we NEED to assemble

WE NEED to assemble with diligence and respect, the realities of what and why it is necessary to let women try:  to determine a better future for life and society on earth. The foundation of that statement is VERY SIMPLE:  we do stand on the edge of extinction for our whole world/ and this is, “the best, men did do; after thousands of years in charge”! Their answer is war, and war NEVER fixes anything/ it just removes a problem short term, that will soon resurface, because “it’s just war (kill them)”. That is not a solution, as history proves without question.

        TODAY, war is not even a bandaid/ because reality proves “kill a billion people”:  and those numbers will return in less than one decade. Kill a billion people, and disease will rampage across this earth.  OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED, because we are too many people to do anything, as it has been done. That fundamental fact, leads to the conclusion:  we must have different thinking to lead society on earth. That critical reality demands:  the only possibility of “different thinking” is if women try to lead!  They are not superior/ not better; etc:  BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT, and we must have different. In my own life, having fought with the cancer that is leadership in America today:  it is true, even today what is male in me remains too angry at your failures to proceed with this work. Searching in the spiritual realities of woman, which includes the essence of patience itself;  has made it possible to continue this work for you/ regardless of what is devastating to what is male. The price is worth this work.


        This reality forms the basis of our future. We CANNOT continue under the leadership of men/ because they will turn to war with weapons of mass destruction. We cannot continue under the leadership of men/ because they will return to the very causes and consequences THAT ALWAYS brings them and society back to war.  History proves it is so. That fact requires:  do things differently, or we all die a horrendous death. Because the leaders of men WANT POWER, and so they deliberately demand BIG RISK/ to prove they can play god.

        The question of women comes into view:  HOW can they be better? The substantive answer is:  women do not rely upon physical strength;  therefore, they attack each other “a little at a time” instead. They attack men, primarily by lying (I do what I want) cheating (I don’t need you), screaming (you make me angry), throwing things (nothing matters anymore), crying (don’t you care), and running away (there must be better than this). Men attack men with weapons, pride, or power. While neither gender is respectful or consistent with truth;  our reality is, THE WEAPONS must be largely surrendered, and men cannot do that. They won’t, it is their delusion of courage.

        So truth assembles human reality by new methods in this way.

  1. Life on earth CANNOT be sustained by either GREAT RISKS or war. These must stop! That fact requires world law, to rule over the leaders, industry, universities, business, etc.  To establish foundation elements of fact, defining and controlling what can or does happen with or too this planet and its life.   NO MORE GAMBLING WITH OUR WORLD, in any fashion or way. No more destroying nations, or their money, securities, survival, etc.
  2. Limited capitalism: controls the rich, and limits their impact on the rest of society. By letting all the people vote periodically on what will be the maximum income or ownership of property/ and what will be the minimum income per worker PER YEAR.  So as to give all the rest opportunity to do for themselves, and be free; as best they can.
  3. Contractual government, as is constitutional democracy means: with these words, {this constitution};  we allow and restrict our employees, to work within the boundaries we have established as our government, and our direction for society, and the basis of our laws. Under penalty assembled by the crime, against those leaders hired to obey our government, which is the constitution itself.  Thereby removing power from the individuals/ and granting our contractual demands, DO under constitutional law:  establish the power of government to WE THE PEOPLE. When we make our own laws, THEN we literally do own the nation, and rule ourselves!  Simple as that.
  4. The enforcement of law, recognizes the fact criminals don’t respect the boundaries we have put into place. Particularly noted are the employees of government who deliberately corrupt the courts and possibilities of government, conspire to overturn our authority as we the people, and collude to change the language or other:  so as to propagate, manipulate, tempt, or control the people by making them fear themselves or others. By destroying the free press; as has been done in America. BY US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW;  when this has happened, the first amendment LEGAL RIGHTS;  provided by “REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”: must be enforced. Which means, the people shall call for “courtroom investigation of the evidence”/ to demand an accounting from their employees; no excuses allowed.  Therefrom we the people will be deciding if our employees have or have not sustained their oath of office. That is, “to hold with deliberate respect,  the constitutional demands of the people, FIRST”:  in everything they do!  The enforcement of law on leaders of this world is:   we the people of this world, now 8 billion of us (and every other army across the world)/ ARE LOOKING AT YOU, through the law you refused to obey!
  5. The determination of a NEW SOCIETY, and a NEW WAY to determine our future: must be accomplished, because nature can no longer sustain itself. Humanity is literally destroying EVERYTHING on earth/ even the planet itself. So NOBODY SURVIVES, if we don’t all change ourselves, our methods, and our ways. Overpopulation is first in this change/ because we cannot survive any more numbers of people: that population rise MUST stop. We cannot survive attacking resources or the planet or its oceans:  we must work with nature, providing all the support we can, so that life itself survives. We must share the work, and find ways to be happy without destroying ourselves or the future.  Men failed! Women will fail, unless they discard pride and form what will allow truth, justice, and fair play to lead humanity, and respect to follow with society honored. Hate must be removed/ because it is the opposite of peace. No more playing god, for anyone.  Power and pride, must be removed from the individual; by distributing the freedom to decide among ourselves. That does include “voting on the laws themselves/ NOT voting for someone to vote for me”.
  6. Religion is the determination: “that I will believe, whatever I want to believe/ and NOBODY can stop me from doing that.”  Religion constructs order in a life, by demanding disciplines must be obeyed, to attain a “higher level of life”. Therefrom the essence of human religion is functionally getting whatever you want from life, or death;  by believing that what you want will be true. Want however, is the basis of every lie/ therefore its susceptibility to being corrupted, is very high. The consequence of that is “endless sects”; whereby everybody gets to have whatever they want/ regardless of their religious foundation which is a written book of words. As is consistent with every human development:  people will argue about anything and everything, just so they can be noticed. You can’t question a cult or its leaders:  they made up their mind/ truth, nor reality;  does not matter. The biggest religion in America today is “university knows”:  which means their leaders cannot be questioned, because the cult protects them from truth and reality. So the critical question of unifying this world so as to create the possibility we can change and survive:  WILL INCLUDE religion! There is only one way forward:  to demand, IF YOU THE RELIGIOUS ARE TRUE/ then bring your evidence to all of us, so that we can see your truth, and accept your ways should be ours.  If you are not true, then hide, because you are unwelcome here.
  7. DEATH is the last fundamental, that must be dealt with to encourage and sustain the reality of life on this earth. Without true respect, you will fail. Therefore we must examine the critical truth of what does, or does not happen: when you die.  Without that, hate will rise up to consume you all/ because people want what they want, even if they know the price of this will be horrendous or tragic. The reason why is simple:  “they want, what they want”; regardless of a right, or the cost of being wrong!

LIFE, divides us into two distinct experiences within the same body.  One is the existence of time as a body (limits and boundaries)/ the other is the reality of life itself, as a development called “freedom to choose; at its core, this is thought”.  Freedom, knowledge, existence, decision, love, and everything else except body; is a relationship with thought. The body, and its brain are a relationship with time.

We then begin here: to search within the distinction, that together these are one life we live with time. The question begins with why, are there two distinctions, when both are perceived to die together as one. When both experience or express each other as one existence:  what then, can possibly make our lives, the distinction of “two, as one”?  Discipline answers: without time as a body, our ability to distinguish the realities of life, and the impact of our decisions is missing. Order conceives of:  with the relationship we share as a body controlled by life, we are then able to understand the definitions of our decision, by living the experience we have expressed. Balance then struggles to form an identity, which lives as truth/ OR the base element called want will intervene, and the essence of thought itself as is life; will be disassembled to become “fool”.

Destiny then seeks, “IF WE MUST LEARN/ then what is our reward for realizing there is a potential for eternity within us all”? The answer revolves around the essence called love:   as it conceives of a distinction in value, which has no equal; making it greatest treasure throughout the universe. Therefrom the passion of our experience here in time, is to determine:  where love exists, BY ITS OWN CHOICE!

Critical truth arises from the question:  HOW can we become eternal, and WHY would we wish to be so? That elemental rise from the potential that is “self-recognized” in time/ to the ultimate decision that is a true relationship with  GOD  ,recognizes love as the answer, that lives within itself.  Thought is not from time, it is not a measurement!  Therefore it is not bound by the limits or measurements of destruction and environment.  Thought can achieve its own relationship with life, making a third dimensional element of living possible. The critical reality (truth) governing thought and its ability to conceive of life, is desire and trust.  Truth defends thought, with energy. That energy is then the environment thought sustains by providing a desire through trust.  Desire is the directional stability supported by a true sense of purpose, as creates passion. That passion cannot sustain itself, without love; the singular experience and expression of value, that is without equal. Therefrom love determines desire, and desire defines trust, and truth defends the environment called thought; which enables life to expand beyond the measurements of time.


We now search within the eternity of what can exist, without boundaries or limits?

  1. To elevate and ascend through knowledge, requires order. Therefore the first boundary to be identified is truth: what are the boundaries and limits that refuse eternity? The answer is anything that can decay, will be destroyed by time. So the question is:  can the atomic environment of mass sustain itself? The answer is no, time will cause it to be destroyed.  So the boundary question is:  can the “bound energy in an atom” sustain itself? The answer is maybe, because it depends upon the limits and realities of what does bind energy within an atom.
  2. Eternity then depends upon energy, because we have removed mass as a potential/ but remain within the potential of energy contained, as a definition which can construct an experience. Or more distinctly, to understand the space within an atom that is consistent with energy:  we must balance the dimension itself with discipline.
  3. The critical question then becomes, what is discipline, that we achieve the element of wisdom through its existence? The answer is hidden, because the universities would only use this to achieve true artificial intelligence; and destroy yourselves with it. They are insane.
  4. Unfortunately this ends the discussion, as such things cannot simply be erased.
  5. Apart from a greater education, the disciplines regarding eternity do allow for the potential of a greater experience of life through thought; as is called beyond time.  Expand your conception of life, “beyond an atom/ or its mass, which measures the demise called time”.  The investment is simple:  accept your life is a gift, and if so; then it is a participant in whatever brought you that gift. And may return to that environment through the spiritual essence of laws which govern reality itself.


I do wish you well, although you have no chance to survive any length of time/ without TRUE change.  That, is YOUR CHOICE.