trouble is

TROUBLE is:  the distance we must travel, before time heals our relationship with life!


        Trouble is:  the reality of our lives, when lies or misfortune;   displace the foundations we depend upon/ or the place we go, “for sympathy (I deserved better) and grace (life was unfair/ I deserve peace)”.

        Trouble is:  where passions rise, but life does not; therefore we yearn for a “different time”/ a pause that creates balance, on our path to peace.

        Trouble is:  a discipline without a true and desirable purpose; the place we escape too/ when trust in someone else disappears.

        Trouble is:  believing in realities that prove themselves to be wrong/ even if our belief was justified by time, place, or the people we know.

        Trouble is:  a reality we could not expect, because an honest heart knows only love.

        Trouble is:  a sacrifice because we cared, or a life shared, because need appeared/ even when truth said NO.

        Trouble is:  a disease we did not ask for, a reality of life or death as a body, even though the order of life did not condemn you or me; for what we did or did not do. Proving random; as in “odds”;   is no game.

        Trouble is:  believing anyone can be judged other than by law/ they cannot.  In contrast, hate can be judged/ but it is never in your best interest to do so:  because it opens the door, for life to judge you as well.

        Trouble is:  removing the realities of what you did or did not do/ to discard your own participation in what is now real. That makes enemies, and enemies are known to cause pain or even death in those who had no say.

        Trouble is:  believing you know, when reality proves you do not know! The cost of making decisions that are not based in truth, and formed within honest reality, is very simple:  disasters, will come. Pray they will be small.

        Trouble is:  “praying, keep me safe”/ even when you KNOW, this is NOT something you should be doing/ or you are failing to do something you should be doing.  It is wrong in countless ways of selfishness (the failure to let truth decide); and whatever does come of it is:  entirely your fault.

        Trouble is:  working for a united goal/ only to find out, that all your effort was for nothing more than their lies.


        TRUE LOVE is;  “like a translucent curtain”/ that falls away when two souls meet as one. To be as one, builds on the singular desire:   I, will walk where you walk, and love when you love, and be what you need me to be;  because the relationship we share is worth that price.

        TRUE DISCIPLINE is:  “like a door” that leads beyond the heart, every participation has its place within the realities of a life bound by its own true purpose. There can be only one, “true purpose”!  It’s your choice/ you’re identity forms because of it.

        TRUE ORDER is:  the ascension of steps, that climb for the purpose of life. Life is, a definition beyond all other things. Therefore your rise beyond time;  is never tied to this earth.

        TRUE LIFE is:  the eloquent desire, that learns from its own truth, trusts because we have bound our lives to eternity, and lives within the miracles that cannot be defeated: as the evidence of  GOD.

       TRUE WORSHIP is:   a respect that understands, the essence of everything, is inconceivable without our CREATOR.

       TRUE VALUE is:  a passion that never dies.