WHISPERING, into the wind!  The reality of explaining a catastrophe beyond comprehension, to those who just won’t care/ even if they understand.


       Shouting won’t help, because the cause of catastrophe is inside, where only the discretion of an individual decision can make a difference. Fear won’t help, because humanity and in particular men are programmed to believe:  “kill this, or that first/ and then parade around to proclaim, WINNER”.  Even though what is to be feared, is your own decisions. Learning does not stretch beyond the cult:  “memorize what we tell you, and NEVER think for yourselves; or you will be abandoned”. Consequently teaching is a frivolous use of time, apart from searching for the very few; who still have an independent mind.  “can’t raise the dead”/ can’t reach the frightened/ can’t touch the cult/ can’t degrade the want, or arrogance; because it will only rise again; to devastate life on earth, and extend extinction to everything. Got a brain, to measure what you want. Lost your life, because without a planet, resources, nature, water, food, population control, and all the rest: you cannot survive!  Which does mean: you chose to assassinate your own children/ because the day comes when it is too late to change, and life will simply descend into the chaos created by a university mind. Not their fault? Well, reality proves they have been trying to play god with everything on earth/ and never once truly making any sort of decision that is honestly:  LIFE ITSELF MUST COME FIRST.  They play god, believing “we will just go get more/ nothing can go wrong, evolution won’t fix”; etc/ etc/ etc.   Greater fools have never been born!

       Discipline knows that evolution is strictly a religion of fools. ORDER knows that nothing is built out of chaos.  Balance knows, it takes more than chemicals to make a body, or give it life. Wisdom knows, nothing complex is built without truth; and nothing that is true can be conceived of or used without thought. Which makes thought, through its abilities;  the elemental CREATOR of our lives. Not the identity of that CREATOR/ but one of “his tools”.

       The brain measures, but a fool cannot see the forest because of the trees; so to speak.  Anyone with a mind does understand:  MIRACLES, the reality of every life, from a blade of grass to a human being and much more, exists as a truly complex reality that lives due to the laws which govern it.  None of that conforms with the theory of/ religion (no proof, only belief, stories of) called evolution; the abortion of a university desire to control everything, and claim everything;  as if they were god.

       It takes no great mind, to understand:  resources on this planet are limited, and without them we die or war first. It takes no great mind to acknowledge the human population rise is greater than this planet can survive. It takes no thought whatsoever to know:  we eat life/ therefore if we destroy the other lives that we depend upon for our own survival:  then the future is dead. Or without water, a true threat;  we all go extinct. The list is very long, of threats we simply cannot survive. Even a five year old can understand/ why not you?

       But every adult tells me:  “I don’t want what I don’t want/ and I will believe whatever I want to believe; and CLEARLY, throughout the decades:  NO amount of evidence will ever correct that.  Because I want what I want TODAY;  AS IN “TO HELL” with the future!  Let the children pay; as does every generation for what their elders do.  Today however, the elders killed the future/ and payment will be extinction of life on earth.  To which every adult says to me:  “NOT IN MY lifetime”;  regardless of even threats such as people trying to ignite atoms on fire/ which will turn this entire planet into a sun.  nope, CAN’T be bothered:  got trophies to win, toys to accumulate, and counterfeit pennies to buy with their sacrificed life.

       Religion throughout its various incarnations, all say:   GOD  won’t let us die/ won’t let this planet be destroyed;  we are absolutely certain, and cannot be swayed with anything. Not even the threat of sun fire here on earth:  because they believe in the university as their gods.  Demanding if they don’t get that right the first time/ then they will just do it over until they do!  Discarding entirely, a ten million degree fire, with flames “instantly miles high”/ that burns atoms for fuel:   cannot be extinguished (so you can try again, or say bad decision stop).  Once ignited time soon ends throughout all life on earth/ there is no going back.  Even so, religion is devote to their gods at the university; after all, every leader has a diploma, and they worship themselves, as greater than you “gods too”.  The worshipers, alas “just sheep to be slaughtered” as they cannot rise to protect themselves, with truth. Liars love lies. The people of  GOD  OUR CREATOR   love only truth as it blesses and proves the miracles which life is.  “see the difference”?

       This is a world betrayed, and all the public knows it; even though they cannot grasp why:  because they are a cult/ and cults cannot question their leaders. So they become a mob, yelling and screaming until the gunshots, fire, and bombs are released.  Each is yelling “THE LAW BE DAMNED/ which then becomes our gun is the law/ which then becomes bloodshed and mayhem and catastrophe everywhere”.  While the people in charge of pretending they can be gods:  continue to demand and create more rules/ so they can defeat the “public predators” at their door.  The common solution throughout the history of man:  declare war on someone else. 

       I did my job/ but you refuse to accept any form of reality by its truth; and demand “THE LIES ARE WORKING FOR US/ LEAVE US ALONE”.  Even though the consequences of your acceptance of those lies is extermination from the planet itself.  “oh well”, can’t stop what you want/ or its consequences.  Simple as that!

       So I whisper, just to pass the time; and prove you did have your chance:  this is my testimony “that is true”. One after another, each decided:  “we don’t need to investigate or examine any truth, or think for ourselves/ what we want is enough;  simply BELIEVE what you are told.  “after all, he is a nobody”!  I will grant that as true, however the information that is life or death to an entire planet IS ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT TO YOU/ even though I am not.  Consequently to focus on me, is to be a complete fool (one who knows better, the price of being wrong “TO DAMN HIGH”/ but does so anyway) without any sense at all.

       Nature mutilated on purpose/ poisons dumped everywhere/ global warming/ oxygen depletion/ food chains broken/ oceans dying:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  And your leaders, your media, your universities, your religions, your everything all say:  ONLY WHAT WE WANT MATTERS, don’t you dare listen to anything else. So your children die, and you go to hades, for an eternity:  why who could possibly be smarter than you.  “god for sure, its called SATAN/ destroyers of a world”.

Just so its clear:  I could have “bought your attention” in more than one way, over the decades. The problem being:  helping you in any way, would only have made you believe “things are great enough/ we have what we want, and we want more than this earth can give/ and the constant we don’t care, about nothing, but what we want”; would never go away.  Confronting you directly would never have helped either:  because all you do is believe whatever you want to believe/ truth itself not only does not matter to you, you conceive it as a threat. Blindly walking into hell; because the day is coming soon, when you go “to the well”, and there is nothing more to get. The end result is:  you failed/ but at least I tried. The fact you disrespect that and discard it as the trash; is your fault, not mine.


       It is also worth mentioning:  that at various times throughout the decades, life has decided to invade my purposes and insure that greater steps could not be taken. When asked “BUT WHY”/ the answer has always been:  “it is not time yet”. Your work is not done yet; there can be no distractions until it is.  The reality of that statement cannot be conceived of by me; as I am certainly not your savior.  Rather I literally cannot even make a difference, unless  “GOD  grants that to be so”.  Within that statement however, there is also the spiritual woman inside now:  which entered “to save me from myself, or save women, or both/ as male gave up, and said all that is left, to fight for this world, is war”.  And even that won’t help: you would just assume I am the threat/ instead of the reality by its own truth, you are the threat to this world.

So I Opened the door “to the spiritual essence of woman”;  to ask “what would you do”?  That has held MANY surprises, including the opportunity that is now informing humanity simply:  “change or die”.  And living within the reality;  what can be done, Will be by her decision, not mine.  Believe it or not, “the spiritual world exists”!  life is not so simple as, “whatever you want to believe”.  I am a worker, that is all. You are:  “life or death” for this world.

You believe in media, and their entire purpose has proven to be:  to insure you do not recognize what the future, or the consequences of being wrong;  is going to be. Without question, their participation with you is:  simply believe in the universities/ and don’t question nothing. “fantasies, are great”. You believe in courts, and their primary purpose has proven to be:  DON’T let the ruling class be questioned. You believe in “government (save us)”/:  yet their reality is, once the currency is destroyed, they literally have nothing but war left. You believe in medicine:  but medicine participates in the reality “every three seconds or so” another human being (over deaths) is born that must be fed. The life which feeds us, is now facing extinction by any and all means humanly possible to destroy them. You believe everything is fine “look at me, I got stuff”. But the money is a complete delusion. The reality of “eating the seed necessary for another crop” horrendous.  And even the endless threat of mutilating nature itself, fails to congeal into a threat inside your brain (we cannot return it, repair the damage, or in any way survive what is being done);  yet you don’t care. You won’t even share the fact we are threatened, and in no conceivable way, secure in the future.  So you hide, and run away from reality. Like hiding in a burning house;  when you know this won’t save you/ it will be too late.  Too bad, earth was “a wonderful creation”/ and everything humanity believed was great;  and the “universities took credit for”;  has proven to be BAD. Because the consequences are now grim.  Like it or not, that is true.

Religious leaders are like religious leaders have always been:  “DON’T do nothing, to upset our good times”!  biblical JESUS died,  because HE began to threaten their power, and in particular their money.  Nothing, or very little, has changed in religion, other than worshiping the universities. Religion in particular holds tight to:  “you can’t change us”/ not even with truth. They are of course “like their god (whatever we want)”.

Reality states, that I suppose I could conceivably be “the biblical son of man”:  IF, you grant that telling you, as is promised in the bible things you have wanted to know; is that proof.  How the whole thing interrelates with  “Jesus himself”; is beyond me. My life is entirely tangled up with “the spiritual woman inside”/ I cannot escape her. Even so, she rescued my life and my work “to help save this earth”; and I am grateful! Alas, I now have tits, that can no longer be hidden; NOT my choice. Parts that no longer “belong together”; ugly (doesn’t belong here) or not, they are not my choice. Life is strange, I feel like a “pepper shaker”; whereas she has deliberately shaken a little bit of male out, every single day;  my life changed. That is the truth. No clue what the future holds for me. It is however true:  forced to learn about women, at least a little HAS made a true difference in this message. Blessing for the work/ not so much “for male”. My life is about this work, so it does not truly matter; besides I am old now, “easier to accept”.

 Threats of extinction for and against our world however, are quite clear:  nobody survives without true change. That will be determined entirely by the choice:  LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ and money is nearly irrelevant to all.  I can help you find solutions to your many problems/ so long as I am alive.  I cannot lead you, as leadership implies making choices for you/ and taking your blame. YOU WILL make your own choices/ I can only help you understand the consequences.  Whether one person or 8 billion people read this work; Is irrelevant: I am NOT your savior. All that matters, is if the earth itself, and every life that can:  survives. That is the summary of time in me. But make no mistake, even if I am not “special enough for you/ or just plain trash in your mind”. Reality clearly states:  I am not threatening this earth or its life/ YOU ARE.  Which means, I cannot be your excuse;  I merely warn you of your own realities. Explaining change or die.  Everything else is an attempt to inform or teach, so you can perceive “these threats do exist”.

I do understand:  “tits are the physical evidence, of a woman inside; to some extent at least”;  she won’t be denied true involvement, and that is fair. Its complicated. After a “moments reflection”:  reality states “my tits” do belong here/ as I could not have completed this work, as is the purpose of my life without her. She has earned “her evidence”/ so I will refine the previous statement, and allow “apparently they do belong here/ along with pretty enough for me”; they earned the right. Although it has been a “true battle”.  A touch irritable simply because;  “I always thought, there would be time and the possibility to return to simple “male and female relationships”, for me.  A changing body “tits, even more”/ kind of hinders that.  Changing means: these tits are NOT male in any possible way, I KNOW what male is; and they are incomprehensible to me. They utterly refuse to stop pushing out, “they have feelings”, and I have lost all control. Tits produce very powerful invasive chemicals completely unfamiliar to men, seriously; “these take control”.    They drive me a little crazy, and there is no running away, fighting, complaining, or other. Simple as that. WHY, you need to know, is beyond me; but it’s required.  Time for all life, is running out anyway!  Not a blog for me/ not intended an entertainment for you:  just how it is.

 I do understand:  that I am spiritually taught, allowed the freedom to explore, and even kept alive PRIOR to the spiritual woman invading my life.  A reality that requires both an invitation to participate in, and a commitment to the work. The reality of my work, and life;  does indicate that as true. Not perfect, but proven to be;  committed to the single truth:  LIFE for this planet,  MUST SURVIVE.  Not your enemy, not your excuse, not your savior;  “just a messenger”:  change or die! The evidence available to you, proves this is so.


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