trouble expanded

TROUBLE is:  the distance we must travel, before time heals our relationship with life!  That means, we have experienced or expressed something which cannot heal, without time. Time then, is the distance between what has been and what will become the possibilities of our future. If you expand that trouble, instead of waiting for it to heal;  your future may die.

     Trouble is:  the reality of our lives, when lies or misfortune;   displace the foundations we depend upon/ or the place we go, “for sympathy (I deserved better) and grace (life was unfair/ I deserve peace)”.  That means:  OUR CHOICES, and our lives have crashed into a reality we cannot simply discard; therefore we must replace the purpose we have relied upon, and create a new and different desire for our heart. Because reality proves this has become so.

     Trouble is:  where passions rise, but life does not; therefore we yearn for a “different time”/ a pause that creates balance, on our path to peace. THAT MEANS:  when we love, those who do not honestly love us;  our lives are headed into a crash/ and we will desire a different future than the one we chose.  This moment hears the truth, someone must change;  the momentary reality is:  this one who let us, or me down is “the trouble”. But it is not so, they are who they are; and it is not your right to insist they must not be so. Therefore the one who must change is you, because you, are responsible for your life and your decisions. Finding that discipline will bring peace, if peace is your truth.

     Trouble is:  a discipline without a true and desirable purpose; the place we escape too/ when trust in someone else disappears.  That means:  if your new purpose is without love, you will die inside even if you do not recognize this as so. Turning cold to life itself, encloses you:  in a place where the others may not come. A reality that will become loneliness. Each human being must then learn, to accept the grief caused by failure, the tragedy caused by others, and the reality without trusting someone else “at least a little”; the future will be cold. A Humanity (we care for each other) lost.

     Trouble is:  believing in realities that prove themselves to be wrong/ even if our belief was justified by time, place, or the people we know. That means: every human being is responsible, for what they bring into their lives as knowledge, because that knowledge becomes the basis for every decision you will make. The cost of wanting knowledge, without accepting the responsibility to earn its understanding; thereby its connection to wisdom: leaves you with wanting, rather than knowing what is true. “the herd of man” believes whatever the others are willing to believe; because moments arise when all believe they must be as a herd, and do exactly as the herd does do:  so they seek and accept a leader. The leader then determines their future life, for good or bad. Trouble is, when “the leaders are blind/ deaf/ foolish/ or a failure to life itself”; and all die.

     Trouble is:  a reality we could not expect, because an honest heart knows only love. That means:  to be in love is to understand, the value of living is you. To love someone who wants to change you, into someone else; because they only want “parts and pieces”/ rather than the whole, that is you.  Is a tragedy that happens “just a few moments” in every day. When a life is picked apart, “the vultures” have arrived. When you know this must stop, because I must be, who I am. The reality of change has begun.  “I, like you”; must accept the realities of who we each are or can be. If that is not enough/ then we are not enough to become as one; and will injure each other until we stop.

     Trouble is:  a sacrifice because we cared, or a life shared, because need appeared/ even when truth said NO. That means:  to sacrifice means, I have begun the journey I want to take; even though I have not properly prepared. I have believed, the strength necessary/ the right to try/ or the desire for a new direction is justified;  even though I know, the cost will not be worth its price.  We sacrifice our lives when we want, what life by its own truth, is not willing to give. Therefore we force a situation, or a reality of decision;  which never ends well. Balance, discipline, and order are against us/ even if truth is not.

     Trouble is:  a disease we did not ask for, a reality of life or death as a body, even though the order of life did not condemn you or me; for what we did or did not do. Proving random; as in “odds”;   is no game.  That means:  the foundation of our existence as life on earth, REQUIRES BALANCE.  The fundamental of our survival as any species on earth is a discipline called multiplication:  the more we are, the less we are likely to lose everything/ so we fight for more. But the order of life is:  every living thing has needs, and without those needs all such individuals depending upon that need will die/ even every one.  So the critical truth is:  in order for every species to survive, those who become excess numbers, will die.  By random event, none are targeted;  even if it seems cruel, or is unfair to you:  this is the true cost, of a finite world.

     Trouble is:  believing anyone can be judged other than by law/ they cannot.  In contrast, hate can be judged/ but it is never in your best interest to do so:  because it opens the door, for life to judge you as well. That means:  whenever we measure another life, we separate ourselves from the reality; no life is perfect. Truth depicts law, and law controls life, because it allows us to survive. We need not be perfect/ but we must support our needs, as must all other living creatures.  Without an acceptance of value;  that will lead to tragedy. Value is an opportunity shared through others, which means we are responsible for each other. But value can be rejected by some, even if shared;  because they choose to hate instead. That choice for violence and all its attributes can be judged; but it is never free. No one is perfect, which means you do share the cost and the consequence with all the others;  as part of their decision to become hate. Judgment is never free. The law is not judgment/ the law is truth, as dictated by the evidence; and truth must never be merely discarded or denied, by life or society. We need its discipline.

     Trouble is:  removing the realities of what you did or did not do/ to discard your own participation in what is now real. That makes enemies, and enemies are known to cause pain or even death in those who had no say. That means:  if you hide from your own truth, if you run away from your own reality:  then you cannot change what has happened to make you or someone else through you;  “sad”.  Sadness equates “with a value that failed to achieve truth”. As an example in, “I loved you/ but you did not love me”. The immediate demand commonly turns too “I hate you”/ because you did not value me enough.  That foundation reality changes, into whatever we will both become from here!  Every desire will not be nourished or accepted:  each has a right, to choose for themselves! It is that simple, even if you do not wish that to be true. It is true! The kaleidoscope of emotion that becomes the new reality for some:  is a  descent into want, and want is a liar. Therefore know this is true,  every life is a decision/ but every decision is based upon what you accept, as your own truth. Discipline denies emotion, because it seeks to change reality. Balance accepts truth, because it is the essence of survival and happiness itself.  Order translates desire, as a value that must be earned:  from both sides together as one. You cannot own me/ nor can I own you; slavery is not welcome, because that is the intent to make me responsible for you. Each must accept the duty of their own life, and their own decisions:  LIFE demands, without exception;  this should be so.

     Trouble is:  believing you know, when reality proves you do not know! The cost of making decisions that are not based in truth, and formed within honest reality, is very simple:  disasters, will come. Pray they will be small.  That means:  to believe means “I want what I want/ and I don’t want nothing but what I want”;  the only accepted social practice of this expression is religion. Therefore religion proves what you do not know, is merely a matter of believing what you want that knowledge to be.  Unfortunately for you;  ONLY TRUTH survives. Therefore whatever you want that is not true, is a road that becomes your tragedy. The honesty of faith is very simple:  ONLY WHAT IS TRUE CAN DECIDE FOR US, the decision or the direction we must go. Truth costs time and struggles to understand what will not be denied; as this occurs again and again; because law controls it. People want EASY, so they turn to leaders; and leaders turn to universities; and universities turn to stories so they can pretend to be “god”.  Even though they are truly not even, a tiny bit close.    GOD   built life/ the universities destroy life, with nearly every decision they make; as do leaders who follow, and never even question the possibilities of being wrong; as do people who claim to be “too busy to care”(I just want, what I want)!

     Trouble is:  “praying, keep me safe”/ even when you KNOW, this is NOT something you should be doing/ or you are failing to do something you should be doing.  It is wrong in countless ways of selfishness (the failure to let truth decide); and whatever does come of it is:  entirely your fault.  That means:  the religious zealot constantly ignores reality to pursue what he or she believes will prove, “they are a true servant of god”.  Just because they want that to be true/ DOES NOT make it true!  “THE GOD “  of Religion is not found in a book; it is only found in truth. Where truth exists in your book, a path exists to search for more. But that search fails with belief, which does mean:  “real proof of truth, by the evidence itself, DOES NOT MATTER”.  Every miracle of life or environment IS ABSOLUTE proof of:    GOD   created this~ a reality of evidence that cannot be wrong.  Existence is a truth! To gamble with that creation, in whatever way/ is to say within yourself, that you are far more important “than all life on earth”. It is not so! While each does seek an audience with  GOD,   few deserve it. Your invitation comes only when you establish a purity in your own truth:   that does not contaminate HIS WORLD.   Don’t gamble with life, It is unworthy, and completely disrespectful. Let truth decide;  learn the difference!

     Trouble is:  working for a united goal/ only to find out, that all your effort was for nothing more than their lies.  That means:  people believe in themselves and ask others to believe with them. But alas, unless each is willing to pay the price for what we do together, the whole or a part will fail:  because nothing lasts that will not be tested, and found true. It is better to establish the evidence/ than believe in people. Life should not be spent on their whims instead of your own desires.  “Just one life/ just one time/ just one eternity” is no game.


     TRUE LOVE is;  “like a translucent curtain”/ that falls away when two souls meet as one. To be as one, builds on the singular desire:   I, will walk where you walk, and love when you love, and be what you need me to be;  because the relationship we share is worth that price.

     TRUE DISCIPLINE is:  “like a door” that leads beyond the heart, every participation has its place within the realities of a life bound by its own true purpose. There can be only one, “true purpose”!  It’s your choice/ you’re identity forms because of it.

     TRUE ORDER is:  the ascension of steps, that climb for the purpose of life. Life is, a definition beyond all other things. Therefore your rise beyond time;  is never tied to this earth.

     TRUE LIFE is:  the eloquent desire, that learns from its own truth, trusts because we have bound our lives to eternity, and lives within the miracles that cannot be defeated: as the evidence of  GOD.

     TRUE WORSHIP is:   a respect that understands, the essence of everything, is inconceivable without our CREATOR.

     TRUE VALUE is:  a passion that never dies.


     In the reality of human existence, are the elements that rise to become male and female:  the possibilities unlike any other decision we can make.  Those desires are fundamental to happiness beyond the limits of self;  where the love of parents are replaced with:   what we can be, as two united for one purpose, becomes “our truth”.   The value of that truth, then determines what our future as a life shared can be. Every discipline is a structure we can build upon. Functional order is an ascension through the rise called knowledge/ but that has no meaning without understanding balance is required. HAPPINESS is proof of caring, it expresses, “I love you and you love me”, therefore we share with everything we are, to create as partners in trust, everything we can be. Nothing less than that will survive the truth of our desires.

     It is not your heartbeat that keeps us alive/ it is your love, shared without cost; as a gift between our souls.