time is a distance

Time is a distance, to life;  but in that life it is also a passion. Without the development of passion, which is:  to conceive of value, identity, construction, hope, destiny, courage, dignity, discovery, truth, love, disciplines, knowledge, order through understanding, and wisdom balanced by caring and sharing. In contrast to that which is death, by the opposite of passion which is violence;  means to destroy, violate, torture, murder, mutilate, claim judgment, resort to pride and power, discard life as the trash, and assume superiority. Each of these definitions as is the passion of life/ or the violence against life:  is fundamental to keeping one alive inside. Without them, hate arises;  as your excuse to deny that life itself has any value, purpose, or desire to you.

        We then postulate correctly, that two distinct avenues, and one path form the basis of human existence in time. The path is passion/ the road or avenue, taken by the predator is violence/ and the road taken by the masses as a herd, leans heavily to hate:  because unfulfilled want, drives them to destruction. We will not consider leadership here, and how it drives the road from life for so many. Instead we construct the human individual reference which becomes either a predator or a herd animal/ rather than a well formed,  human being.

        And the animals all say:  “kill him, he lies and distracts from our humanity”.  Yet I only repeat what your gods at the university have been telling you in every school room for decades. That you are only animals/ born out of chaos, with no brain, and only the basic evolution from elemental nothing, until your own choices made you what you are today.  Should I not repeat what your teachers have taught you? Should I not repeat, their claim you had no brain, or tools or anything to conceive of “shopping” for what you wanted or needed to survive and “evolve” into a highly complex reality of existence.  After all, constructed as is  every cult who wants to be acknowledged for how great they are:   I am acknowledging the claims of you, as both follower and leader;  glued, corralled, and bound together by the constant that is media. Just like all ”preacher’s, do”.

        Alas every portion and part of life, provided by your worshiping  “we are gods, so say the universities”:  has proven to be false.  So humanity fell into the abyss that is want, and produced hate, violence, and lies, to compensate for the tragedy that is “Murdering life”.  Life is being murdered, and humanity itself is participating:  because you let the universities gamble with this entire planet/ mutilate nature itself/ destroy the oceans, resources, climate, and every single thing they touch;  and yet still worship them as your gods.  EVEN THOUGH, they have robbed you completely, bankrupting America and more:  EVEN killing your children with the consequences of their actions or reactions. While producing nothing, as in absolutely nothing:  that would accept and participate in,   there is a future for life on this planet. There is not, without truly dramatic change.

        But hey, “you want what you want/ and you know what you don’t want; and be DAMNED to anyone who gets in your way!  Now ain’t that so.”

        Hope is the respect we give to each other as an individual identity, through the respect we give to life itself, and honor as our participation in miracles:  which is    so clearly, what we are!  You cannot build one single blade of grass, how much less a human body.  Yet you grant fools the right to mutilate all of life/ a reality that will become “this can never be reversed”.  Because you believe the university is god, and worship them; even though they are traitors and terrorists/ liars and thieves.  Not to worry, once the trinkets and toys stop:  the weapons of mass destruction drop, there is always cannibalism. For awhile.

        Destiny is the difference between finding your own future, with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, respect, truth, dignity and values/  OR falling into the consequences of choices made without any of those honorable things, to override the reality of your ways. Only the university has a brain/ now ain’t that right.  Because you are not invited, “into their fifty billion words” used to hide the fact, they talk well, but hide reality as is the fact of useless information or descriptions:  CAN’T keep you or this world alive.

        Life must come first, is the epitome of hate in a university cult/  it is last on the list of what is important.  Because their only true desire is to play god. Your only true desire, is to pretend “like any fanatic” that you can claim their prize;  because of whatever you pretend to be. Their prize is destruction, but do not worry:  your wish is granted, as you did indeed participate in the destruction of life on earth. Letting them do whatever they wanted; without the slightest investigation or reality called evidence:  they get to lead, life/ into these true threats of extinction. Already identified in my websites  a useful one for that is www.justtalking5.info

        Courage you lack, in every conceivable way;  its hard when you are a sheep/ and you don’t care about anything but you, when you become a predator.  Congratulations, “animal”.

        Dignity discourages such broad descriptions of fact:  because as with all broad based descriptions, it fails many. Nonetheless, it is true for most;  because you are believers. You believe the universities are smarter than you; therefore they must be right.  As in they certainly claim to be, and have made some things without regard to life or survival,  which suggest this is so. But the question is:  IF they are so smart, WHY ARE WE SURROUNDED with dozens of threats, any one of which can make us all extinct?  The answer of course is:  they care nothing whatsoever, about life/ only playing god for themselves.  Which does make you their slaves. They counterfeited your money, by hiding inflation/ and claiming asset generation of 20 trillion dollars every year, is just “real”.  It is not, and you would know that is true; if you were not so sacred of reality itself. Which brings us to your chant:  LIE TO US/ DON’T let us go bankrupt, and MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY!  But alas, lies never survive, and neither will yours or you. That is the truth.

        Love lives in the heart, and sings its songs of joy, by replenishing what we know “makes us feel ALIVE”. It is the value, of everything true, and discovered as the blessing we each are willing to share; because we care.  How few know this, because your leaders “make you animals”/ they know only sex, “is that not what your leaders, at the universities say”?   Therefore love is not for you, and without passion for life, there is only hate or violence.  Welcome to the university world:  they are god/ you are hate. So the question is:  what next?


        Value is a dignity created through the destinies and discoveries of love. Respect comes first. None of that is taught in school/ in fact it is absolutely revoked by university rule; and media frenzy.  Too bad;  “why, its only an eternity you lose”!  so who cares.

        Knowledge understands life exists by the truth of laws governing discipline, order, balance, and more.  Wisdom creates the values of miracles throughout this living world, and that includes this planet itself.  Which means the university has NO WISDOM at all.  NOTHING, that accepts truth is in them/ or they would do differently.  Yet It is “university rule” that controls everything, particularly in America.  A reality that exists only because the lies, cheating, stealing, traitorous acts, terrorism as is the intent to ignite sun fire here on earth/ mutilate nature/ and destroy every possibility we as life or planet could survive.  All true.  Yet you follow your gods anyway, because you love your want, and the universities rule:  brings bribes;  and their control over media and government and education and everything else makes you afraid. So who cares right? So what, they make you beg/ so what they destroy the possibilities of controlling your own future; because they stole everything, and control everything,  with counterfeit money!

 HELL, facing reality, and letting truth decide our future:  MEANS ALL KINDS OF THINGS WE DON’T want to face  will control our destiny. And nobody wants to pay!  So you let the children, and all life/ even the planet itself:  DIE.   Who, could be more selfish than you?  Answer the question,  “because   GOD,  already knows”.  No hiding/ no excuses:  only choices.


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