time is your experience

While time is the experience of living/ life is the expression of your thoughts, the application of your own desires. Love is a most tender thing, while passion lives within the heart, and for some;  will never be released. The fear of heartbreak, is too severe.

        The elemental struggle of life and living, is to become happy, and satisfied with your life, and your living as well. These three things are harder to accomplish than they appear/ most do not attain it. Because want interferes, and presents lies. Want interferes, and becomes a battleground, if we cannot agree together as one.

        To be happy, is an experience reserved for freedom/ because we must be free, or we cannot express the true identity of ourselves. We must be respected for the reality of “being alive, as I am”. It is not a game, and no one has the right to change that dimension of our own existence. Every love, has a meaning.  That meaning decides what your destiny will be.

        Destiny serves hope, as the translation of spirit:  this is the place of my truth, the reality of my home, as I would intend it to be.  True Hope delivers the transparency of a life beyond self.  Without want, there is no self, “it is only a body or mind”.  Without self, there are miracles to be found in everything; and that is the path into love.

        Love expresses truth/ without truth, there are lies; and they will defeat love; because trust will die. Love expresses heart, because the rhythms of our desire shines through the passion we create. Love accepts soul:  because truth knows “the miracle that is alive” in me and you.

        Happiness grants peace, our contribution to the world itself; as we grow to understand, there is value here.  Happiness gives harmony, as we acknowledge, a world of miracles/ is a world of love; and the journey begins.  Life assembles the eloquent means, of wisdom;  if you accept its journey. Death understands:  “this is, our one and only chance, to become what we are”.

        Gentleness, is a decision to participate with care/ kindness is the decision to share. The difference is, one seeks the best for society & the other lives within the boundary that is friendship. Happiness constructs the blessing of family, by establishing home:  a place where “no one judges me/ a time where friendship is no questioned”.  The essence of those moments, become an anchor to the living:  as in there is a reason not to die. Passion assembles from the moment we realize:  “my life has purpose and desire”. Purpose becomes the difference that a future by design can make, as is a destiny.  Desire lives within the heart, in the eloquent truth:  “everything I value is based in love”.  The quest for love, then turns upon the relationships we share/ the honesty that is our care for each other. Value builds a life, by sustaining discipline through order. Value identifies heart, by balancing what is most important to you;  with what must be done for life, in time. The heart knows the difference/ the soul knows where your life lives the most. Treasuries express what only respect can find:  love let free.  Dignity remembers, no one is perfect;  therefore forgiveness through dignity, is the distance we do separate ourselves from hate. Integrity remembers, “it is not my right or cause to judge”. The heart knows, if I will pay this price honestly or not.

        Do not run from a fight/ but do walk away, whenever that is possible. The difference is:  violence is always a price too high, for someone. The tragedy and disgrace of humanity, for society is:  “the price is too high”/ endless grief comes from this decision by some, to inflict damage on others. Learn to use the law, and then change it for justice and fair play, and equality through the decisions that respect reality.  It is damage, to tempt/ to lead/ to flatter/ to assume/ to usurp the decision that belongs to another/ to deceive, lie, betray, or steal.

        Dating and marriage consume a relationship when you let someone change you into what you would otherwise not be. To make decisions you would otherwise not make. Therefore be very careful with each other, and never assume:  what someone else has to pay the price for! Let truth be your design, and reality your teacher. Remove want, and be as free, as you both can be. No trophy is worth destroying that!

        To be satisfied with life, is to surrender want, pride, power, hate, and so on:  because they steal the truth of our equality.  Without balance, the living will fail;  because an abyss opens up, to consume everything beyond self.

        To be satisfied with your living, is to understand:  not even the wealthiest man or woman can buy a life. You, are an owner of that life. Pride is a game/ life is not. Power is a purpose   like greed:  “to take yours too”.  Hate buries you in selfishness, and you die.

        To focus on yourself/ is to lose a world:  not room for two, in a brain. It can only measure!  Thought exceeds participation in time, because it is an unlimited experience with all that life can be. But only if invited into the spiritual world.  A place that lives only in truth, by law;  and nowhere else.

        To lose your life, is to lose your ability to think:  thought exists in the energy. therefore does energy really change/ instead of simply disappear? The boundaries of energy/ the laws of energy/ the reality of energy:  is different than a body. They are not the same; and you should remember:  life is a miracle, before you question what can or cannot be.  The evidence is clear neither life nor living is an accident/ the complexity that is true;  “cannot be touched by humanity”; and certainly not less than human either. So the lies are worthless, or evil;  and only a fool would disagree. The soul, “our personal search, for THE CREATOR of this world and all its life”:  is up to you. Your decision establishes your choice.


                              May   GOD  grant you: time to understand.       

                                      James Frank Osterbur