In the realities of men in charge: is the constant “you must slave for us/ or we will make you pay more than the price of that work”. It is as old as human time/ and it has never changed:  today that slavery is simply called taxes/ whereas in the past, those who were unlucky enough to be considered too poor to pay; were literally enslaved. Today, there is welfare, because we don’t have a job for you/ and we the wealthier don’t want the competition:  the poor are simply shoved to the side, to be fed or housed for not getting in the way of the rest.


       So the question is:  because every society NEEDS WORK DONE, for the benefit of all the rest. The question of how to pay for that work, and address the reality of what is fair in this life, at this time?  Is crucial to our future, if that is even possible: when facing “a thousand threats or more, each of which can make us extinct”. Nonetheless, we will hope for the best, and believe with knowledge comes wisdom/ although the universities have clearly proven that is absolutely not true. Still, there is no other choice!

       So, lets question the possibilities of freedom, in regards to what can be as fair as it is possible to be/ bearing in mind, the absolutely clear purpose of in all forms of human leadership, particularly male is:   KEEP THE STATUS QUO from being touched/ that is your job! A reality throughout society, but particularly true in the courts.

       Society has needs, which means when a few get this work done/ then all the rest can use it, as if it was free!  Work is not free. Work requires time, dedication, sacrifice (could have done something else), and participation even if you don’t wish to do it. So the question is:  how to make people work, if they would rather do something else? The common male solution is:  pay them more money (societies exchange, of what is expected to be “fair and reasonable realities”).

       We then look at option number one:  to contract the work out/ which means give someone the right to claim a specific amount of money in exchange for getting this job done.  To control that situation:  men create rules/ form boundaries/ confiscate resources/ and remove the competition by whatever form is available at this time:  to achieve, only a tiny few can do this job for us.

       Option number two:  to counterfeit the money, so that “nobody has to pay/ but the children, when we are old or buried; so as not to hear their complaint”.  Or “we have rights/ THEY don’t”.

       Option number three:  to create a war, in that way nobody has the right to complain, because everyone is threatened in a way they cannot disguise or ignore. And that means they must do the work we the leadership demands. Plus war removes all the things society needs/ thereby producing work for all: problem solved:  YOU MUST/ or you die/ or you move.

       Option number four:  to create rules, particularly unfair rules that obligate the poor to extreme injustice/ while the rich go “free”.  One such example of that is the courtroom:  wherein the same financial penalty is required of all.  Let’s say ten thousand dollars, which is a fortune for the poor/ while the rich does not even notice it is gone, except as a number.  Slavery revisited/ injustice is the norm.

       Option number five:  extort money, by pretending that healthcare is a business/ rather than a necessity, that must be dealt with fairly. Thereby enslaving the middle classes and the poor together as if they were the same. Even targeting the middle classes, to take away their lifetime of work:  making them slaves.

       Option number six:  create fantasies in the universities, so that the delusions from leaders of men/ can make the rest build their toys. Even the weapons to destroy the very souls who do their work. Simply make sure to control the media, and propagate “nobody questions the university”.

       Option number seven:  keep the military at war/ because without war, society wants answers to their own questions about justice through fair play.  With war, NOBODY gets to complain.

       Option number seven:  destroy the economy, sacrifice all forms of business/ and remove the resources from industry;  thereby enforcing that YOU THE PEOPLE, NEED us the leaders.  SO BEG, or we will let you die.  Slavery enforced with vengeance.

       Option number eight:  threaten the end of this world with weapons of mass destruction. Thereby enforcing the truth:  “these people can kill us all, with the touch of a button/ so behave”.  As all leaders to all citizens throughout time:  “don’t say a word”/ a reality enforced by media controlled propaganda, and the revolution called “let the university decide”.  As always, given the possibility of control:  the university diploma, took our money (our life’s work) and made it their toy.  Slaves with fun for the owners, as in “everybody wants a toy human to play with”.

       Option number nine:  destroy the food supply, by infecting it with a reality that cannot be defeated.  As in without antibiotics all livestock farming can end in months, leaving the entire world of humanity facing starvation.  As in destroy the life within the oceans;  by all means possible/ thereby making certain WAR will come.  Because without war, power is no fun.  As in roman days, let them kill each other;   for our fun.

       Option number ten:  destroy the water supplies, by dumping toxic waste absolutely everywhere water exists.  Insure it is so, by contaminating the major water suppositories/ and draining the existing aquifers/ and injecting poison above and beneath and through everything the people do. Just claim  “it’s your job.”  Immediate chaos, so we can use the armies to kill our own.  Slaves in uniform have no real option/ “you want to drink”?

       Option number 11:  kill the pollinators that bring them food and diversity; they will grumble and complain harshly/ and that means whosoever has the last of what remains PROVES THEY ARE KING OR QUEEN.  Because we took it/ and we can:  because the inferior ones are worthless to us. Kill the crops, by mutilating them:   in full outright worship of the university religion “let evolution (chaos did this) reign on earth”.



       Option number 12:  stop being subject to slavery, and leadership; by understanding the value of life is more than what you want. What you want, determines everything you do/ UNTIL you remove that want, and let life decide by accepting what is or is not true:  conceives of our future. By letting fair play to all construct our disciplines. By understanding the order of change, is consistent with reality, by its ascent into justice. By reviving the realities of what male and female can mean to each other:  for the true purposes of happiness and hope. By listening for the value in learning, rather than the want in controlling. By acknowledging:  WHEN WHAT HAPPENS IF YOUR WRONG/ IS HORRENDOUS. We will prove YOU CANNOT continue to do this. By understanding your relationship in this society is determined:  when hate is no longer welcomed here/ and you will be moved out!  This is a beginning, and it needs your signature to become real.


       The foundation of my own reality is:  for decades, I have functionally done nothing more than “shout into the wind”/ trying to make you realize BAD THINGS are coming:  stop them!  You refused, and behind their closed doors HORROR awaits its release soon. Even so, you refused to communicate anything of value. So the wind now says to you:   put your own mark on the future of your own life/ or your own world will cease to exist. Because there is no surviving the realities of what “university knows” has done to our future’s, or your child.  It is that simple.  Care or die.

       No gun will help you/ no amount of hate or vengeance will sustain you:   USE THE LAW, AND CHANGE WHAT MUST BE CHANGED!   Or you will fail entirely, and this world shall cease to exist.


Just so it’s clear:  the religious being what the religious are. Since you love to find fault with me!  I remind you once again, the number 666 represents the reality of those so impoverished with their own pride or power:  that they literally have all but consumed their souls/ and cannot sustain the reality of caring.

       That is not me, as I have invested my own lifetime, and everything about it for one single purpose:  to help life on this planet survive.  So if your worst fears aren’t justified in me/ THEN IT MUST be you, and those you follow or worship as university gods (can’t question them).  Never forget the intellectual loves a trap:  “I am so smart”!  That is not me either, as I have taken every precaution NOT to lead you into anything/ but merely advise, this is wrong! And will end in HORRORS before extinction.  Like a sign that says:  “this road ends/ at the damn cliff ahead”.