university fails

Let us review:  living in America, under “university rules”.


        The facet most in evidence is:  “they cannot rule without counterfeiting money/ they will not obey constitutional law/ they discard truth for lies/ they stole all our securities and gave them away/ they seek the destruction of this democracy through the insertion not only of immigration, but by changing the language to create chaos in society.

        They terrorize with experimentations, that are fraught with peril, whose only true outcome is intended to be:  extermination of life on earth. They have rebelled against order, freedom, and justice;  by removing the opportunity of trial:  WITH EXORBINANT COST.  Producing a mock trial, whose only clear purpose is to threaten with poverty and more. They have produced a sick nation, wherein healthcare costs begin at ten thousand dollars per citizen per year:  to the university greed. They have kept the military engaged, regardless of the cost/ and threaten our world, with weapons of mass destruction;  discarding world law for the sake of POWER to us. They have entrenched themselves, with the religion called evolution. They betrayed society itself, with “university debts” ransacking and raping generations with promises they could not keep. They build toys, for themselves;  with our substance/ and deny all infrastructure repair. They discard the children and all life:  by destroying the resources and chains of life:  they MUST have to survive.  Committing them all:  to horror and hell. They command, and train the policing:  “to herd livestock”. They deliver chemicals and concentrations that are responsible for changing life/ and therefrom increasing the reality of sickness, and its tragedy. They attack the water resources defending nothing. They fail agriculture, and have used methods and means of government to insure nearly complete failure of the food supply; coming soon. They fail industry, by selling our business and interests to foreign nations. They have sold the planet to death, by global warming. They have sold humanity to cannibalism:  by destroying life in the oceans. They have betrayed our lives, with every decision they made/ and only a few exceptions. They have built stories upon lies, and made the children swallow their deceptions. They have intentionally been trying to destroy nature, through the intentional destruction of genetic disciplines and order. They have created ARMIES against us/ by using bribes formed with counterfeit money (hidden inflation). They have ransacked the nation itself; and raped all who tried to defend against them; with irrelevant rules, and a frivolous court. They have PLAYED GAMES with our lives. They have intentionally established DEBTS beyond all possibility of repayment:  which means, this was done with criminal intent, the reality of planned and perpetuated NATIONAL THEFT.

        They have collected endless information on every single one:  for the purpose of controlling life on an individual level. They have used us for slaves. They have denied justice:  as is clearly evident in the courtroom punishments that are financial collapse, family distress, suicides, and homelessness for many/ and have absolutely no effect on others:  for the same damn offense. The “rat cage” that is “university knows”;  has invaded our lives, and spread a plague to insure we cannot survive. EVEN going so far as to be deliberately:  trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun.   A fire they say will extinguish itself/ but a reality that will burn us all alive (including the planet), when that proves NOT to be true.  They have deliberately attacked the planet:  by refusing the reality of global warming/ just so they could attain more power against life, without paying anything. They have wormed their way into media, destroying the free press:  so as to take over the public mind. They have deliberately attacked religion:  to remove all opposition/ which comes from those who did not get “brainwashed by university”.  Yet religion chose:  to be owned by the university/ and therein collapsed into chaos (believing their university is god).

        Attacking the food supply with mutilation. Attacking the water supply, with everything they can find/ defending nothing. Attacking the pollinators, which are responsible for massive influence over this entire earth:  as they, they insects create and sustain a wide diversity in plants, and produce a base food source for a wide variety of creatures.  EXTINCTION looms large. Attacking all life with weapons of mass destruction/ radiation poisoning, in all its forms/ military expansion and destruction:  ETCETERA. Attacking the resources, thereby destroying the future;  for nothing more than to fill the garbage dump. Attacking the election process with bribes, and illegal power plays  through counterfeiting, and media.  Attacking all aspects of life with the endless assault “let’s find them wherever they are”. Attacking education:  discarding all those who are “not like us”.  Attacking the work force with robotics, and computers:  to drive humanity out. Attacking this earth, with trillions of tons of poisons per year. Attacking the public, with demands:  FEAR, NOT BEING A SLAVE to your doctor.  Attacking by the insurgency of little things which surround us all;  as is used by the employees of government, to insure we are worn down into submission.

        Using the proceeds of counterfeiting and criminal theft as is debts which cannot be paid:   to build an army of fools; who believe they are owed SLAVES. “you have nothing/ do what I say, OR DIE”!   Thereby destroy our nation, our future, and our world:  BY PRESENTING to humanity, “all you have left is a GUN”.  Destroying our nation from the inside with absolute corruption, the conspiracy to deny democracy itself, and the removal of constitutional law:  by destroying its legal presence within the court.  Simply by omission/ the refusal to accept the law, and the rights of WE THE PEOPLE;  as it was written.  And guaranteed to each one, AS THE GOVERNMENT of this United States of America. Destroyed because the university has set out to prove:  “we are king or queen here”.  There is no constitution/ which means “we the people”, is dead. Or more simply the university demand is;  “we are god”.  So says the evidence proven by case after case:  presented by James Frank Osterbur.  With absolute certainty.

        Soon you will know, as a nation we have nothing left but anger, for a vast array of people:  who were betrayed by their leaders. More specifically by “university knows”.  Civil war is coming, and I predict to you:  that the biblical prophecy “ rivers of blood as high as a horse’s bridle” was written for here, and now.


        ALL LIES DIE,  because truth will not let them survive. What you believe is then irrelevant, even if you got away with your lies.  Because time, only knows what truth will bring; and your days are now numbered.

        Biblical prophecy grants:  mercy is possible, until July 8, 2019.  Then HELL, without change.

        Want to bet:  if the bible is correct?  THE GREAT ABOMINATION;  which is to threaten all life, planet, and even the solar system itself:  began on April 1, 2012  when the first experiment, with the first machine capable of igniting sun fire here began.          Daniel 12 counts the days, from that moment on.  Calculate it for yourself.



        But then let’s be simple:  what the bible says really does not matter. Because once ignition of sun fire here on earth begins.  We all live or die, based upon the single event:  of whether this fire simply extinguishes itself.  There is no possibility we can extinguish that 10 million degree fire;  since truth agrees, “it burns atomic bonds”!  Since the machines are running, that can happen on any given day; even today.  Or in contrast to that:  the invasion of genetic life, which is nature on earth by INTENTIONALLY MUTILATING IT/ AND DELIBERATELY TRYING TO DESTROY THE FOUNDATIONS which build ALL our bodies of life.  CAN just as easily make existence itself impossible, if not an actual HORROR, caused by their own chaos injected into life.  A reality that may in fact have already occurred.  Not to worry the university says “evolution will fix what they break, in a billion years or so”.  You want to wait? Quick grab a resource that isn’t there/ or a glass of water, that has literally been turned into “wormwood (injected with gas)”, as is biblically predicted.     Now WHO, Is the bigger fool=  the one who intentionally causes chaos/ OR those who let them?   Answer the question.



        Let’s play a game of our own:  since “biblical  JESUS”  was called savior of this world. Because the impact of his teaching & the reality of his message was to change the lives, even the eternity of billions:  which it did.

        Then what should be the name of those whose every effort is to destroy this world, and every life in it with their own arrogance. Taking from this world its future/ to achieve the trophy of their greed:  as is death to this world?

        Or in another way:   since reality by the evidence of life  proves beyond the slightest doubt, THAT ALL LIFE AND PLANET ARE INDEED A MIRACLE.  WHICH COULD ONLY BE ACHIEVED “BY A REALITY OF LIFE, WITH SUCH SUPERIOR THOUGHT”;    our only word for that becomes   “GOD”.

        IN CONTRAST of that truth.  Is the university way that says:  all life is just an unfathomable accident, which happens;  trillions and trillions  of times over and over and over again.  On a planet that lasts billions of years:  even though the sun will die long before that!  So that “some elemental something” which fantasy cannot even describe with a brain or “tool of any type”;   then just built itself, by “picking something off the shelf already formed”.  Deciding this is better/ again, without a brain.  By chaos:  which is by its own definition:  “reducing everything complex, into its most simple form”.  THAT is not a description that identifies LIFE!  So dumbass doesn’t begin to describe the reality of those who claim “they know everything”.  The opposite of   GOD,   our CREATOR,   is called SATAN.  “His description is:  DESTROYER of worlds”.  His, “tool of the day” is absolute arrogance and disrespect for life:  how does that not describe  “university knows”?  Since these worshipers of evolution,  have no brain/   living people are allowed to tell them the truth:  if you wish to do so!  After all, without a brain, they cannot know truth.


        The university is your god!  Well not to worry, given that the consequences of change, such as antibiotics include disease that will be lethal today, when it was only a nuisance in the past. A human population so intensely out of control:  only cannibalism will soon be left. Mutilation of life, “you didn’t need a working body anyway/ so what if a snake replaces your leg”.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  Besides, with all your counterfeit numbers:  “nothing can touch you”, now ain’t that right?

        We both know:  “you are way too smart to let evidence, reality, or truth influence you”.  So dig your grave and “party on”.  Right? After all, you have a diploma.