tired of waiting

Tired of waiting, for women to recognize this is not a game/ and their own lives, as well as everything about this earth and its life; is on trial.

        That brings us too:  participation without organization.  A reality of exceptions, rather than the rule of society.


        To establish change in the economy of a nation, requires control over the resources/ it literally is no more complicated than that. Because whosoever controls the resources controls all jobs, and all wealth. No jobs exist without resources, therefore even you can understand this is true. Not even the ones “in university” who tell stories for a living/ because without a foundation built upon those who actually work for a living;  there is nothing for you to trade. No product that lets you survive.

        So the critical question to removing power from society over the rest of humanity is:  whosoever makes the law/ controls everything else, including whatever resources are available.

        The cost of this reality is very simple:  when humanity has access to unlimited resources, the very first thing they do is throw everything away as if it meant nothing at all/ unless someone considers it rare, and offers more. So to change society, and rewrite the laws that control resources:  REQUIRES more than just “we own it now”.  The rich exist, because the poor could not resist destroying everything/ in a mad, insane dash to demand:  I will become rich, among themselves. Regardless of the consequences to life or planet.

        So again it is human want that erodes and causes the endless grief, that is human existence; in a power struggle with wealth (one saying to the other:  you must be my slave)!

        WANT is a tragedy (truth decides not lies)/ pride is a fool (life is not a game, death and disease remind you of that)/ power is a deviant (the law doesn’t matter)/ arrogance plays god with life (because respect fails).  Remove these and our world   becomes an entirely different place, with all humans benefiting:   beyond hate.

        So changing this world depends upon changing humanity itself!  Otherwise, no matter what you do, reality will shift back to what it has done before.  Because nearly all people want to be rich! Rich has no real value other than surrounding you with trophies/ or making you less vulnerable to the influence of others on your life.

        So let’s discuss trophies:  yes, the garbage dump is full of them. Yes people considered to be trophies are thrown away too. Yes, the future is lost because trophies are not enough. Yes, even eternity is destroyed:  because you wanted to influence the lives of others, rather than own the life within you instead.  So, can you give up your garbage/ can you respect each other, as friend/ can you become aware of miracles/ and can you stop trying to prove you can be “god” too?  All are wants:  so the simple question is, can you accept truth leads life?

        Let’s suppose you can get beyond absolute selfishness, at least for a little while/ the probability of backtracking is horrendous;  because men have chosen these ways for their own reasons. “I want to be considered,  great”. No room for anyone else there;  so the crowd is manipulated, flattered, tempted, lied too, or whatever it takes to herd them together in fear.  You can only herd humanity in fear or want:  so the question is, what do you fear/ versus what do you want?

        Fear supposes an enemy, and if one does not exist/ “like the current N. Korea media expansion of reality into fear in this USA”:  someone or something to fear will be created, so it can be used to herd the population.  If the public gets tired of fear/ then want arises, or violence is used to insist you must fear:  thereby you must herd together.

        Want is the opposite of fear;  by believing whatever you want will come true:  an entire religion of purposes and desires can be exhibited creating an individual triumph.  If you get whatever you want.  So to get people to want, leaders of all types:  use all methods of propaganda to insist:  go ahead TAKE EVERYTHING you can get, it will be great/ you will be great.  As is consistent with this USA over the last decades in particular.  Want works to herd the population, because as is consistent with all lies:  the consequence to all of society will be failure.  Therefore they fear, and herd together.

        We then recognize that it is fear, and want and the control over resources that defines society itself; other than hate.  Which is an element provided by the few, who will never accept love as valued. Hate illuminates itself with violence in all forms.  Love lifts the rest, so we can share the values of living with true caring respect for each other.  It is a choice!

        The development of human existence, is defined and dependent upon those who choose love over hate.  The unfortunate middle ground of human existence is provided by those who refuse to pick one or the other:  but desire both.  Because they want the benefits of love/ but they want the pride and power of hate:  so they try to live within the middle.  A reality that cannot be done:  because love and hate are opposites, and are never found by choice;  together.

        Changing society is then with clarity, the reality of dividing love from hate/ and making those who worship life in the middle:  choose.  Can’t have it both ways;  make your decision.

        So let’s examine reality:  WHAT does truth allow for change?


  1. With limited capitalism we can change the economic reality of any society; by our own vote.
  2. With truth, through the evidence: we can define the future, and make it a destiny we chose, for the children as well as ourselves and all life.
  3. With the removal of weapons of mass destruction, the military might of nations no longer is validated: and world law and its policing of leaders can begin.
  4. With the removal of consumerism (I want it all)/ replaced by the truth: as 8 billion people and rising we have no choice but to share carefully or die.  There is a potential to survive.
  5. With respect for life and each other, the opportunities are as friends, for love. And hate surrounded by violence; for those who have been separated from all those who love.
  6. Society breathes, when everyone has an opportunity to participate equally and honestly. Which means the powerful shall lose their power to control through limited capitalism and law.  Reality decides the methods must productive to a sustainable end.
  7. Disciplines in religion allow for a greater understanding of life. But NOT by believing anything you want can come true; it cannot. Rather the assertion of religion is, the combined accumulation of human understanding throughout the ages;  in the vastness of life;  is stored here.  When separated from all the want that has infiltrated and contorted what can be considered true or at least   valuable:  we then come to a unified religion that will make a difference on planet earth.  That ends the claim of:  THIS IS ALL “ABOUT US”.  When in fact, reality proves what happened “thousands of years ago” was all about them instead. A quest that needs no discussion other than what can be considered valuable and true.


In the vastness of human conflict that everything is.  Comes the reality:  people who are alike, try to control the people who they are not alike. Because as resources dwindle, and competition rises:  “somebody has to lose”.  Most often it is the minority. An economic reality, rather than simply about faces or colors.    In opposition to that is the truth, that independent groups who are happy within themselves:  DON’T want significant  change. Thereby minorities which do consist of a significant change from the realities of who we are/ do construct a threat, that this will make us different. We don’t want that, is underlined with bigotry, race, pride, prejudice and so on.  Not so much a “I hate you/ as it is, I love us, as we are”;  even if you don’t.

    So the question is again:  with limited capitalism changes in the economic structures that govern a society come to power. This lifts the poor, and limits the powerful:  which alters the fabric that holds society together. The weaving of class, initiates control by providing money as a weapon to punish or tempt those who want more for me! Change that, and the immediate rush “to get more” results. 

    So the question is:  where do we begin? Reality states:  NO MORE large corporations, nor all the rest unless chosen by society itself.  In other words neither industry nor business nor any other aspect of economic control is allowed to be “above a certain, chosen by society;  size”.   This divides the work into more and more opportunities/ but it also increases the cost:  because the automated assembly line removes workers; as do robotics and other things.  So our choice is then to control the competition for ourselves; and that includes global competition as well. The opportunity to demand:  ONLY local business is allowed;  is necessary, because whether you like it or not/ the burning of fossil fuels, which is the consumption of oxygen, along with a list of consequences to the planet CANNOT be changed unless you do what is required.  Get out of your cars, is required.

    That is a beginning, and you can complain “except this/ except that/ except me, or whatever you like”:  but you cannot remove the reality of 8 billion people or the consequences they create. You will not survive even the near future, unless you do what this planet needs for life to remain living here.  Wrong is a dead world, and the consequences of what you are doing:  is clearly “absolutely wrong”.  You won’t survive, not even another decade;  so says all the evidence.  Go ahead, prove the evidence is wrong/ OR CHANGE.  JUST With people trying to ignite sun fire here:   you might have a few seconds, or longer.  But it is a guarantee, once ignition occurs:  this world has died.  Or, with all the other threats surrounding us, the end is absolutely certain:  you, those who can make a difference and did not/   became the essence of “SATAN on earth”.  As is defined by “destroyer of a world”.  Congratulations, you became a god;  now isn’t that great?


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