time valued

The value of time, is an opportunity to make a decision/ evaluate its fate, by the substance called consequences; and then make changes to the discovery of what makes you choose the way you choose.


       Therefrom the creation of human time, begins with woman using the developments of nature: to construct another human being. What is male, lends only the values he conceives of as sex/ UNTIL, a child is born, and his or her needs, along with the mother;  must be met. Even so, the creation of body including mind/ is not the introduction of life. Chemistry is a measured discipline, achieved by distinctly obeying the order necessary to create a balanced and suitable end result. Nowhere in that statement is the essence of life itself; which is for humanity the introduction of choice, awareness, movement, and freedoms.  Each of these is a function of thought, and thought (the existence of a conception, without boundaries/ but determined by truth) is not found in chemistry.

       Conception then declares: to achieve the functions called an existence in time, “we”, must enter within the disciplines, order, and balance of creation itself. Discussion ends here.

       Participation however lives or dies with the ability to accept:  I share in this decision/ I care about this purpose/ and I live within the desire, to be what life, beyond myself;  can be for me. Participation is then concurrent with the honesty of others, or the realities of self.

       One of the worst things people do to themselves or others: is to measure their own worth against each other. That leaves those who feel they don’t measure up; to lie to themselves repeatedly/ and create a delusion to cover what they do not wish to be true. That constructs a purpose to say “IF ONLY, I were like this/ then I would be worth more”.  In a similar way; those who are measured by other individuals in society, and called less, or even worthless:  must face the same type of reality.  Other people have made me feel this way: the consequence, “they are to blame, for MY hatred of life or self or you.” But that too is a lie, because only you can make yourself hate:  it is the abandonment, or condemnation;  of all things good, loving, or life!

       Even so:  those who contribute to the decline or death of another human being just because they want to appear or consider themselves to be superior.  Judge themselves; because life gives no substantive right to assume someone else is less. Each is given life/ NONE, create it for themselves. Therefore the gift of creation is: you owe, the same respect for life, that was given to you. That respect is the possibilities of an identity, both in body and spirit:  as is your own choice.  We are not allowed to pick our own bodies:  your own predecessors did that (parents, etc).  But we are required to pick, and accept the consequences of our own choices. Thereby building the identity we chose. An identity means:  you have created an environment, “wherein, this exists as the truth called, YOU”. The failure to do that, refuses eternity to you; because you are not solidified enough, to stand on your own.

       Therefrom the question erupts:  WHAT do you mean by “solidified”?  The fundamental is:  able to arise and stand beyond the moments of creation itself as time; thereby considered for eternity.

        More simply, that can be interpreted as:  the acceptance, time is but an open door/ allowing your love to ascend into a life that is beyond this self. More simply: unless you can conceive of love and create a life that is more than self, by the inclusion of love; and its participation with all of creation as equals to you/ there is no door, destiny achieved, out of your time. Time simply ends for you, and then your life as an existence;  simply dissipates until gone. Hate goes in the opposite direction of love/ into its own eternity called “hades (terror without end)”. What is neither true love or hate, simply “goes away: becomes nothing”.

       Therefrom we rise with love, and ascend with disciplines achieved from order through balance: to become the possibilities of what soul (with love) can do. Soul is a relationship with our CREATOR, nothing more and nothing less. As a consequence if you do not attain the desire and respect to achieve that relationship: you have no eternity unless it is with hate.

       We then ask:  what is the true desire of love, that it can become eternal? The critical essence relies upon one fundamental anchor:  NOTHING can be more important, than my relationship with you! Not even survival itself.  The cause and consequence of that statement is then:  we are bound by love, within the same dimensions; within the same soul.  Mercy allows for less, a separate environment: at an appropriate distance. But it will not be given unless there is substantive:  truth, love, and respect.