value of heart

The value of heart;  the place inside where we come alive within ourselves, by the passage of love.


        To conceive of this, is to explain why some people are “human beings (those who choose love)”, and some people are animals (strictly about survival, sex, and pride, want, or power):  because they do not choose for love.

        So the functional question is:  what is love, why do some choose love while others do not, where can love be found, who is able to love, how do we cultivate these relationships, and when is love too much to ask for today?

        These descriptions are based upon the place we are within our hearts, and the destiny called love we, as a participation with spirit, desire to be. The distance between where we are, and where we desire to be:  “is a passage” for all who are willing to participate in that adventure. It is not for the weak, or cowardly. Those people called animals here, are without a cause or concern for love; therefore absent from all such existence/ and of no interest here.

        We begin with value, and the desire to reap the essence of a life that is worth living, even into eternity. The animal has no such desire. The human being lives within the discoveries of what life can be, for us all/ not just me. As is the conditional respect, to enter into even the slightest phases of love itself.  Love encompasses, “more than one life”{ even if that life is GOD, because the rest of humanity refuses to care or share with you}. Therefore all are able to complete this journey, even if humanity is absent in a spiritual sense from your life.

        The elegant life, is a passage that extends from birth into eternity, because love fills your heart; and the reality that is no love, does not ever exist for you. Parents need to participate in this, and every decision that you make, must conform to the basics of love and friendship through respect to encounter or live this journey.  Few do, including me. My life has been a long and deliberate demand to learn/ that is not done in the elements of human behaviors and more, without mistakes and realities that are less than love.

        Nonetheless, an education proves itself, and participates as best it can.  Therefore heart, which is the decision to construct a home, to be shared;  because we care about life, we live the kindness love allows,  and we do take responsibility for the realities placed before or because of the life we lead.  Life is not a game, and participation Is never limited to “just the pretty or powerful or whatever judgment that separates provides”. Life is about respect, and heart earns that respect, by producing the passage that sees love as our destiny.

        Destiny is a focus diligently chosen, as the truth identified within ourselves, by the values we conceive of that are true treasures to our lives. Which means we are “willing to pay the price” for this destiny;  because our lifetime, as a purpose is worth this cost. Destiny means:  we have indeed chosen this pursuit, and claimed its challenge as our own. A challenge means “an adventure” to some/ an adventure means, you can pay more than this becomes worth, to you. What is true decides the difference between a destiny (chosen by you)/ and a fate (fell into, because a necessary truth was denied).  The difference between someone who succeeds in love/ and those who become a terrorist:  is oddly enough, generally the difference between truth and lies.  While love survives only in truth, few are able to attain this;  therefore love suffers, and for many it dies because you didn’t care enough. In contrast to that, LIES survive only until the truth weeds them out, and then they become abandoned/ OR, they must be reconfigured as “I believe, therefore this must be right”.  The consequence of belief then is:  “I want, what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else; therefore I will do this, even though I know It is ultimately wrong”.  Fate then enters in, and whatever tragedy you have designed as payment for your belief will attack you. The religious zealot BELIEVES, therefore he or she is confident in that belief/ because they are certain “I would not want this so much; if it were not true”. But alas, it is your want/ and your want, “does NOT belong to    GOD  “. It is yours alone. So the lie is, you want something more than the truth will allow!

        FAITH is the acceptance of truth must lead, because anything less will not survive; and therefrom become not only a burden, but a cost to life itself.  Alas we all have wants, and that means on some day, and in some way we do all fail. Forgiveness is necessary, for yourself as well as others. That is called mercy, rather than right. My want turned out to be:  finding myself in a hospital, due to chemical contamination. I allowed my gall bladder to be removed:  considering if this billing is as bad as everyone says it is. I will take them to court; and the end result of that is not only necessary to confront the billing/ but will aid in my quest to MAKE YOU AWARE, we are facing extinction as a world.  Like all wants, it ends badly; as my sisters intervened in the payment: to insure I would not get into court. Failed in all categories/ and I never plan to do so again. Want is failure; want is an abyss, if you refuse to remove it from your life. Truth must lead, or some degree of tragedy will come.

        The place inside we call home, is where life itself resides. Life and body are different/ even though they walk together in this life, and cannot be separated unless by death. In contrast to that statement is the spiritual world, from which life itself originates. That fact identifies, that we have an inherent right to investigate and pursue an opportunity to look back at our own creation, as the means to identify what life truly is. Body and spirit are opposites, and do not share that same journey/ they share only time.

        So the question is:  what is home, that we understand, “this is where I belong”? The answer fundamentally arises wherever we share life, because we cared. Consequently the elements of sharing and caring “are the bricks and mortar” of a home within the human experience of life. The expression of that sharing and caring live, as our participation in love for the sake and blessing of another life; that then gains from a portion of our own existence. When we build together, we find love IF RESPECT is evident and true. Love “shared forever” is not, “simply your choice alone”. Love is your choice/ but living together, sexual participation, or whatever else you may want;  is not.

        When we love, it is because we trust. Trust binds us together, thereby making it the value we can share as one:  each contributing the responsibility called truth. Without trust love will die/ because you did not care enough, to conceive of more than self with me.

        Where we love is dependent upon the purpose we inherit;  as an experience or expression identified with or without the consent of others.  More simply, some will be “expressive with their love, regardless of society”/ while others will be experiencing extreme foreboding, if anyone else should know.  Something more in the middle, is desirable, for the purposes of society. But what you are willing to endure or enjoy, is literally up to you:  if you pay the price.

        Who we love is a description so wide and varied, that it has no true answer;  until the day when everything I need, becomes you/ and you,  me. In that day, the others are no longer needed; and we begin our journey into eternity as one.  In contrast to that, are the many people who can and will be loved by those who desire friendship, and live within the demands for respect, and a reality of truth. Truth demands:  every life, is equal! Therefore only the law may judge/ and that law is “universal by concept”;  rather than simply man-made.  Beware of the difference, and do the least harm possible to any other life. Love requires it. But hate has a price as well/ even if nothing can be valued in it.

        So we ask, what does it mean, “TO FEEL TRULY ALIVE”?  Discipline says, “I have no concerns”/ order says, the treasury of my life holds truth/ while balance conceives, of a time living holds the grace of existence itself, as a blessing in me!  Within these structures, the dignity of being ALIVE is found.  Within true love, beyond the scope of time;  an eternity is learned, or earned.


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