposites. Then identifies the treasury of your own heart. People will argue:  “there are many more choices/ we can do this or that or mix them all together”. But that is untrue, because each decision requires an ascension into the next element of your description that then becomes self.  Self is not identified as a truth/ rather self is the description as same:  which then becomes “herd (prey) or predator”.  That elementally becomes the description of “those who hide and run away”/ OR those who attack, and try to sneak up on, from behind. Regardless of which, an identity has not been formed, therefore truth in you;  remains distant.

        We then understand, wheresoever people are alive:  they do try to become more. Because more is required to be an identity, as is the living existence of heart. Unfortunately people try to attain more, by trampling others, using others, abusing others, greed, selfishness, and a wide range of useless or other destructive pursuits.  Because they DON’T want to make a choice that gives them the boundary of disciplines/ or the choices that are limited by laws/ or the balance that is “only one direction (love or hate) is allowed”. Opposites are opposites, and they do not belong together/ they are enemies.

        So let’s examine the living existence of heart. Which is, I have made my decision, and it is love!  Heart then becomes the eloquent definition of what may I do, to extent the values of my love, upon this earth; in an ever flowing respect to the disciplines, order, and balance that I accept. We begin therefrom in the rhythm of a heartbeat:  “I am alive in time/ because realities beyond my comprehension give existence to me”.  That gift grants, that I too may give, as is consistent with my own reality by its truth.

        Happiness elevates truth, into an environmental destiny, by shaping the values defined by heart, into an existence conceived by destiny;  and constructed by love. Happiness is:  the core response, in recognition that I am alive/ and this is triggered, when love responds to me;  either from the inside or the outside.  That element of respect, to enlarge the creation of “my soul”/ adds grace.

        Grace is the acceptance, that I am “special”/ that I am recognized as an identity/ that I have achieved the treasury called love, which opens the door to all desires beyond hate. Hate has been  abandoned, and therefrom devoid of existence.  In this grace, the value of life magnifies itself;  as the essence of our own gift, in return for the life we share.

        Even so, the dignity of life forms from the living. The dimensional acceptance that is neither body or mind/ but elevates itself beyond measurements, into life itself.

        The question is then:  identify the difference between “life and living”/ why are they not the same?  The question reflects distance, as the primary contributor.  Life is a relationship with energy, and its contributor as is thought. While living is a relationship with time, and its contributor as is body and mind. The division that exists between these developments:  shapes the quest for what is truly free/ identifies the decision that will become your identity/ and alters the development of each step in your construction of truth;  by committing you to a distinct direction by its reward:  as is discipline, balance, order, and the elements of measured humanity such as courage, integrity, friendship, hope, happiness, and more.  The values of love remain elusive, because living succeeds in reminding you:  time has a purpose beyond your own self.  That purpose suggests a desire beyond the limits of love, where only the pure at heart may go. Mercy however gives rise to the value of an identity, that lives for love; even if it fails to rise beyond the “limits of what can be comprehended by human”.  Peace elevates time;  because it gives rise to the potential for more than a body can be.

        The path beyond self, is an intricate weave; through the variations that living on earth can be. Its purpose is to confront the development of “less than purity”/ and weave around that, so as to remove it from your path. To weave is to accept the foundations of truth, law, and reality by its evidence. Therefore it is “three dimensional” rather than two/ as is the environment of your heart and soul. To achieve that, you must “think beyond self”.

        The path within love, elevates reality into the shape of things to come. Or more distinctly, the quest to be “more than self”;  forms around the decisions that allow what will be “the freedoms of your own heart”/ by the evidence of your own soul. When love is true, these will see themselves “in the same light”; a value without cost. When love is trusted, between man and woman:  the door into “more than I can be, alone” is open.  How you share, and why you care then become the journey.



        To bind, is to trust the values found in truth and law which assemble destiny itself.

        To rise by love, is to bind yourself with truth, acceptance, trust, and respect.  That value achieves a four dimensional state, which gives construction both an inside and the outside view to our existence as one. The relationship we share is then formed by purity instead of value. As purity distinguishes truth to form spirit. Spirit is the transition beyond time.

You cannot enter into spirit, unless you are true to the identity that you have created. Only mercy is then available, as the middle ground; as the values you have earned through love, which is mercy. That opportunity resides at a distance;  dependent upon your acceptance of the laws granted to human life:  from   GOD  .  How long you can or will reside there, depends upon your acceptance of order and respect.  OR if you have entered the spiritual world of hate, as your only truth: because you earned it/ then to hades (eternal terror) you will go.  If you are not spiritual/ or fail to achieve mercy through love:  then you will dissipate into “nothing”/ by expansion beyond the limits that border your own existence. Simple and plain/ by your own choice:  “eternity beckons”.

        The value of life “is not heaven”.  The value of life,    IS    GOD    .  The treasury that is to know  GOD  through   JESUS   creates the path into a world beyond your mind.


        There is actually mercy for some who hate, and failed love, even entirely:  because eternal terror is so extreme.  That type of mercy is simply;  “to dissipate (it will end)” into the fears you yourself created in others.  This is the effect of “Judgment”.

        With regard to the people who do ignite this planet on fire; a reality that will happen because they can; the book of revelation predicts this as well.   If  humanity itself does not stop them, in all their attempts.  For those who intentionally mutilate life, in worship of their god evolution: If  humanity itself does not stop them, in all their attempts.    There is a different fate awaiting. Dependent upon your participation.  You will remain in the fire you created, both in life and in energy:  until the planet explodes. You will then be drawn into a black hole, and crushed into the cause of atomic fire itself:  forever.  Such is the price of destroying this creation on purpose! Believe it or not is irrelevant:  truth will decide.   CHANGE if you can.  That is the blessing of being human:  the right to change, until dead!

There is one caveat to eternity:  GOD   can end it.  There is one caveat to forever:  “this will not end”.  So ends your lesson in the elemental consequences of life.


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