time applied

Time, as applied to everything:  is the difference between what can, could, or will be/ what has past simply is the truth.


        So the question is, to every human being:  because we are given the consequence and the ability to determine our own future, or affect the realities of another.  WHAT can you become, what could you become, and what will you become because of the truth you chose?

        Developmentally the measure of a human being, is determined by the choices they make/ regardless of the outcome. The direction you choose, becomes the purpose of your heart. That desire illuminates the truth inside of you. Therefore want assembles an identity based upon your lies/ OR desire illuminates the values accepted, which grant an ownership to the basic relationships truth can sustain inside of you. Ownership identifies reality.

        So we ask of ownership:  what does reality truly mean, in terms of possession?  Foundations reply, where-so-ever the value of a substantial truth can be identified:  there the law will be found as well. Ownership is then the possession of law, by its own reality. Discovery responds with the question:  does this law “condemn or justify”? The answer is, entirely dependent upon you.

        Discipline suggests:  that what we become is based upon the path that we search, for the truth about life!  Those who do not search, find no path that leads to life beyond time.  But the question is, strictly for those who value being ALIVE:  what is a path, that it becomes your participation within law?  The answer is:  desire is a definition that applies direction, to the purpose of our heart. Within that response to desire, the elemental rise of heart  lifts us into soul. Therefore the path is desire, and the value of that desire is its search for life.

        We then return to time, and ask what can “I/ we” become?  That reality assembles into the order we grant, within ourselves, as our value granted to life. Both the things which we CAN accept as valued/ and the things we have given as value.

        We return again to time, and ask:  what could “I/ we” become?  That reality searches beyond the boundaries and limits of time and humanity to seek what is true, by discipline. What is true and accepted as worth the price;  then determines what you COULD become.

        We return to time asking:  what will you or I become? The balance of that statement conceives of an opportunity either taken or lost;  because the decision which grants your participation in time, only knows the reality which forms it.  Therefore reality, as in the foundations of you:  identify the laws which you have formed inside.

        LAW is the elemental source of discipline/ balance/ and order in eternity. Without each of these three, it is impossible to survive. Therefore truth owns the value of each, and gives it life. Even so, eternity “is a destiny far beyond this momentary life”.

        The question becomes, is our past for or against us:  because we do, as human beings;  live a momentary life? The answer relies upon the distinction of what was the differences you can, could, or will choose?  Those who had no true choice, are remembered simply;  because survival has only limited friendship. Even if you love, reality can only be what truth will allow.  Therefore the difference between what could be/ and what will be as to survival;  falls short of truth, because the decision is not simply voluntary.  It is life or death.

        In contrast to survival, is every decision that is voluntary, because each such decision leads life, even every life:  into a destiny that is guided either by love or hate. Therefore the guide you choose, is illuminated by the values you seek! The reality of your own purpose, feeds life or death into your soul.

        Eternity is at its core:   your participation in soul (life as created by   GOD ).  If your desire is not to achieve that participation/ then your purpose is not sufficient to become law. Law is eternal, just as truth is the foundation of every law that exists. Therefore existence is based upon truth. The question of life beyond existence:  lives within the inheritance of everything life can become.  An inheritance stands for the difference between what can, could, or will be taken/ and what will be left behind, for those who remain alive to accept. We then ask of eternity, what is life/ if not an existence?

        That answer will not be given.


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