Time Ends

Among the endless disgrace, created by the spoiled rotten children of a university diploma: as are the leaders of everything important on this earth. With the addition of their own languages (which includes “fancy math”), to discard and deny the rest access. These “nobles: as in we are superior to all the rest”/ have played their games with our lives, planet, nature, and future. Demanding we pay for their trophies, toys, fantasies, and failures.


       They want to be “god”. Simple as that, so they deny everything that is true, own anything they want, and rule over life;  to create the lies of their own delusions. A world of university fantasies, (created by only a very tiny few) have formed an army. All growing and committing together, that they agree to everything the others diploma’s want.  So they can take over courts, education, business, communication &  governments to spend your money, for their toys and trophies.


  1. The universities can control the same fire as is on the sun/ adding, “that fire” will just extinguish itself. “not enough gravity here”. The sun is our toy. The national ignition facility has already proven “no such thing as fusion”. The fire burns ATOMS.
  2. The universities can remove the disciplines, realities of order, balance called time; and then control “energy released” by causing extreme contamination of that environment with human interference. One such event is CERN:  “we can play with the big bang/ the single most destructive event in this entire universe.  “it’s a toy”.
  3. The universities can play with extreme lasers; creating the exawatt laser. Energy equivalent too: “a million  of the largest lightning bolts all releasing their energy on one spot, in a single instant of time”. They built 3, and can focus them together. Expected date of the newest laser intended to be double that, 2017.
  4. The universities can mutilate life, and do so by destroying nature itself. Genetic DNA is NATURE;  because these instructions build the bodies of life, that nature is. Their intent:  to make evolution (we built ourselves, one piece at a time: without even a brain) reappear/ BY DESTROYING THE DISCIPLINES, BALANCE, ORDER, AND EVERYTHING LIFE NEEDS TO REMAIN STABLE, and survive. Your university sewage, wants to bring chaos into nature itself, instead:  “to see what they can get”. Questioned, their answer is:  “don’t worry”, in a billion years or so, evolution will fix anything we damage.


  1. Yes the university CAN provide healthcare: so that the one thing humans hate the most, can be avoided. Therefrom humanity has now pasted the 8 billion individual lives on earth mark (or very close), and is adding another million over deaths every 3-4 days/ another billion in less than ten years, and accelerating. So instead of your elders dying at a rate that equaled new birth/ EVERYBODY soon gets to die instead. Including all other living things with them. Congratulations the university “win’s”; for humanity and life. ISN’T THAT SO? 8 billion people standing in a 3 foot by 3 foot area=72 billion square feet of earth COVERED with humanity. That functionally equals “add it up, in agricultural ground”/ minus flood, drought, roads, etc. which means we stand each on about one acre of ground, used in food production;  that must largely feed the other life too: FOR A YEAR. This ain’t no game. 8 billion times one pound of food a day each= just about 3 trillion pounds, required for a year.
  2. SINCE the universities take credit for everything/ the extreme loss in resources that has been going on for decades. Quote:  it is calculated, a decade or more ago/ that humanity has used and sold/ created stuff and thrown in the garbage MORE resources in ten years, than in all of human history before this date.    But you don’t need resources do you/ hell, the children can dig in your garbage for theirs. Ain’t that so!
  3. The universities in charge, like the men whose answer is war: chose for society on earth before them. The universities have only one solution:  Counterfeit the currency/ hide the inflation in asset creation/ refuse to pay the debts:  and demand as leaders, “DEBTS DON’T MATTER FOR US”/ only you.  Let the children pay: “because their future is dead anyway”! Besides we the superior ones should decide how all the money is spent;  “who else can play god”!
  4. With the universities in charge, trillions of tons of chemicals and chemical waste in every concoction possible, HAS BEEN dumped/ injected/ ingested/ leached onto, into, under, on top of, and around the water supplies. Altered the environment and its ability to survive as life on earth;  for decades.
  5. With the universities in charge, all livestock farming as become a factory dependent upon antibiotics to maintain the health of the critters. That failure has resulted in near collapse of antibiotic usefulness (for you too). That failure of antibiotics means: the factory farm will fail, with one single pandemic outbreak in livestock. Ending your meat supply, with absolutely no time to let the creatures multiply again. We die too. Destruction of habitat/ destruction of pollinators/ destruction of the chains of life, and all life;  in all aspects of living environment;  is true. Much harsher disease is coming FOR YOU as well, curtesy of antibiotic misuse.
  6. With universities in charge the attack on ocean life is endless; in all possible ways. So extreme is it, the probability of destruction: to habitat/ food chain realities/ incubating areas/ coral reefs/ ice, which grows a base food source/ and even heating of the ocean IS CERTAIN. And SOON. Not a game. Your food source will then be depleted by not less than twenty percent.
  7. With the universities in charge: the environment itself is under attack. Overheating the earth means summer temperatures will rise/ ending life on the equator. WITHOUT ICE, to cool the planet in summer/ there is NO regulation of the “life temperature” on earth. Every fire/ every motor: you create consumes oxygen from this environment; when the oxygen concentration drops, your ability to breathe ends. Green house gases are NOT the primary cause: your release of heat in all forms is.
  8. With the universities in charge, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, have proliferated around this globe. The people who want to be rich/ MUST make the others poor, or there is no “rich”. With every resource being used at its maximum/ and “every” human being wanting MORE FOR ME. While the rich man tries to take control over everything on earth, (by excluding the others) for himself:   WAR IS SOON across this globe.

        A dead world in every number given.


The reality is:  IF YOU AS INDIVIDUAL HUMANS, will not change as needed. BY WHAT TRUTH ITSELF demands we must be and do/ then there is no future in time;  for a single living thing on earth.  It is that simple:  CHOOSE ONLY,   “LIFE COMES FIRST” FOR THIS PLANET/ not just you. Once the planet itself, its nature, etcetera; “goes beyond the point of no return”:  there is no escape. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE A DYING PLANET!

We must have change. We must choose differently. Man cannot:  THIS IS, the best he did do! Men return to the very same things: every single time. War will no longer help you, “kill a billion people; conventionally”/ their numbers, will return in less than ten years.  Except for the fact, your environment will not! Take another look at Syria. Therefore it is time to let women try, “they literally cannot do worse”. Religion won’t save you: reality is reality.

It is time to remove the university diploma: no more blanket obedience/ no more language to control us. We remove leaders, from their ability to choose anything for life itself. They took over our lives/ it is time to take over theirs. By returning to true democracy:  THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ you, are the employee who swears under penalty by law:  “TO OBEY, THAT CONSTITUTION”.

 Dividing what from the university:  is valuable and true/ from all the rest, that is nothing more than fantasies and delusions.  Deciding instead of them:  WHAT IS, or is not in the best interest of life. Because clearly THEY DID NOT, DO ANY SUCH THING. They did in fact FAIL COMPLETELY for life and its future;  BY MAKING THEMSELVES “god over us”. And mass media told you little or nothing; even though they knew. We must decide for ourselves, no more “religious university cult knows best”;  and we must do so now, or time itself will die for this earth. Your choice, will then be NEVER.

If you are a child, “young enough to believe in a future for yourself”/ then you must fight for that future. Because your elders no longer see a future for themselves; and that means with one voice, they all say “I CAN’T/      don’t do nothing, I WON’T PAY”.  With the same voice, they all say “I will die before that happens/ LEAVE ME ALONE”.  With one voice they all said:  I don’t want to know, and media listened. With one voice they said:  “it’s too late now, I CAN’T face the reality of fixing this/ LIE TO US, we will believe”.

 THEY ARE WRONG, time has run out for fools! You’re “university is smart” leaders failed; greed and laziness overtook them.

Make your decision, FOR LIFE; and pay the price to survive. I tell you with certainty, “ETERNITY is watching you”!  Believe it or not.

       I am not part of your decision/ I am a messenger telling you:  THIS REALITY IS BAD, fix it or you will die, as a planet.   CHOOSE BETTER!  Understand this as well, your failures are killing this body as well as yours/ your failed decisions are killing everything I love about this creation: just like its killing everything you love about this earth as well. “we sail, on the same titanic”/ and there are no life boats. On a planet we CANNOT escape in time. Your elders took their easy life, for the last fifty years by stealing from the future. However you are their children, and would have done the same; how is that not true.


Oh wait, I know:  “you’re going to escape the consequences of failure, in the rapture (people just lifted off the ground, to go directly into, heaven)” if your religion is, Christian. NO NEED TO WORRY!  WELL instead of that, humanity who has proven to be “free enough”;  to ignite an atomic fire by creating and using machines.  Are you NOT free, to choose to stop them? For decades, YOU said NO; we don’t care. However a ten million degree flame, WILL CAUSE such an extreme updraft anywhere close to the fire “within a hundred miles”/ that the fire itself WILL SUCK YOU IN.  Not exactly heaven, now is it!  Free will, is free will/ doesn’t matter which religion you belong too: is that not true? INSTEAD of concerned for life:  religion has proven throughout the decades, “the university is their god too”. Alas the rest is just for show, and the collection of money. Like all the rest, “this world cannot end”/ no matter what men do. Well, if I took away your water, and all other liquids for a week; you would die. And you know that is true. Take from nature its disciplines/ take from the earth its ability to control heat within a “life range”/ ignite the same fire as is on the sun:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and our world dies. Noah’s flood did exist:  the evidence is clear, fossil fuels (life died) could have been clumped together and buried at the same time:  in no other “reality” way, is this done on earth. Your assumptions fail too!

Humanity itself, must change: or this world will die. Not a hard concept to understand. No more want decides/ only reality shaping what will then forever become:  LIFE IS FIRST/ NOT the individual or money.  How is that not “simple and plain”! A final truth is: we are so many people now, that we will live or die as a planet, because we chose together to fight for life/ or failed. We are literally too many people, who can individually cause too much damage to an environment which barely supports us now. Our world has changed, our future will NOT, be the same. We are simply, TOO MANY!         Believe it or not, makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of truth. What is true, is simply true.        You, have been told.

              JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR   3/17/17



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